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Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

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Specialized Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Audiences.

You thrive on systems, efficiency, and automation. Those ingredients are the “secret sauce” that brings in revenue. So why does digital marketing for manufacturers seem so disorganized and chaotic?

A host of digital marketing tools are available. Unfortunately, industrial and manufacturing companies have been some of the slowest to embrace them.

And there lies your opportunity for explosive growth!

Working with OneIMS will make your marketing as efficient as the assembly lines in your factories. You’ll connect with key buyers, build relationships, and close sales. Most important: you’ll get a system that generates business consistently and grows with you.

Switch to Digital Marketing for Sustainable Growth

You probably rely on trade shows, referrals, and your existing book of business to find new leads. Even cold calling from time to time.

These traditional tactics can still work well.

The problem?

They’re extremely labor-intensive and the business they generate is inconsistent. With your overwhelmed team and long industrial and manufacturing sales cycles, that can spell months without growth.

One adds digital marketing to your manufacturing arsenal. Reach potential buyers at a scale you never could on the ground or phones. Automate tedious processes. Stick to the traditional strategies that work, and complement them with digital marketing tools to make them even more powerful.

It’s the perfect recipe for a more efficient marketing and sales process. And more consistent business.

Adapt to Current B2B Buyer Behaviors with Digital Marketing

Industrial and manufacturing digital marketing targets buyers that traditional marketing misses. Those buyers are still out there – and more eager than ever for business solutions. But their behavior has changed dramatically these past few years.

93 percent of buyers start the process with online searches. They’re doing their own research from problem awareness all the way to comparing different solutions.

What does this mean for you?

You have to connect with potential buyers early and often. By using content to educate and provide value, you’ll set your brand apart as someone to trust.

At OneIMS, we create compelling content to do just that. Every piece is tailored to meet the right buyer at the right stage of the process. Attract leads like a magnet and become a thought leader in the process.

Industrial Digital Marketing Creates Personalized Experiences

The stakes are high for industrial and manufacturing buyers. The products are complex.

A lot of factors go into a buying decision, and there isn’t just one person making it. To succeed, you’ll have to win over a committee of engineers, procurement specialists, R&D teams, and MROs – all with different needs and perspectives.

Effective manufacturer digital marketing here isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we use cutting-edge technology to identify potential buyers and customize the experience depending on their skills, knowledge and preferences.

Imagine creating personas for each key stakeholder involved. To know exactly who they are and how to connect with them through a personalized experience. Marketing automation, email list segmentation, custom landing pages… the possibilities here are almost endless.

Working with the right digital marketing partner will make them a reality!

Get the Most out of Your Digital Marketing

Your time and digital marketing resources are limited. We get that. You need to make the most of them.

OneIMS can help. Our manufacturer digital marketing strategies create a system to generate leads and nurture them to becoming buyers. Everything if fully scalable, leaving you with a consistent lead flow and sustainable growth.

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Let our success create yours!

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Free Online Workshop: How to Crush Your Competition in Sales / July, 2 2024 Save Your Seat