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Michigan is a booming state for business owners. The economy is getting stronger every day, and many people have decided to start and grow a business. As much as offline marketing is effective, there’s a point where you can’t extend your reach any father than you have, so you need something else. That something else is Internet marketing. Our Michigan SEO company provides the best in online marketing services. We help business owners not only make their mark on the Internet, but get ahead of their competition. We do this with many of the services we offer.

Our SEO Services for Michigan Business Owners

We offer all of the SEO services you would expect from a full-service Michigan search engine optimization agency.

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Website search engine optimization
  • Content development
  • Content management
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Google My Business management
  • Citations
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social advertising
  • ….and much more.

Many people who come to use ask us how we are different from other SEO companies in Michigan. We tell them this:

We don’t just provide services. We work our clients as a team. Our work is their work, and we want them to know the value of what they are receiving when they use us to help them grow their business.

We know how important your business is to you. It’s your bread and butter. You want it to succeed as much as possible, and we truly want to see your business grow. We don’t believe we succeed until we see your business succeed.

This is why we don’t just offer search engine optimization services. As you can see above, we offer “website search engine optimization” in addition to all of the rest of the services. Why? It’s a system. All of the services we offer work together to optimize your website for search engines, and yes, their users.

How Websites Influence Search Engine Optimization

The way your website looks and functions has a lot to do with how well it will perform on SERPs. A website that is visually appealing and is easily navigable will make users want to use it together information and make a purchase. When Google sees this, it tends to rank the site higher.

Website design and development also ensures the site functions properly. This means the site is fast and there are no hiccups throughout the pages. An example of a hiccup would be an error page. No one ever wants to see an error page because it’s frustrating. That’s why Google doesn’t like it and will rank sites lower if there are any.

The speediness of a site matters as well. Users don’t want to wait around for a page to load. Instead, they want to click on something and immediately see the result. If a site takes too long, users become frustrated and are quick to leave. Google sees this and takes note. If it happens too often, it won’t show the site to as many people.

Search Engines and Content

Content is what the Internet is made up of. Text is content. Images are content. Videos are content. It’s all what people are looking for online. You need to produce content to be able to compete with your competitors.

We offer three services when it comes to content:

1. Content Development
2. Content Management
3. Content Marketing

Each of these services offers you benefits with search engine optimization. Content development is performed by our experienced team of professional content writers. They can research and write high quality articles that people love to read. This is what makes them rank highly on results pages.

Our content managers can take the articles that are already on the site, and make them better, or they can ensure that they include everything that users want. This may include adding more images, a video, or more text. Content managers can also create editorial calendars, assign articles to be written, and edit them before publishing.

Content marketing takes articles and solicits them to other websites. When a website picks up an article and publishes, Google notices it. They believe your site is valuable because it’s being featured on other good sites, and you get higher ranking, which equals more traffic.

Content marketers will also try to show other sites that you have high quality content already on your site. They can then link to that content on their site to share it with their followers. /p>

Social media is a way for content to be marketed. This means publishing posts that have a link to your website. The more engaging and popular the article, the more likely you will see increases in traffic from both social media and search engines.

Link Building and Citations for Improved Visibility

Link building is what we call getting other sites to link to your site. We do this by having them publish an article we write about your products and services. We also do it by asking sites to link to your site, as we mentioned above with content marketing.

Link building is an effective way to show Google that your site is valued among the online community. The more links you receive, the better Google will see you.

Citations are similar to link building, except they are simply listings. Directories online list all sorts of businesses. When you add your business to it, users of those directories will find you, and come to your website.

Google crawls these citations as well. They take note of how many directories you’re listed in, and then they take that into consideration when they are ranking your website, especially with local searches. For example, your Michigan business would be listed in your city or town’s directories. This tells Google you are a local business serving only local people. If you serve people across the state and country, we add your listing to as many directories as possible. This tells Google your products and services can help all of their users from the United States.

