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As a modern-day businessperson, you’re blessed with a myriad of advertising choices, be they organic or paid. Nevertheless, all these marketing paths lead to Google.

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At OneIMS, we use our experience and expertise to help marketing and other digital agencies deliver the best possible white label Google Ads management to their clients. We work directly with agencies of all kinds to optimize their client’s various Google-based SEM and PPC campaigns. Our white label Google Ads services are custom-tailored to your specific needs.

What is White Label Google Ads and Why Do You Need It?

As a modern-day businessperson, you’re blessed with a myriad of advertising choices, be they organic or paid. Nevertheless, all these marketing paths lead to Google. Its extremely successful advertising tool is Google Ads, a search engine marketing (SEM) tool that works on a pay-per-click basis (PPC).

Unlike tools for organic search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads allows you to pay for a special spot in the Google search results pages (SERPs). As a result, your ad appears in SERPs every time someone googles a related keyword, regardless of how high your site ranks in organic search results.

The benefits of Google ads are:

  • They increase online visibility, thus driving more traffic to your website.
  • The more traffic your website receives, the more customers it converts.

Unfortunately, this marketing strategy is not as simple as it sounds. Unless you’ve got time to study guides, take courses, and experiment with Google Ads until you get it right (which can take months of grueling work), you need a reliable white label Google Ads management agency to help you out.

A white label Google Ads management service delivers all the work in order to initiate and maintain a successful Google Ads campaign to digital agencies in need of help. The agencies are then free to brand the work however they please to present to their clients. With white label Google Ads management, you’ll deliver explosive results without any extra burden.

How Can Oneims Help You With Google Ads?

Our team of dedicated marketing professionals at OneIMS has not only mastered every aspect of Google Ads but has accumulated years of field experience by practicing Google Ads management across different industries and niches.

With our white label Google Ads services, your business will see a significant increase in both clicks and conversions, all while cutting overall marketing costs. Needless to say, all this guarantees a higher ROI.

Here’s how:

  • Our team will first introduce you to the basics of Google Ads and PPC campaigns.
  • We will sit down with you to discuss your marketing plans, needs, and goals.
  • Together, we’ll develop the best, most suitable approach to Google Ads.
  • We’ll make sure your ads are highly targeted, personalized, and clickable.
  • Our team will continue to track, measure, and improve your Google Ads campaign.

Oneims White Label Google Ads Management Services

What we mean by the “best approach to Google Ads” is that your ads must be placed at the right position in the SERPs, displayed at the right time of day, and made responsive across devices. Your ads must also boast a clickable copy and lead to the right landing page on your website. All this in addition to being targeted and personalized, of course. If Google Ads is a part of your new marketing plan, let us help you maximize your efforts. Contact us today and get your ad the best spot in Google’s SERPs.

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