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Egide Thein | How to Grow a Successful Business Using the Principles of the Military

Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers has a life story that everyone should hear. Born into a family of seven, he sold a gifted stamp collection to pay off high school so he could enroll in one of the world’s best military academies in the world.

As he followed his heart and passion, the opportunity to succeed and diversify his career came one after another – from serving as a Lieutenant-Colonel in NATO forces to becoming Spokesman for the European Economic Communities at the United Nations. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur with a baggage of knowledge and experience unlike no other.

Meet Egide Thein – the founder and CEO of Truth Technologies, a risk compliance monitoring software solution, and Noah’s Ark Communities, a non-profit organization with the goal of providing living environments for individuals with autism and disabilities.

During our conversation, Egide shares lessons from his military days that have helped him build a successful business and an empowering non-profit organization.

  • How to reach a compromise even between the most hostile parties with creative solutions.
  • How to apply the fundamental military principles to grow a successful business.
  • Why top-down decision-making model is not the best idea in today’s business environment.
  • How to break into the market as a new product and create a category.

Enjoy the episode!

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