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Anthony LaPine | Valuable Business Lessons from the Silicon Valley Veteran

Imagine what it might feel like to become a part of great success at IBM a few years after college, make your first 1$ million at the age of 28, turn down an offer from Steve Jobs to go on and build your own business.

This has actually happened. It’s the real-life story of today’s guest for Coffee with Closers.

Meet Anthony LaPine, a Silicon Valley veteran. He was the leading contributor to the invention of the first disk drive at IBM and later launched his own disk drive company LTC, which was acquired by Kyocera.

Later on, Anthony went on to take public his second company DataLink on NASDAQ. Currently, he is a Chairman at HipLink – the software that empowers organizations with a reliable, complete communication platform that instantly delivers messages and alerts to phones.

“I often talk about managing in 4 directions,” says Anthony. “You manage your subordinates, you manage your peers, you manage your bosses, but most importantly, you manage yourself. The ultimate source of what you bring into management is who you are.”

Tune in for our conversation where Anthony talks about his journey in business and his impact on the development of technology. He also shares his wisdom on entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and personal growth.

Enjoy the episode!

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