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You need to have the right b2b remarketing strategy to engage and show those target customers the value you will deliver to them.
Since these people are already familiar with your business or have been your past customers, having the right plan can keep them engaged with your business, convert them into customers and generate repeat sales.

In this article, we will talk about how you can engage past b2b leads and customers. You will learn how you can get them to continue using your business products or services to solve their pain points.

The guide will also give tips on the best strategies you can use in your remarketing campaigns, the best tools to use for your b2b remarketing strategy, and the best platforms to run your remarketing campaigns.

What is B2B Remarketing?

In simple terms, b2b remarketing is re-engaging past leads and customers who have some previous experience with your brand. Other businesses that have shown interest in your brand or where once your customers can easily convert again.

They have either signed up for your business newsletters, read your website content, or made some purchases.

With b2b remarketing you can keep engaging b2b target businesses that visit your website and leave.

Unlike other businesses, B2B sales funnels are lengthy and involve different key players in the businesses. Research by Marketing Charts shows the typical B2B sales cycle.

Typical B2B Sales Cycle Length

Learning how to effectively remarket and use the best b2b remarketing strategy can increase your b2b customer conversion and sales.

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Types of B2B Remarketing

Before we can start on the strategies you can use for your remarketing, let’s first look at the different types of remarketing you can apply for your B2B remarketing strategy.

Dynamic Remarketing

In this type of remarketing a brand gives users ads that are specific to a particular page that the target visitors visit. You show visitors ads about products or services that help them solve their pains.

By showing them the ads about your products based on the landing pages they visited, you lead them to finish out the actions that they left when they first visited the website.

Here are some other benefits of dynamic remarketing.

More Reasons to Use Dynamic Remarketing

Video remarketing

For this remarketing campaign, you show your ads to target B2B businesses that have seen videos about your products or services or have visited your website. These can be B2B target audiences that keep interacting with your Youtube channels or other videos you keep producing on other social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can produce and display these ads between the videos your B2B target audience watches as they interact with your business.

Since the goal is to keep engaging the target businesses and show them more about your business and convert them, you can also suggest more videos that will keep engaging them to your brand.

People love watching and interacting with video content. Research by Statista shows that they spend over 22 billion in video content.

Create videos that show your b2b target brands the value of your products and how it will help solve their pains.

Digital Video Advertising Spending in the US 2017-2021

Display remarketing/standard remarketing

These target visitors that use Google display network apps and social sites like Facebook. They also target b2b businesses that use search intent in their search for solutions to their pain points. If you want to use this remarketing for search intent, here is how you can do it.

Search Network Campaigns

Customer list remarketing

You can use the data your target B2B prospects shared with you when they sign up for your website forms. Through this information, you can show those target b2b businesses your remarketing ads when they sign in through Google.

If you run into problems uploading the customer data, here is how you can do it. You can also learn more about customer list remarketing as you work on reaching more target businesses and converting them.

Remarketing lists for search ads

Some of your target B2B businesses may have visited your site and never returned back. To increase the chances of winning those businesses, you can use this b2b remarketing strategy.

You tailor your ads to suit their search intent and place them in front of them to keep drawing them to your business and engage them. Here are the two strategies that brands mostly use when running retargeting lists for ads.

Remarketing: Two Basic Strategies

Through this remarketing, you keep placing your business in front of those target B2B businesses as they keep searching for solutions through Google and other search engines.

Email Remarketing

Through this b2b remarketing strategy you keep engaging your target b2b businesses through email marketing.

When target audiences visit your website and sign up for your email newsletter, you collect their details. You can use those details to keep reaching out to the businCustomer List Remarketing Instructionsesses and let them know more about your business and the solutions they will offer.

By sending them emails about your business and what you can give then you keep engaging them, earning their trust, and increase conversion chances.

Best platforms for running B2B remarketing strategy

To increase the results of your offers with leads and customer remarketing you need to focus your efforts on platforms that will increase your chances to close more leads and sales. Below are some platforms you can focus your b2b remarketing strategy.

Google ads

Every B2B business searching for solutions to their pain points starts their search with Google. Statista research shows that as of June 2021, Google had a market share of 87.76%.

This data clearly shows that most of the B2B target businesses will use Google for their search intent when looking for solutions for their pain points.

Using Google ads for your b2b remarketing strategy can increase the chances of engaging with many target businesses and reconnecting with them.

