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10 Best B2B Marketing Analytics Tools You Need to Know

You can hire an erudite team of marketers and set up the most efficient digital marketing campaign out there. But an unregulated campaign is as good as studying hard for an exam whose results you will never get. Because how do you expect to know the scope of improvement and your areas of strength?  

Marketing analytics is the missing piece of the puzzle that answers this question. Analytical tools garner data to discern the patterns of consumer activity and trends within your B2B marketing campaigns. The utility of this practice is to use these observations to optimize future campaigns based on what was successful previously. 

A B2B marketer who understands analytics can dramatically increase lead generation and sales while minimizing wasted marketing dollars. So, without further ado, let us dive straight into the 10 best B2B marketing analytics tools that will take your marketing game above and beyond. 

 List of B2B Marketing Analytics Tools

1.HubSpot Marketing Hub 

This software includes A to Z of everything you need to run successful inbound marketing campaigns for your B2B business. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is one of the five core products that HubSpot offers.  

One of the most utilitarian features of HubSpot Marketing Hub is the Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Software. With built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards, it is the one-stop solution for measuring the performance of all your marketing campaigns. This tool lets you be in control as a smart data-driven marketer, with no worries. 

Hubspot Marketing Analytics
Source: Hubspot.com

With HubSpot Marketing Hub you can expect the following B2B marketing analytics features:  

  • Customer tracking
    • Complete lifecycle record from the visitor stage to reaching the customer stage
    • Report breakdown by contact or company-level properties to discover data trends and create events to track and understand visitors’ behavior
    • Multi-touch revenue attribution helps double down on the content that works best and makes the campaign more impactful
  • Website metrics
    • Website traffic measurement in terms of quantity and quality, on a page-by-page basis
    • Page performance analysis that can be filtered to identify high-traffic sources and compare key metrics like sessions and conversion rates
  • Marketing channel reports
    • Detailed reports for all marketing assets, from website and landing pages to emails, blog posts, social media accounts, calls-to-action, and more

Option to add any report to the dashboard to track critical metrics and share insights with the rest of the team

HubSpot’s Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Software gives you a clear picture of the impacts and failures of your inbound marketing campaigns and shows how it affects your bottom line. It is the right analytics tool for modern B2B marketers who want to avoid juggling various point solutions and navigating complicated software but still get excellent results. 

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2. Salesforce Pardot 

As one of the best B2B marketing automation and customer relationship management tools in the world, Pardot by Salesforce is a marketing automation solution.  

It helps companies create meaningful connections by generating more customers in the pipelines within the marketing funnel, thus empowering sales to close more deals.  

With its advanced marketing analytics, you get insights into your marketing performance, get to explore your data, and quickly take data-driven actions. 

Salesforce Pardot Analytics Tool
Source: Pardot.com

The key B2B marketing analytics features that Pardot offers are: 

  • Personalized dashboards
    • For a comprehensive view of your marketing funnel
    • Generate reports on your marketing campaigns from the first day
  • Creating custom views of different granular aspects of your marketing data to save as lenses for future access
  • Instant sharing of campaign insights with your marketing and sales teams to keep everything in sync
  • Connecting third party data to streamline reporting on a single platform of your preference
  • Analytics mobile app to access all your data on the go, and take decisions quickly
  • Multi-touch attribution board to gain insights into well-performing marketing channels across all buying stages
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven smart marketing insights and recommendations that analyzes millions of data combinations to answer key business questions
  • Pardot’s cloud platform allows you to scale your enterprise by exploring billions of data points

This analytics tool is ideal for B2B marketers since it is built with the concept of approaching the right person at the right time with the right tone. It is also great for large organizations.  

Thanks to its pre-built marketing KPIs and best practices embedded within the platform, you get effective solutions to all your problems. You will be able to comprehend what has happened with your campaigns and why. It also gives you foresight into what will happen and provides smart suggestions on your next steps.  

With Pardot’s analytical insights and recommendations, you will be able to amplify ROI at every stage of the funnel.  

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3. Marketo Engage 

Marketo Engage by Adobe is an end-to-end software for marketing automation that covers every stage of the marketing journey from start to finish. It is an all-in-one solution for B2B companies of all sizes.  

Marketo Engage’s impact analytics tool imparts unmatched visibility of your campaign performance. It reallocates resources to high-performing efforts, thus increasing marketing qualified leads (MQLs) without increasing the budget.  

In fact, a case study shared on Adobe Marketo Engage’s website shows how a company named Upserve increased their MQLs by 90% with the help of Marketo Engage and Bizible (another excellent marketing attribution and reporting software by Adobe).  

