Google Tag Manager

Having the right data is the key to data-driven decision making. So, you need to ensure that the data from Google Analytics is complete and accurate to enable you to use this data in your digital marketing strategy. The key to collecting accurate data is making sure that the right tags are placed in the right place.

Google Tag Manager

How we help

Identify what to tag:

Based on your business goals and objectives, we help identify key metrics that help you to track your performance and key factors that help you achieve those goals. From there, we identify what and where to tag.

Create and place tags:

We help with placing Google Tag Manager on your website and all associated tags within the GTM. The tags can be Google Ads conversion tags, Facebook Conversion tags, Facebook dynamic ad pixels, call tracking, etc.

Audit Tags:

We audit tags to make sure (a) they are in the right place and not missing, and (b) they are firing and collecting data. We use our proprietary tag audit tool to perform this task in an automated fashion so that we can track and report on thousands of web pages within minutes.

Fix Tags:

Fix broken or missing tags

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