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Google Analytics Performance Dashboard

Google Analytics provides businesses with the ability to track and report on website metrics such as traffic, conversions, and user behavior.

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Google Analytics Performance Dashboard

Google Analytics provides businesses with the ability to track and report on website metrics such as traffic, conversions, and user behavior. It’s important to interpret this data in the right way to implement the insights on your website and increase conversions.

In our experience, we see businesses having three kinds of issues in using Google Analytics:

  • Complicated Presentation – There is tons of data in GA across a myriad of parameters, dimensions and metrics. It’s easy to get lost–specifically not looking at the right metrics or the right dimensions
  • Irrelevant Metrics – Google gives you so many options that a user is often tempted to track too many, and often, irrelevant metrics
  • Delayed Metrics – Voluminous reports get delivered once a week that users don’t address until it’s too late. Often, web traffic and behavior are leading indicators of revenue. But companies do not pay attention to them until the business suffers

So, it’s imperative to set-up your Google Analytics dashboard in the right way and this is where the right partner like us can help.

How We Help

We simplify the reports to make sure that they are:

    Relevant to your business

    Easy to understand



Our Services include

Dashboards – Email Set-up

We, first, start by understanding your business goals and objectives, and the role online media plays in reaching those goals. We then map the key metrics and dimensions that help you track and measure your performance against these goals.

We then set-up key performance snippets emailed to you on a weekly basis so that you don’t have to wade through the Google Analytics haystack just to find that tiny needle of info you’re looking for.

You’ll receive a simple one-sheet report that is easy to interpret and lets you implement the changes to increase traffic and improve conversions.

Integrate Offline Data

We can integrate offline data such as customer and sales data from your CRM or sales system into Google Analytics so that you have one resource for all your data. This makes your dashboards and alerts even more effective.

Custom Alerts

It’s critical to identify issues in a timely fashion so that corrective actions can be taken before it’s too late. This is true for any business and channel. And, this is even more important for online marketing channels.

So, we set-up custom alerts so you receive email updates and text message notifications whenever an event or any issue relevant to your website occurs.

We work with you to identify and define alert conditions and customize specific scenarios that you want to receive email alerts for. For example, if your website experiences a significant increase or decrease in traffic, or a specific goal is completed over the last few days, you’ll receive an alert.

We set-up your custom notifications and send them to you in a comprehensive email. We create dozens of alerts that you can monitor on a daily or weekly basis.

Related Services

Custom & Automated report templates

- Based on the client requirements
- Automated reports that will populate the data without any manual intervention

Google Analytics reports including:

- e-commerce reports
- Web traffic analysis reports
- Navigation analysis reports
- KPI reports
- Funnel analysis reports
- Internal search analysis reports
- Search engine analytics
- Organic traffic and SEO performance reports
- Campaign reports
- Path analysis reports
- Content analytics
- Regular/ ad-hoc web analytics reports

Google Analytics Audit

Our Google Analytics audit identifies opportunities to increase traffic, reasons behind consumers disengagements, and leaky conversions funnels.

Google Analytics data, when used correctly, can help you:

  • Increase traffic
  • Increase conversions

Traffic Audit

Getting quality traffic is as important, if not more than, getting high quantity traffic. So, our traffic audit focuses on both quality and quantity elements of traffic.

Using data from Google Analytics, we identify opportunities to increase traffic. These could be in the areas of search queries, the keywords that you need to optimize, pages, links, UI/UX etc. Based on our finding, we will recommend a series of initiatives focused on increasing your website traffic.

Similarly, we also identify unproductive traffic – this may be traffic from spam sites, your web developing company, your employees, etc. and exclude them in reporting used for marketing purposes. This lets us block spam traffic so your reports are 100% accurate

Conversion Audit

During this audit, we identify:

- Leaky pages/paths
- Potential causes of leakage

We audit conversion paths and user behavior on your website to recommend initiatives such as:

- Where to place the conversion aides such as forms, chats, etc.
- Decreasing bounce rates
- Improving engagement on your site both on desktop and mobile devices
- Reducing leaky pages

Sample Audit Checklist

  • Create logical Google Analytics structure
  • Optimize Google Analytics settings
  • Set proper currency
  • Enable Bot Filtering
  • Link Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Set goals & tracking
  • Enable content grouping
  • Correctly implement tracking
  • Track code version – ga.js, dc.js, analytics.js
  • Set up cross domain tracking
  • Implement UTM tagging
  • Exclude referral spam
  • Track micro-conversions

Google Tag Manager

Having the right data is the key to data-driven decision making. So, you need to ensure that the data from Google Analytics is complete and accurate to enable you to use this data in your digital marketing strategy. The key to collecting accurate data is making sure that the right tags are placed in the right place.

How We Help

Identify What to Tag:

Based on your business goals and objectives, we help identify key metrics that help you to track your performance and key factors that help you achieve those goals. From there, we identify what and where to tag.

Create and Place Tags:

We help with placing Google Tag Manager on your website and all associated tags within the GTM. The tags can be Google AdWords conversion tags, Facebook Conversion tags, Facebook dynamic ad pixels, call tracking, etc.

Audit Tags:

We audit tags to make sure (a) they are in the right place and not missing, and (b) they are firing and collecting data. We use our proprietary tag audit tool to perform this task in an automated fashion so that we can track and report on thousands of web pages within minutes.

Fix Tags:

Fix broken or missing tags

Related Services

  • Google Analytics Setup & Testing
  • GA Account creation
  • Property & views settings configuration
  • Real-time tracking validation
  • Site search
  • Default channel grouping
  • Custom dimensions and metrics
  • Additional settings related to your business
  • E-commerce configuration
  • GA configurations set up
  • Filters set up
  • Bots exclusion
  • Google Ads configuration
  • Setup basic goals
  • GTM Account Set Up
  • Configuring to website
  • Establish tagging needs
  • Tag Clean-up
  • Scroll tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Tag Implementation
  • Event Creation
  • Triggering Events
  • Goal conversion tracking
  • E-Commerce tracking
  • Data Layers
  • Post Implementation Audit
  • Regular Tag Maintenance checkup
  • Debugging/Troubleshooting Google Tag Manager issues

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