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Remarketing & Retargeting Services

Remarketing campaigns have a clear goal – to re-engage the audience that has already expressed interest in your website.

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Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing campaigns have a clear goal – to re-engage the audience that has already expressed interest in your website. Trying to regain their attention is extremely important – it’s much easier to make a sale with them, than with someone who hasn’t even heard of you.

Whatever campaign channel you might choose – trying to appear in their social networks, while they are reading something relevant about your business niche, or even in their inboxes – we at OneIMS will create the perfect strategy to ensure that they make a decision and convert them into long-term customers.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Increasing your brand awareness has never been easier. Anyone with a website trying to sell something already has some kind of a marketing campaign trying to engage their already existing base of customers, but also to gather some new ones.

Out of all those, remarketing campaigns are probably the most cost-effective solution. They target a very specific niche of people, and you already know what they have shown an interest in. Google remarketing is, in essence, a very powerful tool that can create better results than some of the more traditional marketing campaigns.

How Does It Work?

Each time a visitor comes to your website, a cookie is placed on their device. This cookie can track a lot of info, what pages were opened, how much time was spent and where, as well as the type of device your website was visited on.

This personalized cookie is later used to create personalize remarketing campaigns that fit certain criteria. Perhaps, you want a particular ad shown to people who visited one of your product pages, while you want other ads to be created for people who abandoned their carts.

We will make sure that our remarketing campaign services create ads that are highly relevant to your desired audience, and that those ads contain an incentive, something that will make that final push, and return them to your website. This is usually done via special discounts created for exactly those items that were previously inspected.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is one of the world’s largest platforms designed for remarketing, that has access to all the popular websites in the world. This means that with the use of these remarketing services you will cover all the bases (and reach about 90% of internet users). Naturally, at OneIMS we also include other kinds of remarketing solutions that will include other popular platforms – such as Facebook.

By creating highly specialized ads to be published on the Google Display Networks, we at OneIMS will make sure that different kinds of ads are used, both animated, textual and those with rich media such as videos. This will ensure that the user ad fatigue will be reduced to a minimum.

What is Ad Fatigue?

We understand how ads work, and most of the time, we see ads as anyone else. OneIMS specializes in creating remarketing campaigns that are not too aggressive and hit just the right spot to create the best user experience – and results for you.

Most of the retargeting campaigns are measured by how long you will try to reach out to your audience after they make the first contact. This period is usually 60 days – and that is more than enough time for us to create a meaningful impact, without being too “pushy”. The recent changes proposed by Google and Apple, are confirming our approach.

Google plans on allowing your audience to mute ads that are too repetitive, and Apple plans on disabling any tracking cookies after 24 hours. Which means that campaigns will have a much smaller window of time to offer something valuable to your potential customers.

By tracking all this info in AdWords, we will make sure that the conversion continues as normal, that the numbers go up, and the user satisfaction remains undiluted.

Creating the Perfect Remarketing Ad the Future!

Everything we do here at OneIMS, we do with the utmost care that the delivered product is up to your standards, but also optimized enough to create the best results. Ad formats matter when it comes to remarketing campaigns; you don’t want a single solution.

We create ads of different sizes, so that we can optimize and increase our chances of actual ad placement. Remember, ad remarketing is all about bidding – who offers the most money to display an ad to a customer – and we want to make sure that each dime spent generates an impression for you and your brand.

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