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Mikita Mikado | Lessons on Creating a Product Category and Disrupting the Industry

You can spend years looking for the next best product idea, or you can analyze your own operations, spot the missing parts, and create one out of an internal need. Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers ended up doing exactly that.

Meet Mikita Mikado, an entrepreneur and an industry disruptor. Mikita is one of those people who started from scratch and learned in the process. Along the way, he founded several companies including Quote Roller and PandaDoc. Stay tuned for the conversation with Mikita where he shares practical ideas on building and growing a technology and SaaS company.

Mikita admits that they made lots of mistakes in the process, but he doesn’t feel bad about it at all: “You shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. You should be ok with that. Otherwise, you’re not going to learn quickly”.

In this episode, we’re talking about building SaaS products, choosing the best go-to-market strategy, and adjusting to the changes in sales and marketing that happened in recent years due to many reasons, including the pandemic, of course.


Coming up:

  • How to create a category and generate product demand?
  • What are some effective go-to-market strategies for a new product?
  • What surprising insights can you get from your metrics?
  • What can you do to modernize your sales team?
  • How to be more productive as an entrepreneur?


►Find Mikita Mikado on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikitamikado/

►Visit PandaDoc at https://www.pandadoc.com/

►See the State of Deal report https://www.pandadoc.com/library/ebooks/state-of-deals-2020-summer-edition/


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