Marketo Marketing Analytics
Source: appvizer.com

Marketo Engage’s impact analytics comes packed with the following features: 

  • Campaign reporting and insights
    • Visualize engagement performance for lead generation and account management strategies
    • Learn which kind of content is working
    • Analyze program engagement to optimize your marketing spend
  • Attribution and ROI dashboards
    • Intuitive, pre-configured dashboards for easy access to essential insights that simplify your attribution model results, thus saves time
  • Advanced journey analytics
    • Assess deal velocity by stage to help move customers further down the funnel
    • Identify and remove bottlenecks quickly to maintain performance
    • Measure the entire customer life-cycle
  • Premium multitouch attribution
    • Capture every customer touchpoint for inbound and account-based marketing attribution
    • Tailor your insights with sophisticated attribution models that match your needs
  • Advanced BI analytics
    • Streamlined business intelligence-style ad-hoc reports that answer complex questions with a flexible canvas and custom metrics

With Marketo Engage’s accurate attribution data, you can expect 2x more pipeline as seen from the case study of a company named Mittel. 

Marketo Engage’s impact analytics is one of the best tools of its kind in the market right now. It promises to translate data into happy customers.  

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Tableau is a data-driven visual analytics engine that makes complex data comprehensible by visualization. It can study marketing analytics of different B2B campaigns through interactive visual analytics such as dashboards and interactive graphs. As a marketer, you can easily visualize your data by dragging and dropping, with no need for scripting. Tableau makes the job easier for nontechnical analysts who are not trained to navigate through thickets of data.  

The key B2B marketing analytics features that Tableau offers are: 

  • KPI dashboard
    • Compares marketing department performance in the key metric areas and reports to all collaborators
    • Reflects buyer’s journey through the funnel from marketing to sales, thus revealing impacts of different touchpoints in the marketing campaign
  • Marketing campaign activity calendar
    • Shows relevant events in the selected campaign
    • Highlights events by region and type
    • Gives detailed information about each campaign event
  • Advanced visual charts
    • It offers bar chart, pie chart, histogram, Gantt chart, bullet chart, motion chart, treemap, boxplot, and much more
  • Self-service analytics
    • Tracks the performance of selected metrics over years that can be filtered to time ranges and individual post performances
    • Provides trend lines and predictive analysis
  • Live and in-memory data
    • Connects to both live data sources and external third-party sources
    • Supports data connectivity across platforms
  • Ask data
    • Presents relevant answers to questions you type into the “ask data section”
    • Makes data accessible for all users

Keep in mind that this is in no way an exhaustive list, instead, it is a very brief gist of the key features that Tableau offers. There are tons more you can do with this software.  

Tableau’s intuitive analytics transform marketing for the better. It changes the idea of what data can do for a company when analyzed well and used to its full potential. 

5. Buzzsumo 

Buzzsumo is specially designed to create analytics for your content marketing campaigns. It is a social media analytics platform that curates data for content marketers.  

This cloud-based application searches your content based on enquirer reports and user search queries. Then it calculates the success rate of a content marketing campaign by analyzing the shares, likes, and other engagements.  

Buzzsumo can analyze the top-performing content across all types of markets. Since content marketing guides your prospects at the top of the funnel, any B2B enterprise must pay special attention to it.  

Buzzsumo comes packed with the following content analytics features: 

  • Monitoring
    • Track your brand name, competitor’s brands, backlinks of a specific website, specific content published by a website, your business’ keywords and content, authors across your industry, and brand mentions
    • Sort by “total engagement” to find your best media & publicity opportunities
    • Sort by “mentions without links” to turn media mentions into links
    • Manage your brand’s reputation & avert crises using brand monitoring tools
  • Content analyzer
    • Find new content ideas and save the ones most likely to succeed
    • Do advanced content analysis using B2B publisher filter, country top-level domain filter, Facebook reactions filter, domain filter, and much more
    • Explore content success and spot content patterns and trends
    • Do a full-blown competitor analysis to capitalize on your competitor’s success
    • Use the backlink analysis tool to improve your sites’ SEO
  • Outreach
    • Use the trend-spotting insight to create a trending news feed
    • Analyze the keywords used and questions asked by the customers using the topic analyzer and question analyzer
    • Reach out to the best influencers for promoting your brand using the Buzzsumo influencer tool

6. Looker 

As a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform, Looker explores and analyzes data. It operates 100% in-database and allows business teams to evaluate marketing campaigns and present insights through customizable charts, graphs, and reports.  

