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White Label PPC Services

Here at OneIMS, we understand that you want to provide the most complete service to your clients.

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The White Label Facebook Ads Your Client Has Been Looking For

Here at OneIMS, we understand that you want to provide the most complete service to your clients.

In fact, that’s been our company’s mission for quite a while now. At some point as a marketing agency, you might have a need for PPC to boost your client’s growth within a limited time window.

With OneIMS white label PPC services, you’ll be able to do just this, without the risk of stretching your resources too thin. You can offer PPC services to your clients even if you’re not an expert in the field. We’ve partnered with countless companies to deliver quality PPC concepts and results to their clients.

Our program is designed to help digital agencies become more competitive. With OneIMS as your partner, you’ll be able to extend the services you offer, but also sustain the quality of the core services you provide.

What is White Label PPC

White label PPC, or Private Label Pay Per Click Services, are simply the PPC services that we provide to other agencies in which they can brand however they please.

OneIMS is a leading white label service provider. With our white label PPC program, you can purchase our PPC services and resell them to any of your clients.

This arrangement doesn’t require you to mention our brand whatsoever. Brand our PPC deliverables to your client’s or your own agency. It’s 100% yours. This is why these services are called “white label”. Once you partner up with us, you can rebrand them as you see fit.

Our mission is to help you focus on your core services and leave the PPC to our experienced team of experts.

Why Choose OneIMS White Label PPC Services?

OneIMS is the leading, most reliable white label PPC provider in the industry. Every deliverable we provide is just one piece of an overarching complex strategy.

We only employ experienced professionals. This is the only way to ensure the consistent quality of the services we provide. Apart from this, our experts use white label PPC management software to launch, monitor and fine-tune our PPC campaigns.

Every business is different. For this reason, we don’t just provide a service. We’ll hear you out, become experts on your business, and dedicate ourselves to designing a customized PPC strategy – one that perfectly aligns with your clients’ business goals. Feel free to ask our clients how we did.

OneIMS White Label PPC Package

To ensure high-quality results for our clients, we have included all the important PPC services in our package. We’ll help you decide which services are best for you and your client’s business goals

White Label PPC Platforms

There are several major PPC advertising platforms. After closely inspecting your clients’ digital footprint and getting familiar with their business goals, we’ll choose the best PPC platform or combination of platforms. This is a crucial aspect of our process. It enables us to deliver the best possible results.

We specialize in the platforms listed below.

Google Search Ads

Google Ads is a leading tool used by millions of advertisers around the world. Almost 80% of all Internet traffic starts with typing a search query in the Google search box. Our team of professionals will help you choose the best way to advertise on Google (Video, Display, Search, App Ads).

LinkedIn Ads

– If your clients are running a company in the B2B sphere, we’ll use the best practices to increase their visibility on the most popular business network, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform for advertising, as it enables us to target the ads to reach people who have particular skills, work in a specific niche, or a particular company.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is an immensely popular social media platform with almost 2.25 billion monthly active users worldwide. With our Facebook Ad services, we’ll design the ad, develop a strategy, and launch Facebook Ads campaigns to help your clients achieve their business goals.

White Label Remarketing

We’ll help deliver additional tangible results to your clients with our remarketing services. We use special tracking codes and place cookies on the browsers of your clients’ target audience. This enables us to serve ads to customers who have visited their website.