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You’re stuck. You can’t seem to think of any single way to make your blog engaging and scroll-worthy. You’re simply out of answers.

And you start to wonder… how do the greats get people to come back daily to read their blog? How do they get their readers to scroll through to the comment section?

Just then it dawns on you… These infamous pieces, they aren’t just blogs – they’re stories. They tell tales intertwined with useful tips that keep audiences engaged and coming back for years to come.

This is the art of using storytelling within blog writing. Right now, we’ll provide you with some key insights into how you can do exactly this in your weekly blog.

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Why Use Storytelling in Blog Writing

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The cavemen illustrated stories on cave walls. Homer wrote The Odyssey in the 8th century. The Brothers Grimm published the basis for endless folklore stories still reprised today. There’s no denying that storytelling has been an enticing tradition for centuries upon centuries.

Telling a story keeps the reader engaged and involved throughout the entirety of a plot. And in our modern digital age, where the human attention span is nearly 8 seconds, it’s more important than ever to grab your readers’ attention. Research even shows that stories are 22 times more memorable than straight facts.

Storytelling is the ideal way to keep a reader from bouncing off your blog to the next ranking site. With storytelling, you can simultaneously inform your readers while guiding them through an entertaining tale.


How to Use Storytelling Within Your Blog Writing

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Incorporating storytelling into your blog writing is absolutely crucial to keep your audience coming back week after week. Here we’ll let you in on just exactly how you can take your blog storytelling skills to the next level:


Create an Image

By creating an image, you can set a scene from the very first word of your blog post. Visualize a situation, a relatable landscape, or any other image that is relevant to your overarching theme and put it down on paper. This will entice your reader and launch them into the situation and story you are setting up.

For example, in the beginning of this post, we discussed a stressed individual who was experiencing writer’s block. This is relatable to any author, copywriter, and most likely any reader of this post. It slowly inches into what this post will cover in an engaging way.


Relate Information Back to An Interesting Video

A great way to tell a story within a blog post is to relate the information back to a video that was presented early on within the post. This can be an informative, inspirational, or funny video. Then throughout your post, relate information back to the video.

This way, the point you’re making is more memorable since it is related back to an interesting video.

This video does not have to be produced by you. It can be any video you find memorable and relatable to the topic of discussion – just anything that can easily be used as a pivotal storytelling tool.


Intertwine Personal Experiences

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Personal blogging is a great way to tell stories throughout a blog. People love to hear about genuine, relatable, personal experiences. It draws readers in through authentic life stories.

The key to this tactic is to tie your personal experiences into the overarching blog topic. For example, if you’re writing about best practices for time management maybe explain personal anecdotes about how you manage your time. This will humanize your writing and create a relationship with the reader.


Bring Your Text to Life with Illustrations

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One of the number one ways to tell a story within a blog is to include enticing illustrations, gifs, graphics, pictures, and video. Placing a graphic every 300 words or so will split up the copy and increase engagement within a piece immensely.

Just be sure that these graphics truly relate to the story you’re attempting to tell. Make sure they encourage the storyline and overarching theme of the piece. Visualization is key to truly bringing a story to life.

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Be Honest

The last piece of storytelling advice we can give to you is to be honest. As a blog writer, write stories as you would tell your friends about vacation adventures or a night out. Be descriptive and speak from your heart. Truly connect with your readers.

By being honest, you’ll keep your readers around for years to come.


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Written By Solomon Thimothy

Solomon Thimothy is co-founder of OneIMS. He began his career in marketing over ten years ago with a focus on helping businesses grow their online presence and thrive in a digital world. Follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/sthimothy

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