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A Sales Operations Agency Focused on Growth

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A Sales Operations Agency Focused on Creating Scalable Growth

Your sales team is the backbone of your company and an essential part of your long-term success. But it’s not enough to have talented sales representatives at your disposal—you need to give them the tools, processes, technology, and framework they need to sell more efficiently.

With proven strategies and data-driven systems in place, you will optimize and automate your sales operations to maximize the performance of your sales staff, streamline processes throughout the sales pipeline, and accurately predict revenue.

At OneIMS, our sales operations team is full of experts who have the experience, knowledge, and practice you need to create a sales operations framework that supports your revenue and growth goals.

Let your sales representatives do what they do best: make sales. We’ll handle the rest.

What Is SalesOps?

Sales operations (SalesOps) isn’t just about generating more sales—it’s about optimizing your sales approach. It encompasses every aspect of your sales organization, from the individuals involved to the processes, technology, and strategies used to accelerate sales.

By leveraging SalesOps, you can streamline your sales process, from configuring and integrating your CRM appropriately to providing prospective clients with sales material. This approach enables you to close more deals quickly and efficiently.

Transform your sales approach into scalable velocity and drive revenue upward through operationalized sales.

Why SalesOps?

Top-performing sales reps who consistently close deals are valuable assets, but relying solely on their sales tactics is not a scalable approach. These sales reps may have developed their techniques to suit their style, but they may not have shared their strategies with the rest of the sales team. They need to identify the best leads, utilize best practice email templates and scripts, and access playbooks and talk tracks through an easily accessible document library.

Additionally, accurate pipeline metrics and data on the effectiveness of different sales tactics are necessary to plan future sales strategies.

A successful sales strategy requires a balance between theoretical sales strategy and practical execution, and SalesOps is the key to achieving this balance.

Types of Sales Operations Services

Our sales operations team offers a full suite of SalesOps services, including tailored processes and strategies that are designed to support scalable growth.

Sales Process Mapping

By mapping your sales process from beginning to end, we’ll uncover inefficiencies, gain insight into the steps it takes to successfully close a deal, and find areas where we can optimize and improve your sales operations.

Sales Automation Support

Your sales team spends too much time on activities like entering customer data, managing leads, and scheduling calls. We will implement a sales operations strategy that automatically completes these routine tasks and leaves your sales reps with more time to build relationships with prospects and close deals.

Sales Operations Consulting

We will analyze your current approach to sales and create a plan to streamline and optimize your sales operations. Our goal is to transform your processes into the ideal workflow—one that maximizes revenue and delivers scalable results.

Custom Quote Template Development

Maintaining consistency when sending quotes to prospects is difficult. We will develop custom quote templates so your sales team can stay consistent when they send quotes, no matter which sales representative is sending them.

Sales Dashboards/Reports

With a clear view of your sales metrics, data, and forecasts in one centralized place, you can easily monitor your progress, get a detailed analysis of your sales cycle, and help your team optimize their performance.

Pipeline Creation & Support

Our SalesOps experts will help you create a sales pipeline that visualizes where prospects are in the purchasing process, making it easier than ever to see how your individual sales reps are performing as well as whether your sales department is reaching its revenue and growth goals.

Custom Property Development

Your business is unique—and your data collection methods should reflect the nature of your prospects, team, and company. We’ll develop custom properties to help you collect data specific to the needs of your sales operations so that you have all the information you need to get the job done right.

Lead Routing

A timely, personalized response to a lead gives you the best chance at turning them into a customer. By streamlining the lead routing process, we will ensure that leads and prospects are quickly and automatically assigned to the sales representative that best fits their needs.

Data Hygiene

We will ensure your sales data is neat, accurate, updated, and easy for your sales representatives and managers to access in a central location. That way everyone on your sales team can get the data they need to make the sale, predict revenue growth, and optimize the sales pipeline.

Supported Functionality

SalesOps can help your company accelerate sales growth, meet your revenue goals, and optimize your sales processes.

Need assistance with SalesOps? We will support your sales team and guide you through the process of creating and executing a sales operations framework.

Deal Pipelines

We will build and implement sales pipelines that help your sales representatives close deals faster and more successfully than ever.

Custom Properties

We’ll configure custom properties for your prospect and sales team data so that you have everything you need to make informed decisions.

Reports & Dashboards

You want the best, most accurate insights into your sales operations. We will develop dashboards and reporting tools that simplify your analysis.


An automated, optimized sales sequence is designed to connect with prospects at the right touchpoints. Our SalesOps experts will make sure your sales sequence meets the unique needs of your customers and sales reps.


With an updated, data-driven, strategic playbook of sales processes and best practices, your sales staff will have the direction they need to improve their closing rates, increase their productivity, and help your company reach its revenue goals.

Pipeline Automation

We’ll automate your sales pipeline so you can effortlessly track prospects, see where they are in their purchasing journey, and point your sales representatives in the right direction at every level.

Quotes, Signatures, & Payments

Sending quotes to prospects, getting signatures, and processing payments takes up too much of your sales team’s valuable time. With our tools and expertise, we can streamline and automate this process so it gets done correctly, quickly, and accurately.

Templates & Snippets

We will analyze current sales operations and create an easily accessible database of templates and snippets that will save your sales reps time and ensure they remain consistent among prospects.

SalesOps as a Service

Are you looking for a sales operations agency that is dedicated to the long-term success of your company? We want to be your SalesOps partner and help you reach your growth goals. Together, we’ll create a strategic and data-driven sales operations framework that transforms your existing sales team into a revenue-generating machine.

Here’s what you can expect from a partnership with OneIMS.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager will be your go-to SalesOps expert at OneIMS. They will be committed to learning every detail about your sales operations, revenue goals, and pain points so that they can create a unique roadmap that fits your unique vision.

Team of HubSpot Solutions Engineers

HubSpot is a powerful sales operations tool—when it’s done right. Our team of HubSpot Solutions Engineers have what it takes for you to get the most out of this powerful platform. They will turn your HubSpot Sales Hub into a centralized tool where your sales team can find everything they need to improve their sales processes.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

As your SalesOps partner, we want you to treat us as an extension of your team. Expect bi-weekly meetings and regular reports so you can stay up to date on our progress, see the progress we’ve made, and ask any questions you have about how we can optimize and automate your sales operations process.

Quarterly Team Trainings

We will meet with your sales representatives every quarter to offer expert advice, facilitate cross-functional collaboration, and train your team on how to navigate these new processes and platforms. We’ll make sure your entire sales department is aligned and has the same goals—as well as the tools and strategies they need to achieve them.

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In order to see if we are the right fit for your business, schedule a call with one of our strategists.

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