Donor Management with HubSpot and Fundraise Up Integration
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Driving Donor-Focused Growth with HubSpot and Fundraise Up

As a nonprofit, your mission is to create meaningful impact – but achieving that impact requires more than passion alone. It demands operational efficiency, donor engagement strategies that truly resonate, and the ability to maximize every resource. Having the right technology solutions in your corner can be the catalyst that propels your organization to new heights of success.

This is where the power of integrating HubSpot’s multi-faceted CRM system and Fundraise Up’s cutting-edge donation software comes into play. This dynamic duo provides nonprofits with a formidable technology stack capable of transforming how your nonprofit organization operates, connects with donors, and drives fundraising initiatives.

Imagine having a 360-degree view of your donors, allowing you to nurture relationships through personalized experiences and streamlined processes that free up valuable time and resources. When combined, the two platforms enable you to create fundraising campaigns that captivate and inspire, boosting donation rates and overall revenue for your nonprofit. This is the exciting potential you can tap into when you effectively utilize the integrated strengths of HubSpot and Fundraise Up.

Let’s take a deeper look at the exciting capabilities of this integration and discover how it can help transform your nonprofit’s strategies from the ground up.

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing, sales, and service platform that offers a range of features beneficial for non-profit organizations. The platform provides a powerful CRM system that allows nonprofits to track and manage their interactions with donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. HubSpot improved every aspect of Fundraise Up’s business, automating inbound demo requests, keeping track of all communications to specific customers, streamlining the ticket process, hosting their help center, and more.

Key Features of HubSpot for Nonprofits Include:

  1. Donor and volunteer record management: A centralized database, segmentation, and timeline view.
  2. Donation collection & recording: Integration with payment gateways and donation tracking.
  3. Email marketing: Email performance tracking, A/B testing, automated email workflows, personalization, and segmentation.
  4. Social media management: Manage multiple social media channels, schedule posts, monitor activity, analyze performance, and manage ads.
  5. Reporting and analytics: Custom dashboards, deep dive analysis, and visual reports.

HubSpot offers nonprofits a 40 percent discount on its Marketing Hub, making it a powerful tool for donor acquisition and retention. The platform also integrates seamlessly with Fundraise Up, mapping donations to Deals and supporters to Contacts in HubSpot. This integration works with the Sales Enterprise version of HubSpot that has an available pipeline, and recurring donations can be grouped together when using an Enterprise level HubSpot plan.

How Does Fundraise Up Help Nonprofits?

Fundraise Up is a company focused on creating the best online donation experience for nonprofits and their donors. Their online donation platform increases conversion rates up to 37% and is the first to natively integrate with HubSpot. The company is also leveraged by trusted organizations like UNICEF USA to double annual digital donation revenue and triple recurring donor acquisition.

Key Features of Fundraise Up Include:

  1. Easy ways to increase conversion, enable modern payment methods and personalize the giving experience for every donor.
  2. Campaign Pages optimized for conversion.
  3. Tools to improve the donor experience.
  4. Integrations to sync data with any app.
  5. Global fundraising capabilities, supporting region-specific payment methods, languages, receipting requirements, regulatory compliances, and data residency mandates.
  6. Security measures to protect donors and data.
  7. Fraud protection to prevent fraud before it occurs.
  8. Scalability to handle any volume of giving.
  9. Enterprise support at no additional cost.

Fundraise Up offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform with a seamless onboarding process, comprehensive resources, and a responsive customer support team. The platform integrates with a variety of applications.