The decision-making process is long and the use of Google ads as you run your b2b PPC ads can connect your business with many target businesses.

Since many b2b brands use Google search engine, you can make the site one of your best platforms to run your retargeting campaigns for your business.


Research by the content marketing institute shows that 97% of b2b businesses use the LinkedIn website for their business.

Top 6 Social Media Platforms B2B Marketers Use for Content Marketing

Many b2b businesses use LinkedIn for their remarketing efforts. You can use this platform to connect more with your B2B target business in your remarketing efforts and engage them more with your business. Since LinkedIn is a great platform you can reach many b2b businesses, you can consider it for running your remarketing campaigns.


More target businesses engage with video content more as they search for solutions to solve their pains.

Research from Wyzowl 93% of marketers say the video is an important part of their business marketing.

Video is Important to Marketing Strategy

You can create more video content and post it on sites like YouTube where those target visitors search and engage with video content.

Your videos should talk more about the solutions you have for your target b2b businesses and how your business will help solve your customer pains.

Also, show them how you will solve their pain points if they decide to use your products or services. Guide them through your videos and show them the solutions you have will help them solve the business challenges they are facing.


This is another platform you can use for remarketing efforts. This is a question and answer site where people engage with others and also find answers to what they are searching for.

You can read through the questions, ask questions or provide answers to questions asked.

When target customers see your thought leadership, they would like to learn more about your brand. This engagement will lead to lead generation, more engagement, and sales.

To effectively use it for your b2b remarketing strategy, you need to have a Quora ads manager account and also install a quora conversion pixel on your website.

You can answer questions, you can leave links that will redirect those readers to your website to keep re-engaging with your business.

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With Facebook tracking pixel you would be able to track and engage with target readers who visit your website. When they visit the site, engage with it shortly and don’t make any purchase the tracking pixel can help track and re-engage them to your website.

Many target audiences spend hours on Facebook per day and that includes the decision-makers in the B2B space. You can use ads to re-engage those target customers or past clients after tracking them when they leave your website.


Twitter is still among the top social media sites B2B marketers use for their business marketing.

Content marketing research shows that 82% of B2B markers used the site for their business marketing. This shows that most B2B businesses still value the Twitter website and it’s a great place to use for your b2b remarketing strategy when reconnecting with leads or customers who had some experience with your business.

Organic Social Media Platforms B2B Content Marketers Use

One great way to remarket your b2b business is by running Twitter ads. As they engage with your ads they will be drawn to your business website where they can re-engage with it.

You can also target b2b target customers who engage with your tweets or reshare them to their followers.

Your tweets should be creative and provide solutions to the pains of your customers or lead them to a landing page that will help learn more about the business.

You can also be helpful and answer questions your B2B target clients ask on the platform. Placing yourself as a thought leader increases trust and helps those prospects reconnect and engage with your business.

B2B Retargeting Strategy

There are different b2b retargeting strategies brands can use in their marketing. Here are some.

Have different remarketing landing pages

As you re-engage customers and draw them to use the website you want to capture their attention and win their trust so you can convert them into customers.

You can create different landing pages for your website. Since these target buyers are indifferent buyer stages, you can simplify their work by directing them to different landing pages according to where they are in the buyer journey.

To make your landing pages effective and capture leads, here are some things you must include in your landing pages.

  • A clear call to action to help leads take action
  • social proofs to build trust
  • testimonials from past b2b businesses to build trust
  • a video or image that shows target leads what you offer
  • a clear description of how your offer will help them solve their business pain points
  • a short and persuasive headline to hook the target leads to your landing page.
  • A short form they can fill to claim the offer if they want it.

Have lists for the different buyer stages

Your main goal of remarketing is to re-engage with visitors and customers who had past experience with your website and business in general. Of these leads and prospects, many of them are not in the same stage in their customer journey.

As you run your remarketing campaigns, it is essential to understand where your target B2B businesses are and create remarketing lists that match them.

With lists in the different buyer stages, you will be able to nurture target businesses and also bring awareness about your business products or services.

Have a retargeting email list

Email marketing is one of the best ways to nurture leads and convert them into customers. However, you can’t effectively run email campaigns if you don’t have enough email lists from prospective customers. Some places you can find b2b prospects email details include:

  • Those who attended your webinars before and left their details
  • Those who visited the website and signed up for business newsletters
  • Webinar signups who didn’t attend your business webinars
  • Webinar signups who made a purchase decision but haven’t done so again
  • Webinar attendees who signed up for the webinar but didn’t attend
  • Target customers that downloaded content from the website but didn’t convert

Write creative ads

You want to re-engage with your target B2B businesses and convert them into customers for your business, right? Well, you need to capture their attention with creative ads. Since they have visited your website or made some previous purchases, create ads that exactly match what they are looking for.