The unique modeling language of Looker lets any employee replace the expertise of data analysts. From defining data metrics and exploring relationships between various data sets, to presenting data-rich visualizations, Looker provides a data-driven solution for businesses. 

Looker Marketing Analytics
Source: Looker.com

You can expect the following B2B marketing analytics features when using Looker: 

  • Campaign analysis
    • Track KPIs for (CPC) cost per click, (CTR) click-through rate, and (CPA) cost per acquisition
    • ROI analysis to understand the spend and revenue generated by every campaign and medium
    • Alert set up for custom rules to be followed in case of a crises
  • Web analytics
    • Cross-channel attribution analysis to identify trends in customer behavior across all marketing channels
    • A/B testing to analyze how your variations influence key user behavior
    • A holistic view of a user’s website experience, from their first click to conversion
  • Customer acquisition
    • Conversion rate monitoring and optimization by channel, content, and audiences
    • Acquisition channels that track where most of the new leads and customers are coming from; cohort analysis that analyzes how different segments behave over time
  • Digital marketing analytics
    • Data collection from all ad platforms to understand and compare ad channels
    • Campaign and keyword reports
    • Ad spend and allocation reports
    • Channel ROI analysis

Looker capitalizes on modern cloud databases’ native scalability and performance to get real results, in real-time. It is reinventing business intelligence for the modern B2B marketer.  

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7. Chartbeat  

Chartbeat is a real-time analytics and optimization software. It helps leading organizations around the world engage audiences by monitoring and optimizing their content for long-term audience loyalty.  

Chartbeat helps you accomplish multiple tasks, including: 

  • Identifying top content and traffic sources 
  • Filtering audience by location, referral source, device, or visit frequency 
  • Uncovering pages with the highest fresh and return traffic 
  • Testing headlines and benchmark performance 

In simple terms, Chartbeat provides a complete look into what works and what does not, by monitoring individual website visitor events rather than page views. This software is most suitable for handling analytics of B2B media companies. 

The most helpful features of Chartbeat for B2B marketing analytics are: 

  • Real-time and historical analytics dashboards
    • Realize how your audience connects with your content in real-time so that you can optimize for trends immediately
    • Assess content performance, KPIs, and valuable trends over the long term
  • Reports
    • Receive relevant website and content data through recurring email reports that contain unique auto-generated insights
    • Build the complex analyses you need using the customizable and flexible reporting tool
    • Examine app performance and mobile reader behavior in details by integrating native app data with the “advanced queries” tool

Chartbeat helps you understand what it is within your content that keeps people engaged and replicate that pattern in future campaigns. As a result of using Chartbeat, companies have seen their content marketing campaigns bloom.  

8. Mailchimp 

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that can help small B2B businesses develop a smarter marketing model which aids growth. Their AI-powered, user-friendly tools make analytics their strong suit.  

Mailchimp connects your audience with the right message and connects you with data that helps you understand your audience better. It makes complex marketing data digestible, so it’s easy to monitor trends, track performance, and create better campaigns as you go. 

The key B2B marketing analytics features that Mailchimp offers are 

  • Marketing data
    • Keep tabs on all your marketing campaigns (including emails, pay per click, social ads, and more) in one place
    • Get real-time statistics at a glance and make smart decisions about where to put your marketing budget
  • Audience assessment
    • Understand audience behavior with growth, engagement, and revenue reports
    • Find out who has interacted with your marketing, and whether they’ve clicked, bought your products/services, or downloaded your content
  • Email clicks
    • Track where people click when they open your emails by using the easy-to-read “click map”
    • Compare your open, click, and unsubscribe rates to your industry peers with benchmarks that appear in your email reports
  • Monitor ROI
    • Detailed revenue reports that track sales from a click in your campaign to all the way to purchase
    • Discover which customers made a purchase after interacting with your campaign, check their purchases, and determine the amount of money earned through the campaign

As the name suggests, Mailchimp is a potent tool for B2B companies that rely heavily on email marketing. They even offer a free version, which is ideal for small-scale B2B businesses with limited subscribers. 

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9. Mixpanel 

Mixpanel helps you build better products and services by providing powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.  

Any good marketing campaign is incomplete without a wholesome assessment of the complete customer journey. Mixpanel’s user-based analytics track the most sophisticated metrics find anomalies, and influence marketing behaviors across platforms.  

It is not without any reason that Mixpanel was awarded the award for best analytics product by the Proddys in 2020. 