PayPalWidely-used digital wallet and payment solution processing around half of all online transactions annually. Can account for 20% or more of online donations when available as a payment method, increasing conversion by nearly 7%.
StripeDigital payment platform offering extensive payment processing solutions and options, including recurring billing and anti-fraud measures. Provides a dependable and secure payment option for Fundraise Up users of all sizes.
Google PayEnables easy donations with any credit or debit card linked to a Google Account, including cards associated with Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android devices. Setup is straightforward and does not require additional steps.
GeminiIntegration allowing donors to give through cryptocurrency assets, supporting 100+ digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, and more.
Google Analytics 4Analytical tool supporting measurement of website and app traffic, user engagement, and precise tracking of conversions and marketing indicators. Integration facilitated through Google Tag Manager.
Neon CRMIntegration enabling automatic synchronization of donation data from Fundraise Up to Neon CRM in real-time, supporting small to midsize nonprofits in managing fundraising, communications, and events.
KindfulAutomatically links individual contacts donating through Fundraise Up to specific groups within Kindful, facilitating synchronized marketing emails and enabling targeted segmentation for personalized communication.
ZapierAutomates various fundraising tasks including syncing supporter data to CRM, adding new supporters to email lists, creating task cards for donations, sending personalized thank-you messages, and alerting teams about new contributions.
DonorPerfectProvides seamless connection between databases, allowing synchronization of over 100 data points directly into DonorPerfect framework with flexible options for automatic or manual synchronization. Ensures data accuracy without complex technical work.
360 MatchProSystem assisting in doubling donations to qualified nonprofits through matching gifts, integrated with Fundraise Up to offer matching option at checkout for increased likelihood of matched donations.
Microsoft DynamicsCRM aiding businesses in organizing customer data, finding potential customers, communicating with existing ones, and handling customer service problems. Integration offered to select Fundraise Up clients only.
Bonterra (EveryAction)CRM system facilitating nonprofit fundraising, digital outreach, and advocacy efforts.
BloomerangNonprofit CRM platform designed to enhance donation experience and support organizational growth, offering versatile and robust integration with Fundraise Up for automation or customization as per nonprofit requirements.
VirtuousComprehensive CRM platform simplifying donor management for nonprofits, offering features for maintaining supporter relationships, tailoring campaigns, monitoring donations, and evaluating outreach effectiveness.
Meta PixelTool for analyzing advertisement performance by monitoring website’s Checkout modal or Campaign pages, integrated with Fundraise Up to track conversions and marketing performance through event and detail transmission.
SalesforceIntegration through API enabling synchronization of donation records immediately after donations occur.
Salesforce NPSPStrong API-driven connection with Salesforce NPSP, allowing immediate synchronization of donation records following receipt for Fundraise Up accounts equipped with NPSP.
Blackbaud CRMIntegration with BrightVine facilitating connection between Fundraise Up and Blackbaud CRM.
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXTCloud-oriented software for fundraising and managing donor information, allowing automatic synchronization of donations with Raiser’s Edge NXT through integrated feature of Fundraise Up.
Blackbaud eTapestryFundraising software leveraging data intelligence to enhance supporter relationships, increase revenue, and identify potential high-impact donors. Includes data health monitoring, change of address services, and robust data encryption for supporter information protection, all in a user-friendly package.
HubSpot CRMIntegration with HubSpot enabling automatic or manual sync of new donations in Fundraise Up as Deals in HubSpot, linked to existing HubSpot Contacts or creating new Contacts if no match found. Also creates “Fundraise Up Donations” pipeline and custom “Recurring Plan” object for managing donation Deals and tracking recurring donations.

Fundraise Up enables nonprofits to streamline their fundraising efforts, enhance donor experience, and maximize donations. Whether it’s managing donor data, tracking conversions, or facilitating matching gifts, the platform provides the tools and support necessary for nonprofits to optimize strategies for raising awareness and reaching their fundraising goals.

The Key Benefits of the HubSpot and Fundraise Up Integration

The integration between HubSpot and Fundraise Up bridges the gap between marketing and sales automation to provide the best online donor experience. This robust integration allows for mapping rules to determine where data is stored, creating a custom recurring plan object for monthly donations, and automatically creating deals for every donation.

Key benefits of the HubSpot and Fundraise Up integration include:

  1. Increased monthly and mobile donations
  2. Reduced abandoned checkouts
  3. Improved coverage of transaction fees
  4. Automatic or manual syncing of new donations as Deals in HubSpot
  5. Association of Deals with existing or new Contacts
  6. Creation of a “Fundraise Up Donations” pipeline in HubSpot
  7. Creation of Recurring Plan records for recurring donations

To optimize the integration, users can:

  • Enable Automatic Sync to start syncing donations in real time
  • Customize the integration’s behavior from the HubSpot Integration settings page
  • Set options for syncing test data, subaccounts, Deal names, and matching contacts in the General Settings tab
  • Create 1-to-1 mappings of fields in Fundraise Up to fields in HubSpot in the Mapping Rules tab
  • Use the Synchronize button to sync past donations and update previously synced ones

Whether the goal is to elevate a monthly donation program, optimize transaction fees, or simply provide a best-in-class online giving experience, the HubSpot and Fundraise Up integration provides a comprehensive solution for nonprofits to optimize their fundraising efforts.