Your engaging ads can keep them in the loop, put your business in front of them and make it easy to convert them into customers.

Have limited offer campaigns

You can give your target customers or your past customers offers on your products or services to help them make a buying decision easily. Giving them price offers can increase their re-engagement and lead them to make purchase decisions from your business. The limited offer will be an incentive to make more purchases from the business before the prices go up.

Post-purchase remarketing

B2B marketing is a hard process and costly. Research shows that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

It Costs 5 Times More to Acquire a New Customer

The research also shows that it is 60–70% more likely to sell to an existing customer.

Since you are more likely to make a sale from a past b2b customer, it is essential to run some post-purchase remarketing strategies to get these customers to make more purchases.

Renewing (for contracts or subscription services)

If you run a services business with subscriptions options, you can urge your customers to renew their subscriptions or contracts.

The customers will keep making purchases to your business and your revenue from the b2b target businesses will keep growing.


To reach out to more customers and get them to buy more products, you can cross-sell them. You can offer them products that relate to what they want that can also help them to solve their pain points. You can also show them how those related products along with the others they have bought can help them solve their pains.


You can offer your B2B target businesses a free version of your services to let them get first-hand experience with your business.
They interact with your business, use your services and then you can later upsell them from the free service to a paid service.


You can reach out to your B2B previous customers and invite them to continue using your business products or services.

B2B Remarketing for lead generation

There are different ways and tips b2b businesses use to remarket to their b2b target businesses and generate leads. Here are some:

Work on SEO

Search engine optimization is a crucial part of every online business. As you remarket your B2B business and reach those past customers or potential leads, you need to ensure you optimize your website for search engines.

Since most target businesses use Google, optimizing your content and website increases the chances of previous leads seeing your business and interacting with it.

Some SEO factors you need to consider are:

  • Website security (using SSL certificate)
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword optimization
  • Website optimization for mobile
  • Meta description

You can learn all this and more through this SEO guide.

Have awareness stage landing page

Your target b2b businesses might have visited your site a long time ago and totally forgot about it. As a business, you need to work on putting the business in front of them again to increase their engagement.

That’s why an awareness landing page is essential. You want the target b2b businesses to be aware of your business and what you can offer them to solve their pains.

Through the awareness landing page you re-engage your target customers, let them see the value you offer, and build trust with them.

High-quality content

Since the B2B buying process is long and complicated, your target customers will consume a lot of content from your website. It is essential to ensure that each piece of content you put out is tailored to meet your customer needs.

You also need to keep producing content consistently and have a documented content marketing strategy. Content Marketing Institute research shows that 69% of the most successful B2B marketers have a marketing strategy.

Percentage of B2B Marketers with a Documented Content Marketing Strategy

You can also produce gated content. This will help you get your b2b target businesses when they sign off and provide their information before reading the content.

Writing content consistently is also good for your SEO rankings. If you don’t have time for the writing of content, you can outsource it, in fact, 84% of b2b marketers outsource. As you produce your content here are some tips to consider:

  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Include screenshots, image and video content to help readers understand concepts.
  • Use bullet points and lots of white spaces to increase readability.
  • Include external and internal linking to improve search rankings.
  • Break down your content into short heading and subheadings.
  • At the end of the article include a call to action for readers to take action.

Use email marketing

Email marketing is still a great way to remarket your B2B target businesses. You can keep sending email newsletters and other content to the target customer to re-engage them with your business.

Research by CMI shows that 81% of B2B marketers still use email newsletters to keep engaging their customers.

Content Types B2B Marketers Used in Last 12 Months

If you have done any upgrading or added other new features to your business that can help them, let them know. They will be intrigued and want to know more hence faster reconnect with your brand.

The B2B Growth Blueprint

B2B Remarketing examples

There are many different examples that show the b2b remarketing strategy that brands use to reach their target customers. Below are some of them.


Another example is our own OneIMS. If you visit our website you will see this form on our landing page.

OneIMS Integrated Marketing Solutions

The copy of the landing page is clear and direct to the point. If you had some interactions with our website, you can go directly and apply to work with us.