The following Mixpanel analytics features will come in handy for B2B marketers: 

  • Account health
    • Find out whether you have an engaged account or an at-risk account and obtain a holistic view of your business health
    • Discover the actual features that are keeping accounts engaged and see which accounts will benefit from product adoption campaigns
  • Account-level retention
    • Learn about the user-retaining accounts, so that natural user churn doesn’t influence your results
    • Find out the most highly retained accounts that are influenced by account reputation or industry
  • Expanded messaging criteria
    • Set conditionally targeted messages based on group behavior
    • Avert crises and maintain better customer relationships
  • Asset analysis
    • Track how often an asset or device gets used
    • Leverage that insight to forecast usage or hardware production and understand the lifetime of each asset

Mixpanels offers many more analytics features like team dashboards & alerts, interactive reports, limitless segmentation, group analytics, integration directory, and more. Most of these features are extremely useful in analyzing B2B marketing campaigns.  

10. Semrush 

Semrush is one of the most reputable online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platforms. It gets measurable results from online marketing and enables businesses to optimize their online presence across all key channels.  

SEMRush Marketing Analytics

With Semrush you can do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing, all in one place. Not to mention that Semrush data and analytics are among the most trustworthy in the market.  

Here is a comprehensive list of all the analytical features Semrush offers 


  • On-page SEO – get ideas to improve page health and SEO performance 
  • Backlink analytics – collect and analyze the quality of any website’s backlinks 
  • Competitor SEO analysis – find how about your competitor’s strategies that are working in their favor 


  • Content optimization – receive optimization recommendations for your content to drive more organic traffic 
  • Content marketing analytics – assess your content performance to identify areas of improvement 


  • Market analysis – analyze your position in the current or new market against that of your competitors 
  • Competitor PR monitoring – track your rivals’ online mentions and social media presence 
  • Competitor analysis – increase your website traffic and improve performance by adopting competitors’ winning strategies 


  • Website traffic overview – check the traffic metrics for any website 
  • Audience insights – reveal the websites also visited by your competitors’ site visitors and get insights from the audience overlap 
  • Traffic journey – analyze how businesses attract their website visitors and which other actors they are connected to 

Semrush allows companies to operate their entire digital marketing campaigns on one platform. It uses analytical data to provide feedback on every aspect of marketing in real-time. As a result, your campaign improves while it’s running and you can get the most out of it.  

Bonus Tool 

As a bonus we give you a tool that every digital marketer in the world knows about, but few use it to its fullest potential. It is none other than Google Analytics.  

Even if you have paid analytics tools that are applauded as the best of the best, Google Analytics is a tool that you just cannot ignore. It can not only provide a basis of all your analytics insights, but the fact is many “leading” analytics tools use Google Analytics as one of their sources of information. So, why not go to the source of the raw data yourself? 

And, do you know what the best thing about Google Analytics is? It is completely free but comes with tons and tons of amazing features.  

Indeed, there is a paid version too. But the features offered by the free version are enough for most small and mid-level B2B companies. You can try to move on to the paid version as you scale your business.  

Some of the most important features of Google Analytics include: 

  • Proactive analytics
    • Intelligent insights on new trends, key changes, and other important insights from your key data
    • Direct answers to your questions on simple business metrics
    • Conversion and user modeling using Session Quality data, Smart Lists, and Smart Goals
  • Visualizing and Analyzing data
    • Data access from anywhere
    • Multiple funnel analysis
    • Customer segmentation
    • Visualization of data through shareable and customizable dashboards that comes with a range of widgets
  • Collecting and managing data
    • Easy data import from other sources
    • Controlled access to data and insights when shared between multiple users
  • Simplistic reporting
    • Real-time website reports
    • Conversion according to your set goals reports
    • Website visitors reports
    • Flow visualization reports

The list given here is nowhere close to exhaustive since Google Analytics is a treasure trove of great analysis features. Discussing all that Google Analytics can do for your B2B business analysis is beyond the scope of this article. Just make sure you don’t ignore this analytics tool in the crowd of all the “superior” ones available in the market.  

Are You Ready to Analyze Your Marketing Campaigns? 

No successful B2B marketing has ever been accomplished based on just gut feelings and guesswork. Even the expertise of seasoned marketers is not enough. What a successful B2B marketing strategy needs is hard-set data that shows you the reality without a shadow of a doubt.  

The above-given list of 10 best B2B marketing analytics tools will help you answer complicated questions regarding the results of your marketing initiatives, proper allocation of resources, and the future of your brand. These are factors that should be at the top of your mind as a B2B marketer. Take the smart decision and choose the best marketing analytics tools for your business now.   

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