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Marketing is the center of every online brand. To reach the right target audiences and engage them with your brand, you need to have the right marketing strategy and aggressively market your business. As a business owner, it is essential to use the right marketing strategy as you reach more target customers and draw them to your business. In this article, we will talk more about the best practices for B2B marketing

You will also learn the best strategies to use for your B2B marketing, the right channels to use, and the best tools to help with your marketing.

What is B2B Marketing?

To begin it is important to understand what B2B marketing it. Simply defined B2B marketing is the process of B2B businesses marketing their products or services to other businesses. They sell to other businesses instead of selling directly to the end consumers.

See how HubSpot defines B2B marketing.

What is B2B Marketing

Benefits of B2B Marketing

Increase website traffic

B2B marketing is one of the best ways businesses can drive traffic to their website. For instance, when creating marketing content on their blogs, they use the right keywords target audiences use.

This ensures more of their target businesses see and engage their content. More traffic increases the engagement and conversion rates of target businesses.

Generate more leads

More and more target B2B businesses are on their search each day to find the best businesses that can help them solve their pain points.

As you market your B2B business, more of your target leads will see your business products or services and learn how you can help solve their challenges.

Engaging more leads increases the chances of target businesses learning more about how to use your business and solve their pains and this increases the conversion rates into customers.

Increase brand awareness

You may be offering great and awesome business products and services. However, it is important to ensure more target businesses know about your brand and what you offer.

Having the right B2B marketing strategies can help you put out a word there that your business exists and more target B2B brands will know about it.

As you increase awareness, more people know and start trusting and believing in your business solutions. This increases your business reputation and draws more target B2B companies to your company.

Engage target businesses

The B2B marketing process is lengthy and each brand should be able to engage their target B2B business as they know more about what they offer.

Using the right B2B marketing strategy can help you engage target businesses more to your company. They will get more insights about what you offer and how they can use it to solve their pains. You also educate target businesses on the value of your business.

Increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Your target B2B businesses have different challenges that they face as they grow their B2B businesses. With the right B2B marketing strategies to the target B2B business, you can get more target customers to use your business.

As you solve your current B2B customers’ needs, you can increase your revenue by selling them other services or products that complement what they were searching for.

Increase email subscription

To build trust with your target businesses, you need to nurture them through the sales cycle. Having the right B2B marketing strategies can help you get contact details for top decision-makers in the businesses you want to engage and add them to your email list for email marketing campaigns.

You can be sending them content to educate them about your B2B brand as you nurture them and lead them to convert into customers.

B2B Marketing Channels

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of B2B marketing and why you should invest in it, here are some channels you can use as you market the business.

Video Marketing

Videos are becoming increasingly a major channel of marketing for brands. Most target B2B businesses are engaging with video content more than written content.

As a B2B brand, it is essential to consider using video marketing as one of your digital marketing strategy channels to reach more target customers and draw them to your business. Your B2B buyer’s journey is long and complicated. Using the right videos for your B2B marketing strategy can help draw them and engage them more with your B2B business.

You can create a YouTube channel that you can be posting video content about your brand product and service and then link back to your website to keep engaging your target brands. Here is an example of our channel.

Before creating the videos, do research on your target customer pains, and then create videos that help give them more information on what they are searching for.

You can also create videos on other social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin. Other different types of videos you can create as you market your business product or service.

  • How-to-videos
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Product demos
  • Explainer videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Expert interviews from thought leaders
  • Q&A videos

Ensure your videos cover the different B2B buyer’s journey because not all customers are in the same buyer stage.

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Paid search

Running ads is a great way to reach and engage more B2B target businesses in your marketing efforts. Research conducted by Content Marketing Institute shows that 61% of business B2B marketers have used PPC to market their brands.

B2B PPC Statistics

B2B PPC ads are a great and effective B2B marketing strategy brands use to reach more potential customers. It is important to research your target businesses well and use the right keywords that will attract and engage those target businesses. Use attractive and engaging headlines for your ads to draw and capture attention.

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Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best and effective B2B marketing channels brands are using to reach potential customers. Research by CMI shows that 85% of marketers use it.

B2B Email Marketing Statistics

As the marketing strategy and channels of B2B business are long, having the right email marketing campaigns can help engage and nurture target leads through the marketing process.

People are continuously using email in their day-to-day operations. Research by FinanceOnline show email usage could reach 4.5 billion users by the year 2024

To see a high ROI for your email marketing campaigns, here are some best practices to use.