If you still have some doubts you can see the proof of other B2B brands that have used our services and what they say about us. Here is another example where target clients leave their details that we can use to keep re-engaging them.

OneIMS Lead Form


Another example is HubSpot business that serves different B2B brands with different services. Here is a copy of their landing page.

HubSpot Start Now

When you click that page you are redirected to another landing page with all the services the business offers and you can choose to start a free trial or get a demo of the services you want.


Leadfeeder offers great services such as sales prospecting and lead generation.

Leadfeeder CTA

The above is an email sign-up that helps the brand draw more leads to its business.

The call-to-action is very captivating and intriguing to make target b2b clients take action easily.


The landing page has an attractive CTA to remarket to businesses and help them take action and try out the business services.

Salesforce Landing Page

Best tools for B2B Remarketing

There are different tools brands use for their remarketing campaigns to help engage their target businesses and drive them to take action to grow their sales and revenue. Here are some of those tools.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

This tool provides you with all the marketing tools and data you need in one place for your business remarketing. The collection of tools you get from HubSpot provides you with features like:

  • Ad tracking
  • Email marketing software
  • Social media management
  • Lead management software
  • Pipeline management tools
  • Marketing analytics
  • Free landing page builder
  • Email tracking software

and many others. The marketing products from HubSpot have different pricing details.

The HubSpot management hub also offers great tools to run your b2b PPC marketing campaigns for your business.


This is a great email automation tool to help you reach your target businesses through email marketing. It has different features that help brands market and reach more target brands.

  • Insights and analytics tools ( e.g for running A/B tests)
  • Behavioral targeting where you target brands based on how they interacted with your website.
  • Marketing CRM

If you would like to use the tool here is its pricing structure. You can go through the different pricing structures to compare the features in each package.


The tools can help you engage your target audience and personalize your messages to fit their needs.

You can monitor the behavior of your website visitors and then use laser-targeted personalization to reach and re-engage them to your business. Here are some of the amazing features you will get with this tool.

And here is how much the tool will cost you if you decide to use it.


With Adroll, you can retarget your B2B brands across any social network or Google. You can easily place your brand in front of them, re-engage them and make them sales-ready.

You can use AdRoll to create awesome ads to target B2B businesses that have visited your website or used your services before.The ads can also be helpful for B2B brands that have never used your business before.

Through the ads, you can get them to know more about your business products and the value they will provide in solving their pain points. Here is how much the tool costs.


Not all your target customers convert the first time they visit your website. In fact, roughly less than 2% of website visitors convert the first time.

As a business, you need to keep retargeting the remaining 98% to keep re-engaging them to your business.

Retargeter has the best tools and technology to help B2B brands keep retargeting those brands and let them know about your business products or services. Some of the features of its products include:

  • Site retargeting
  • Look-alike modeling
  • Audience targeting
  • Search retargeting
  • CRM retargeting

You can visit the business website to get more information about its products and their pricing structure.


Having different landing pages is part of your b2b remarketing strategy. As a brand, you need to have high-quality landing pages. The Instapage tool can help you create greater landing pages. Other products from the tool include:

The tool has different pricing costs for its different packages.


As you re-engage your target customers in their buyer journey you need to have landing pages that match where they are in their journey.

The Unbounce tool has great features to help you create awesome landing pages for your remarketing campaigns. Here are other products and solutions you will get from this tool.

You can get the pricing details from the tool website and even sign up for a free trial of their products.


This tool helps you create customizable lead forms that you can use for your landing pages as you remarket to your target audiences. The tool has different features that will help create effective forms.

For pricing details and the features for each package you can check out the website.


Growing a B2B business is challenging as the process is long and complicated. As a business, it is essential to use the best strategies to retarget your past customers and lead them to convert them into customers. As you reconnect with your customers you need to show them the value of your brand and how it helps them solve their pains.

If you have some challenges in reaching your target customers and re-engaging with them we can help you. Here is our approach that we use to help out target businesses.

OneIMS Approach

Here are other solutions that we provide to your clients and the industries we work with.

OneIMS Business Solutions and Industries

If you would like to use your products, feel free to contact us and let us help you grow and scale your business.

Written By Samuel Thimothy

As the Chief Growth Officer, I provide leadership, direction and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales and marketing function. I also collaborate with our digital marketing strategy team in developing and executing growth marketing campaigns for our loyal clients.

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