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Nicolas Vandenberghe | Becoming a Top Performer as a Sales Rep and Empowering Teams as a Leader

Being a great leader means being able to understand every little detail in every process that goes on in the organization. However, understanding the detail is different from being involved in every detail. Today’s guest on Coffee with Closers recommends putting the job of a leader in three buckets: the first is hiring/coaching/firing, the second is designing tools and processes for the team, and the third one is orchestrating and making sure that the work is dispatched to the right people.

Meet Nicolas Vandenberghe, the founder, and CEO of Chili Piper, leading software in Meeting Lifecycle Automation, and of KosmoTime, the Calendar app to keep you on Task. Nicolas started selling newspapers in the streets of Paris in high school and ended up becoming a serial entrepreneur. Before starting his three new ventures, he founded and sold three tech companies. Nicolas is also an aficionado of neuroscience and how people buy and sell things.

In this episode, we’re talking about leadership in fast-growing organizations, uncovering the secrets of becoming a top performer in sales, and learning to implement some principles from neuroeconomics into critical business processes.

Coming up:

• What are some foundational things people should know about making purchase decisions?
• How to get deeper into the personal needs of a prospect?
• How to step away from working in the business and start working on the business?
• How to stay productive and scale your time?

Stay tuned for our conversation with Nicolas for practical advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders on productivity and sales leadership.

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