Enhancing Donor Experience

The combined capabilities and features of HubSpot and Fundraise Up can significantly enhance donor relationships when the following strategies are implemented:

  • Create In-Depth Donor Profiles: Build detailed records that capture every interaction and contribution from your donors.
  • Implement Smart Tagging Systems: Use tags to categorize donors by unique characteristics, enhancing your ability to connect.
  • Analyze Demographics for Tailored Communications: Explore your donors’ demographic data, preferred communication channels, and interests to fine-tune your messaging.
  • Conduct Regular Donor Engagements: Schedule and track consistent interactions with donors through your CRM to foster a sense of community.
  • Personalize Your Outreach: Make each donor feel special with personalized calls, emails, or even handwritten notes.
  • Extend Individual Event Invitations: Offer personalized invites to events, open houses, or non-fundraising gatherings.
  • Track Participation in Events: Maintain attendance logs within your CRM to gauge event success and interest levels.
  • Document Volunteer Contributions: Keep detailed records of all volunteer involvement, past and present.
  • Segment Your Supporter Base: Organize your supporters into segments to better address their interests and needs.
  • Record and Analyze Donation Data: Utilize donation data to inform and improve your donor relationship strategies.
  • Customize Your CRM Dashboard: Adjust your CRM’s dashboard to keep key donor engagement indicators at your fingertips.
  • Excel in Nonprofit Communications: Leverage your donor management system to master the art of nonprofit communication.

By enhancing the donor experience through regular donor engagements, personalized outreach efforts, and meticulous event tracking, organizations can cultivate a sense of community and maximize engagement, ultimately advancing their mission and impact in the nonprofit sector.

Optimizing Fundraising Strategies

The integration of HubSpot and Fundraise Up offers nonprofits the opportunity to optimize their fundraising strategies by meeting donors where they are, as online donations continue to gain popularity. For example, Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising is a powerful tool, with 39% of donors being more compelled to donate due to personal connections. Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising is highly effective at empowering people to take ownership of their campaign to raise money for their favorite cause by creating their own fundraising pages and asking their friends and family to donate.

P2P fundraising has grown in popularity, as nonprofits leverage social media and online platforms to boost their fundraising efforts. Studies show that P2P campaigns have a much higher success rate compared to traditional donation requests. Additionally, people tend to donate more through P2P efforts – on average, 2.5 times more than direct donations to the organization. The ability to share fundraising pages on social media also helps P2P campaigns reach a broader audience, raising awareness and potentially attracting new supporters.

People tend to donate more through P2P efforts – on average, 2.5 times more than direct donations to the organization.

To maximize the effectiveness of all fundraising efforts, consider the following strategies:

  1. Plan ahead by reviewing your calendar and creating a to-do list at the start of each week, making it easier to confirm details, add notes, and mark actions as complete.
  2. Open constituent or opportunity records before any call and leave them open until you’ve added the action, promoting note-taking directly into the associated records.
  3. Group similar tasks together to reduce friction and save time.
  4. When entering a completed action, think of your next touchpoint and create a reminder for yourself to take action later.
  5. Invest time in good record-keeping for dynamic data insights and seamless transfer from one fundraiser to the next.

Defining customized data fields relevant to your donor management objectives, automating workflows, and fostering collaboration across teams can further optimize fundraising strategies. Streamlined campaign management provides a holistic view of campaigns, allowing for easy planning, execution, and real-time tracking. Data-driven decision-making enables nonprofits to track key performance metrics, measure campaign effectiveness, and forecast future giving trends.

HubSpot offers a generous 40% discount on their products for eligible nonprofit organizations that hold 501(c)(3) status. The pricing varies depending on the specific tools required, the number of users, and the scale of the organization’s operations. To qualify, nonprofits must be located in North America, Australia, or New Zealand, be new HubSpot customers, and commit to an annual contract term. Additionally, HubSpot provides a free CRM solution that can manage up to 1 million contacts, with paid packages available for those seeking advanced features such as automation, performance tracking, custom reporting, and more.


The integration of HubSpot and Fundraise Up offers nonprofit organizations a powerful solution to streamline their operations, enhance donor experiences, and optimize fundraising strategies. By leveraging the comprehensive features of both platforms, nonprofits can gain valuable insights into donor behavior, personalize interactions, and drive meaningful engagement.

Effectively utilizing the power of technology and data-driven decision-making is crucial for nonprofits looking to thrive in the vast scope of today’s digital reach. With the right tools and strategies in place, your organization can build stronger relationships with donors, increase fundraising efficiency, and ultimately, make a greater impact on the causes you support.

OneIMS is excited to partner with nonprofit organizations and help ensure a seamless integration between HubSpot and Fundraise Up. Our team provides comprehensive onboarding support and ongoing guidance, enabling nonprofits to optimize the full capabilities of the integrated solution. This collaborative approach helps organizations enhance their donor experience and streamline their fundraising strategies for greater success.

Get started today and unlock the full potential of your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts with the combined strength of HubSpot, Fundraise Up, and OneIMS’ expertise.

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Written By Samuel Thimothy

As the Chief Growth Officer, I provide leadership, direction and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales and marketing function. I also collaborate with our digital marketing strategy team in developing and executing growth marketing campaigns for our loyal clients.

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