  •  Use attractive subject lines for the emails
  • Break down the emails into short paragraphs and sentences
  • Avoid sending target customers long emails. They don’t have the time to read it all
  • Personalize each email for your email marketing campaigns. Let your B2B target customers know you took your time to understand and research more about them and their pain points
  • Ensure you run A/B tests to see the email variation that is more effective for your email marketing campaign
  • Use attractive and captivating CTA for each email campaign you sent
  • Optimize the emails for mobile use

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Search Engine Optimization

To ensure that each piece of content you put out in your marketing campaigns is more visible to humans and search engines you must work on your search engine optimization.

There are different factors to consider as you work on your B2B SEO efforts for your digital marketing campaigns to reach more potential customers for your B2B business.

  • On-page SEO
  • HTTPS certification
  • Backlinks and link-building
  • Off-page SEO
  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Technical SEO

In the process of searching and analyzing your keywords to use, have these considerations in mind.

  • Use keywords that are less competitive
  • Use keywords target B2B buyers use in their content search along their b2b buyer’s journey
  • Consider your target customer search intent
  • Don’t overuse keywords in your content
  • Use long-tail keywords, they are more likely to rank high
  • use keywords that relate to your buyer personas

Ensure that you too optimize your social media marketing campaigns not only content on your website. Also, ensure you create business profiles for the different social media sites and optimize each profile to reach more target B2B businesses.

Content marketing

Content is still a great way for B2B brands to market their businesses to target customers. As you consider what content to use for your B2B marketing through content marketing, it is essential to first research your target customers and fully understand their pains.

Create more content that B2B buyers can relate to and are more likely to search as they look for B2B businesses to help solve their pains.

As you market your business, create content in different formats but ensure that they address your target pains and show them how to solve their challenges. Here are some of the content types you can create in your B2B content marketing strategy.

  • Video content
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Long-form and short-form blog content
  • E-books

Content marketing is an effective B2B marketing strategy and when used well it can drive lots of traffic and conversion rate for your leads into customers. As you keep creating content, it is essential to create dedicated landing pages for your website. They will help guide and educate target customers more on your business with ease. Research shows how the high number of landing pages impacts lead generation.

Stats on Landing Pages and Lead Generation

Have attractive website design

No matter your marketing efforts, if your website design is poor you will end up losing them when they reach your website. As part of your B2B marketing strategy, it is essential to have an attractive and well-designed website.

Ensure that your target customers can easily find what they want and are searching for the moment they arrive at your website.

Place all the important information and links above the font where they can easily see and access the information. The website should also have an easy navigation process and be well optimized for mobile use.

Most target audiences now use mobile devices in their search for solutions to their pains. Ensure they can access your website and all the marketing information for your brand on their mobile devices and with ease. Your website should have faster website loading speeds.

Ads retargeting

You can display ads and other content information to target audiences who had previous interactions and experiences with your website. They could have visited your website but didn’t purchase anything. Or read through your website information and then left the website.

Engaging them can arouse their interest in your business and lead them to take action that can lead to them learning more about your business and later converting into customers. Use the right keywords and messages for your retargeting campaigns to increase engagement and drive more actions as you run your B2B marketing campaigns.

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Influencer marketing

Trust is very essential for any brand and using the people with influencers to reach out to the target audience can have a high ROI for your lead generation and marketing campaigns. You can reach out to influencers in your market niche and ask them to give a shout-out of your brand to target businesses.

It is recommended to first build relationships with the influencers. Some of the ways you can do that include.

  • Share and comment on their content
  • Follow them on the different social media channels

When used well influencer marketing for your B2B marketing can greatly increase your trust-building and generate more leads for your company.

Webinars and podcasts

You can host webinar sessions and cover topics that your target audience is looking for. The topics should address the target businesses’ pains and how they will solve the pains with your business products or services.

To reach more target brands, you can co-host the webinar with other B2B companies in your niche. You can leverage the email list of the other brands to promote and engage more target customers to your webinars.

Use the right webinar platforms with the best tools and features to give your target audiences the best experience with your webinars.

Referral marketing

To effectively use this method and get more retainers B2B customers ensure that your current customers are happy and enjoy using your business.

Happy customers are more likely to refer others target audiences to your business as they love the value they get out of the business. With referral marketing, you can easily increase your lead generation efforts and increase conversions for your business.

Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies For Your business

1. Collect and act on customer feedback

It is essential to keep giving your B2B customers the best customer experience with your brand. You should always keep your customers in mind and work towards giving them the best to solve their pains.

Collecting their feedback about your business products or services is a great start. Some of the tools that can help you collect the feedback are:

  • Typeform
  • customersure
  • Qualaroo
  • CrazyEgg
  • UseEcho
  • TrustPilot
  • SurveyMonkey

And some effective ways to get feedback are:

  • send them short surveys
  • call them directly
  • engage them on the blog section of your website
  • track their user data

With the right feedback, you know what your target customers want and can reach more decision-makers for target B2B brands by working on the feedback collected from the customers.