Just so you know, we never pay for links, exchange links, or have a PBN. Google penalizes sites that use them, and we would never go against what Google has told us not to do. Many other agencies do this, so if you decide to go elsewhere, please know that this tactic could harm your site not only temporarily, but forever. We have seen this happy with some of the clients that come to us afterwards, and fixing the damage isn’t easy or cheap. Before you make this mistake, consider OneIMS as your Michigan SEO firm.

Social Media Impacts Rankings

Many people believe that search engine optimization and social media are separate. In other words, what you do on social media has no impact on how your site does on search engine results pages. This is untrue.

At our Michigan SEO agency, we believe that social media does have something to do with how well your site ranks. We have seen it many times with our clients, and we continue to employ social networks to help our clients’ websites rank better for more traffic to their websites.

The way we use social media is different from other SEO agencies in Michigan. We concentrate on connecting with people who are in the area of the business, especially those who are local businesses selling only in store. By connecting with as many local people as possible, we are able to share our client’s business with them so they can use the products and services as needed.

For our business owners who sell to people state or nation-wide, we connect with people who are most likely interested in the products and services. We perform a consumer profile analysis. Once we know what type of consumers buy the products and services you offer, we look for those people on social media and we connect with them. We do this by tagging them in posts, replying to their comments, sending them messages, and creating conversations they want to respond to. We have many creative ways to get our clients’ consumers interested in them, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do for your business.

Social media also ranks on search engines. If you’ve ever searched something that has to do with the news or something that is trending, you may have seen tweets come up. These tweets are usually the most popular ones that have received a lot of engagement. Google favors these and wants to show them to its users. We want to create the tweets and other social media posts that will get ranked on Google because they are so popular. Your website is attached to them, and when people click on it, they will learn about the products and services you offer.

Using Paid Advertising to Achieve Multiple Goals

Many people believe that sales are the only goals of paid ads. Of course, this is a big goal, but it’s not the only one. We know you want to make a good ROI, and we want you to as well. However, we do two things to help you do that:

  • We use paid ads to bring attention to your business. When you bring people to your site and they like what they see, they are more likely to buy from it. When they buy from it, Google takes note of that and wants to show your site to more people. They want to make their users happy, and they will do whatever it takes to do that. So, our mission is to use paid advertising to bring as many people to your site to make them happy, so Google realizes your site can make many more of their users happy.
  • We want to generate quick leads. Social media advertising is especially good for this because social users act more on impulse. They aren’t necessarily looking to buy, but when they see something they like, they are more likely to act on it. That’s what our goal is – to evoke that impulsivity. We do this with the creative ads we create, and by targeting the right audience – the audience that wants to buy from you.

So, as you can see, we have multiple goals when it comes to paid advertising. You don’t only make sales one way, but two ways. The first one is actually more beneficial for you because you have people coming to your site to buy and it can help you rank better Google’s search engine results pages. The second one is simply for you to make a sale. They are both helping you make a good ROI while optimizing your site for Google’s search engine.

What Else You Can Get from Our Michigan SEO Company

We’re excited that you’re considering us as your SEO agency in Michigan. We work with many Michigan business owners from Grand Rapids to Detroit who have been with us for many years.

When you first contact us, we will ask for a consultation session. This is when we will look over your website to decide if it needs to be updated or if any major changes need to take place. We then discuss what your goals are and how our services can help achieve them.

After learning about what we do, we come up with an individualized plan for your business. We review this plan with you, and then we get started on your SEO campaign. Each month, we will report on what we’ve done, the effectiveness of it, and the plan for the next month. We always seek to improve your visibility every month because that’s what you’re hiring us to do.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a team of professional SEO specialists who can not only optimize your site for search engines, but help you really stand out from the competition. We take our commitment to excellence seriously, and will always provide you more value than the cost of our services. With this, we hope that you will take the next step by calling us for more information.

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Schedule a Consult

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