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Cory Williams | Don’t Just Hire Top Talents But Get Out of Their Way

Leaders and entrepreneurs need to diversify, and today’s guest illustrates very neatly that passion can drive a person to juggle with multiple different businesses. He has a private equity firm that is doing mergers and acquisitions. He also has a healthcare company, he’s involved in real estate, and the list goes on and on. And he says it doesn’t even feel like work!

Meet Cory Williams, Founder and CEO at Epic Health Partners, an expert in electrical and electronic manufacturing, an MBA in Supply Chain, a successful entrepreneur, and someone who can teach you a few invaluable business lessons.

Cory is an extremely driven and passionate person. He believes that treating people the way you want to be treated is the biggest lesson one may learn from building a business. So why is it a good idea to hire younger talent and how do you make sure that you understand your customer? That’s what we’re talking about in today’s show.

  • How to attract the A-players into your organization;
  • How to combine being a leader and a manger;
  • How will healthcare evolve with the development of technology;
  • How to assess the company value when planning an acquisition;
  • How to master the entrepreneurial mindset to always keep going.

Enjoy the episode!

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