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As a Detroit SEO agency, we are committed to providing our clients with the services they need to maximize their visibility online. These services have been put together based on current research regarding the best ways to promote businesses online. We work hard online, so our clients don’t have to worry about whether they will be found when their consumers use the Internet to find their services or products.

We believe the best way to show the value of our services is to be transparent and share what we do in each of them. The following are just some of the many services we offer our clients that have helped them get ahead of their competition.

Website Design and Development

Our team of web designers and developers work hard to ensure you receive the best website online for your industry. They will either customize a theme we have in our library, or they will create a website from scratch. What we do depends on your preferences and budget.

We always discuss our client’s vision for their website before starting. We want to get to know you as a person and your business. This way, we can relay your message in the best possible way to your consumers through your website.

We will input your brand into the website. This means that your business’ logo, colors, and anything else you believe is important for your brand’s awareness will be included in your website.

Once the design is complete, we move on to development. This stage is more for SEO and user experience. At our SEO company in Detroit, we don’t only create websites for search engines, but we create them for the users—they are most important.

We develop websites that make sense to the user. When someone comes to your website, it should be easy for him to find exactly what he needs. This means getting to his destination for information in as little as two clicks.

We also ensure your site is attractive. No one wants to be on a site that doesn’t look nice. We use the right colors, the right size fonts, and images are high quality. While you would think this is a design aspect (which it is), it also matters to SEO.

Your site will be fast too. This is so important these days. Google recently announced website speed will be a factor in rankings. They know that their users only want to go to sites that are fast, so they don’t want to rank any websites that won’t give users that experience.

Mobility is also important. Google also says that they will begin to rank sites based on their responsiveness. If your website won’t render on a mobile device well, it will end up not ranking as highly and not getting as much traffic.

All of our design and development work will be passed along to you for review before going live. We always want to ensure you are happy with the products we deliver, and this means checking in with you as often as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

Every websites needs to be optimized if it’s going to rank well on search engines like Google. We ensure your website ranks highly by using keywords that your consumers are typing into the search bar.

We find these keywords using Google’s keyword planner and some other tools to ensure we get the best data possible when it comes to what people are using. Since you know your customers best, we will ask you what you believe are the best keywords for your business, and then we use that information to find the exact phrases people are using.

Once we have the list of keyword phrases, we use them on your website. We go through each page and insert the phrases where they make sense. We insert the keyword phrases in the content a couple of times throughout the content and headers, and then we put the phrase in the title tag and in the meta description.

Once we have optimized all pages, we move to the best keywords on the list so we can create pages that will help us rank for them. The more keywords you are ranked for on Google, the more traffic you will receive.

We don’t only focus on pages, though. We also write blog posts for you. We have a team of professional content writers who will help you fill your website with the best content in the industry. We use keyword phrases, so those posts will come up when they are searching for them. This means more traffic and potential consumers.

For local business owners, we do the same thing as detailed above, but a little more on the side of local SEO. We will ensure your Google My Business is accurate. We need to make sure the name, address, and phone number are the same on your site, Google My Business and any listings you have in directories.

Google ranks local businesses based on their services, products, and accuracy of information online. They never want to give their users incorrect information because that decreases the trust the users have in them, and in turn, could cost them to lose people. This is why if not all information matches up correctly, Google will not rank the website highly on search engine results pages (SERPs).

In addition to checking Google My Business, we also work on citations. These citations are listing of your business in directories. There are thousands of directories online we can add your business too, and we work on this every month that you are client with us. As we do this, you will find your business will come up in many places across the Internet.

Google likes it when businesses are listed in many directories. It means they are visible and present online. They will rank businesses higher in the SERPs when they can find many listings of the business.

We also ensure that content on the site is geo-targeted. This means adding your town or city to the keyword phrases we are using. This is important in showing Google that you want people in your city and town to see what you have to offer them.

Link Building

Link building is one of the best ways to increase visibility online. It works in a number of ways. When your website link is on another website, those followers see you and learn about you. This means that you get more clicks to your website. If those people like what they see, they will add the site their bookmark, or if they are ready, they will convert to make a purchase.

Link building also improve your authority online. When you share a high quality piece of content on another site, those followers see how much you know, and then they can start to develop trust and faith in you that you know what you’re talking about and then this helps them get closer to the point of making a purchase.

Google also likes links to your website. Links mean that you are worthy of attention – you’re popular. They want to show their users popular sites because they want to make their users happy. Basically, if other people find your site to be good, they believe their users will find it to be a good one too.

The way we do link building is by outreach. We reach out to websites to ask them if they would share a piece of content from your website. If they agree, they can usually find a piece of high quality content on your site that would be best for their followers. It doesn’t necessarily matter what piece of content we receive a link to, as long as it’s to your site. It’s best that the person who is putting the link chooses because he knows his followers best.

We also create content for other websites. This content is high quality just like what is on your website. Many website owners love this because they end up getting great content on their site without having to pay for it. All we ask is for a link back to your site. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Link building is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Fortunately, we have a large team of link builders that will work hard to get you as many links as possible online, so you can be happy with the traffic you receive from those websites and the rankings that you receive on Google.

Social Media

We include social media in our suite of services because again, we believe that it is important to the success of your business online. We will set up your social media accounts if you don’t have them already. This include designing the cover images, profile images, and images for the posts.

Once all of that is set, we move on to the promote of your business on those social media accounts. We do a 80/20 with promotional/entertaining posts. We don’t want to only promote your services and products because that will not do anything for you as far as reach on social media. We want to give users value and that comes from entertaining information on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

We always want to make sure that we give social users the ability to contact you whenever they need something. With Messenger on Facebook and Direct Messages on Twitter growing in popularity, many people are reaching out to business owners through these mediums. Our team monitors those messages and replies as quickly as possible because that’s what customers expect. We provide your customers with excellent customer service, just as you would provide them.

We also do advertising on social media. Our social media ad specialists know how to target your audience on social media through ads. They will create ads that spark people’s attention and then they will set up the ad campaign for the ads to only show them to people who are interested in your services and products. This increases the chances that they will make a purchase, go to your website, or convert in some other way.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is another way to advertise online through Google. These are the ads you see at the top SERPs. It’s a great way to get to the first three positions on the SERPs, which is what people will click on the most.

Our PPC specialists have mastered the science of PPC ads and have been able to bring our customers solid results from their campaigns. We know that many people do not believe in PPC and have lost a lot of money. This is why we have developed a system that produces results.

We find the best keywords for your consumers that won’t cost you a lot of money. We then create ads that will target those keywords. When we are done, you should be able to see your ads as #1 in the search results for them.

You do not need a big budget for PPC. You can start with a small budget, and then as you gain more customers, you can increase your budget as you achieve your ROI. We believe this is the best way to achieve success online with our SEO services in Detroit.

Contact Our Detroit SEO Company for More Information

We are ready to help you use the INternet to achieve business success. We know that Detroit has a lot of businesses that are competing against each other, and sometimes, to break through that competition you need to seek out a different way – the Internet.

We provide consultations to go over all of our services and how they can help you. We invite you to call us, so we can provide you with the information you need to make a decision on which services would best help you reach your goals online.

Contact us now. Our team is ready to help you grow your business exponentially with the power of the Internet.

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