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Lisa Guillot | The Role of Mindset, Authenticity, and Trust in Becoming a Transformational Leader

Living in today’s world and not comparing yourself with anybody is a zen-level attitude. Every person had to deal with it at some point in their life. However, the comparison is the glue that keeps you stuck. It is also the glue that keeps you in perfectionism. You’re never going to win whatever game you play living that way and showing up from that place.

Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers is convinced that you need to trust yourself and know your end-all-be-all intentions in anything you do, especially if you are an entrepreneur trying to build a successful business.

I want to introduce you to Lisa Guillot. She is a certified transformational leadership coach who’s also an entrepreneur, a podcast host, and author of a book that’s about to be published. During our conversation, Lisa shared practical advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders on how to become a transformational leader as well as why you need to build a personal brand.

“The most fundamental thing every business leader needs to work on is the mindset. If you stay on the track of trying to do everything perfectly, it keeps you out of your genius zone,” says Lisa.

We’re talking a lot about it in the context of leadership and entrepreneurial success. Tune in for this insightful dialogue!

Coming up:

  • How to fit your professional ambitions with the lifestyle that you want to create?
  • Why you as an entrepreneur should not let the perfect get in the way of good?
  • What are some practical things entrepreneurs can do to show up as leaders, not as managers?
  • How can you use personal branding to advance in your career?
  • How to create more time for yourself as an entrepreneur?



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