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Charles Gaudet | How to Deal with a Crisis and What Stops You from Growth?

When they aren’t getting enough business, most entrepreneurs think that’s because of the price. It must be too high. But is it the real reason though? Our today’s guest believes it probably is not. There’s so much competition out there, and one thing that determines whether or not someone is going to do business with you is an assessment of risk, meaning “If I do business with you, what are the chances that I’ll lose money on this deal?” Take that risk away!

Meet Charles E. Gaudet II, CEO & Founder of Predictable Profits, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and advisor. Charles is what they call a “born entrepreneur.” He’s been interested in business since the age of four and started his first real company straight out of college. Despite all the difficulties, Charles managed to achieve success. Now, he’s coaching both seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs and helping them scale their businesses.

In this interview, we’re going to discuss how to systematize and grow your business, why you shouldn’t try to clone yourself but rather divide your expertise into several areas, and why you should disconnect from time to time as a business owner.

  • What are the 3 Ps of growing a business and how to apply these to your organization?
  • How to make sure that you’re protecting yourself from a massive downturn like COVID-19?
  • What’s the recipe for growth in B2B and B2C business?
  • How to systematize creative critical thinking and doing?

Enjoy the episode!

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