2. Use social listening tools

Social listening tools can help you know what your customers are saying about your brand online. This can give you insights on what you can work on and improve to give them the best experience and draw more leads to your business. They give you a great experience for your social media marketing campaigns.

3. Post when target readers are most active

Engaging the target audience on social media when they are most active can increase your lead generation efforts.

If you have content you are publishing or engaging leads through social media posts at times when they are active to engage with the content and you easily increase your brand awareness.

Your B2B target customers engage more with your brand social media marketing campaigns and drive more actions to your business.

4. Have professional business profiles

For your B2B customers to engage with your brand they will first have to trust and learn more about your brand. It is essential to create business profiles that are professional and shows the value of your business.

Also, ensure that the profiles are well optimized with the right keywords target B2B customers use to search brands.

Provide all the information to help target leads understand the products or services you offer and how they will help them. You can use LinkedIn to attract more B2B target audiences to your business.

Ensure that you engage with your leads on all the different social media marketing channels and it is necessary to have your business profiles on all of the social media sites.

Research by Statista shows that the number of social media users is growing and will reach more than 4.41 billion users by 2025.

Projections for Social Media Users

Having the right optimized and professional business profiles can help attract and engage these large numbers of social media users and convert part of them into customers.

5. Use hashtags well

When used well, hashtags can help you increase your target leads engagement with your content and drive more action on your business website and increase your ROI for your social media marketing campaigns.

Use the right hashtags that your target customers are more likely to use in their content search.

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6. Have amazing landing pages

You drive more of your target customers to your business website through the different marketing campaigns that you run for your B2B company products and services.

To increase their user engagement to your business and engage more with your website, it is important to have high-quality landing pages for your website.

As part of your marketing strategy, create different landing pages that provide the right information on your business products or services and how to use them to solve pain points.

As you create your landing pages for your B2B company, ensure you put into consideration that your target leads are indifferent buyer stages and your content should cover the different buyer stages. Create landing pages that address the different buyer personas of your target customers.

7. Share social proof

You can share some of your customer testimonials and reviews of your business products and services. Target customers trust other people who have used your business and will be more likely to engage with it. Here is a section of our case studies from some of your clients.

When target leads watch or read testimonials and see how other businesses got great experience with your brand, they are more likely to engage and convert into customers.

8. Use attractive CTAs

For each of your marketing campaigns, include attractive call-to-action that will engage and lead your target leads to take action with your brand.

9. Join different social media groups and forums

Most of your target customers are in different groups and forms on social sites. To reach them and engage with them, you can join those groups and be helpful. You can use your thought leadership expertise to engage more target customers.

Post blog post content that addresses their pain points and provides solutions to their challenges. If they ask questions, provide useful answers and in-depth insights.

Target leads will start engaging with your brand more when they see your thought expertise and the value you provide them through the groups on the social sites.

10. Have a great link building strategy

Backlinks will help your website rank high and improve your search engine optimization efforts and reach more target customers for your brand.

As you run your marketing campaigns for the B2B brand, use the link building strategy to optimize and reach more target users and draw them to your website.

Some strategies you can use in the link building strategies are:

  • Reach out to websites where your competitors link to and reach out to them
  • Get contextual links
  • Have better internal links for your website
  • Create and publish more in-depth and ultimate guides for your website where other websites can link to
  • Keep updating your old content regularly
  • Give testimonials
  • Reach out to other websites with broken links and offer to replace them with your own content
  • Use the power of guest posting

Best B2B Marketing Tools

As you market your B2B business you need to use the right and best tools with features that will help you achieve your business goals and reach your target audience. Below are some of the tools that can help in your B2B marketing.

  1. HubSpot
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Buzzsumo
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Unbounce
  6. Sprout Social
  7. Sumo
  8. Yoast
  9. SemRush
  10. Google Search Console

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Marketing and engaging B2B businesses is a bit hard and takes a lot of time and marketing efforts as it involves different decision-makers.

Having the right and effective B2B marketing strategies can help in the process as you reach more target business decision-makers and market your business products or services.

The above are some of the great strategies you can use to reach the target audience, draw them to your business, engage them and draw them to your business. Also, ensure you have a documented strategy for your B2B content marketing campaigns.


Written By Samuel Thimothy

As the Chief Growth Officer, I provide leadership, direction and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales and marketing function. I also collaborate with our digital marketing strategy team in developing and executing growth marketing campaigns for our loyal clients.

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