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Chris Younger | Practical wisdom for entrepreneurs on building a sellable business

Every person needs to have a purpose and go after it, day after day. Without purpose, life gets boring. Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers received an amazing education and achieved tremendous success in the communications business. He was able to retire at the age of 39, but soon he realized it wasn’t the right time for it yet. So he got back on track and crushed it twice as hard, but this time, in investment banking.

Meet Chris Younger, founder and managing director of Class VI Partners, author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. After over 25+ years of growing, acquiring, and selling businesses, he has become the go-to person for entrepreneurs looking to sell their businesses. As someone who understands the emotions and sees the larger picture, Chris supports entrepreneurs by diving into the details and helping them manage the unexpected.

“Building a business is a great deal of pressure. Things don’t always go well. And it takes a really unique set of personality traits to take on that burden,” says Chris. In this episode, he’s going to share some practical advice on running a successful business that may be sold in the future.

  • What are the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?
  • Why is it important to go through the assessment even if you don’t plan the exit yet?
  • What are the most common risk factors companies often overlook?
  • What businesses are usually tough to sell?


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