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Social media are great sites B2B brands can use to generate leads and engage them to their business. There are different social media lead generation strategies B2B brands can use to engage leads on social media

We will talk more about social media lead generation, and how you can grow your business with social media. You will learn the different strategies you can use for lead generation and the best social media platforms to use for your business marketing.

What is B2B Social Media Lead Generation?

To start with, social media lead generation are the strategies businesses use to attract, engaging potential B2B businesses through social media. To make it more clear, here is a definition of lead generation by HubSpot.

As you engage more leads on social media, they know more about your business services and create interest in your brand.


Why Use Social Media to Generate Leads

As you grow your b2b business and engage target customers, here are some reasons you need to use social media sites in your marketing.

Build Trust With Target Businesses

Social media is a great place to engage and let your target businesses get to know more about your business and build trust with you.They get to know more about the value you can deliver them and how you will solve their challenges.

Increase Awareness

Not many of your target businesses know about your business products or services. Using social media can be a great way to let those prospective customers know more about you and your business.

Most of the leads are on social media searching for businesses that can provide solutions to their pains. When they get to know your business and the solutions you offer they can develop an interest in your business and become potential… Share on X

Increase Traffic

With social media, you can draw more traffic to your website where b2b target businesses engage with your business. Optimized content on social media draws more interested and new target customers to your business who are on social sites searching for solutions to solve their pains.


Engage More Leads

Your most target businesses are on social media engaging with other people and looking for businesses that can solve their challenges. Using social media can bring you close to those target clients and get them to know more about your business products or services and the value you can deliver to them to solve their pains.

Best Social Media Lead Generation Strategies to Use

If you are running a b2b business and have been worried about how to use social media to grow your brand as you reach and engage more target leads, here are some strategies you can use.

Use Social Listening Tools

You want to hear what your target businesses are saying about your business and they engage with it, right? Well, you need to monitor and track what they are saying on social media.

There are different social listening tools that you can use to listen to your lead conversation as you engage and improve your business.

With these tools, you will know how target businesses perceive your brand and give you feedback that you can use to improve your products or services for your target audience.

Use Retargeting Video Ads

Some of the target businesses you are trying to reach had a previous experience with your website. They visited your business website and engaged with your content on your landing pages.

Using video content to retarget them on social media can be a great way to engage them as your leads.

Remember, they were once on your website meaning they expressed interest in your business products or services.

Since target customers engage more with video content, retargeting them with video ads can increase their engagement and generate more leads for your business.

Create Great Content

As the sales funnel for b2b business is long and complicated, target customers will not just buy the first time they engage with your business.

Target b2b brands will first engage with different content on your social media sites and your website. As a b2b brand, it is essential to create more customer-focused content. #contentmarketing #centricmarketing Share on X

Your content should guide them on how your business will solve their pain points. Create different content in different areas that revolve around their challenges and the solutions the business will offer them.

As part of your content creation, you can also share links to content on your blog page where target leads will visit and engage with the content on your website.

Ensure your content is detailed and includes data and statistics to help prove your concepts on the content. Include screenshots, images and video content to pass on the right information to target customers in a simple way they can understand.

Be Helpful on Social Groups

From the different social sites, you can join the groups where your target leads hang out. When in these groups be helpful and engage with leads through asking and answering questions that concern them and their pain points.

Be helpful in different ways as you engage with target businesses. When target leads see your thought leadership, they will start engaging with your business to know more about it and what you can offer.

The groups and forums in the different social media are not the same. For example, here are some LinkedIn B2B groups you can join and engage target leads.

Use Compelling CTAs

You don’t want your target lead to just engage your business but take action that can lead to sales from your business, right? Well, you need to include captivating and attracting call-to-action in your social media marketing strategies.

With attractive CTAs, your target leads can take action as they engage with your brand on social media. As part of engaging leads to take action, you can include click-through links to your website landing pages.

Your target leads can engage with your website as they learn more about how you can solve their challenges and the best products or services you have for them.

Use Webinars

Webinars are a great way to engage leads on social media sites. Research your target customers and come up with webinar topics that cover issues your target customers are facing.

You can then promote your webinars on social sites to engage more target leads to your business. Ensure you promote the webinars when your target businesses are most active on social sites. The best days to promote your webinars are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Don’t forget to include a compelling CTA for your webinars to help them take action after attending your webinars.

Create Business Profiles

You want your target businesses to know that you are a real business capable of solving their pains. You need to stand up as one and prove yourself. The best way to do that is to create business profiles for your social sites.

You will be able to gain trust and engage more leads with professional business profiles that place your brand in front of your customers.

Offer Incentives on Social Sites

From time to time you can offer incentives and offers to your target business as you engage with them on social sites.

Target customers will be more likely to engage with your brand if your services or products are awesome, they will help solve their pains, and if they get them at reduced prices.

Use Influencer Marketing

Target businesses trust and engage more with businesses other influential people in the market recommend.

As you market and engage leads on social media you can use influencer marketing to attract more target leads to your business. You can reach out to influencers and ask them to create guest posts that you can post on your website.

Distributing that blog content on social media can engage more target leads, especially ones that follow the influencer. You can also ask the influencers to give a shout-out of your b2b brand to their followers on their different social sites.

Share Testimonials For Social Proof

B2B businesses trust other brands that have used your products or services. As a way to engage more target audiences and generate leads, you can share some of your customer testimonials on your social sites.

These will help convince your target businesses that you can solve their pains as you have solved the pains of other target businesses with similar challenges.

Host a Live Event

From time to time, you can host a live event on social sites to engage your target audiences for lead generation. The event can be about your business value and how you can solve your target customer pains.

Since video content is a common type of content target customers love, they will engage more with your live events and learn more about your business products or services.

Ensure the topic of your event is attractive and is about the things your target customers are searching for as they engage with other brands on social sites.

Best Social Sites For B2B Lead Generation

There are different social sites brands can use to engage leads on social sites. Since B2B lead generation and engagement is a bit different from B2C and takes time here are some of the best social sites you can use for lead generation.


LinkedIn is one of the best sites B2B targets businesses to hang out as they engage and search for businesses that will solve their pains.

Through LinkedIn, you can easily engage brands that can use your products or services.

To increase lead generation engagement, here are recommended things you can do on LinkedIn.

Create a Company Page

You can start with creating a company page where your target customers can know more about your B2B business. Here is our own LinkedIn company page.

Through the information on the page, the target leads can easily know more about your business and what you offer. Ask your marketing team and sales team to keep engaging your target leads as they reach out to them.

Keep posting content that target businesses love and are searching for as they engage other B2B businesses on LinkedIn.

You can invite other businesses and together host live events on LinkedIn to attract target leads to your business.

Join Groups

Search for the groups with the most target leads and join those groups. Be helpful in those groups and show your thought leadership.

Answer questions your target leads ask in the groups and also ask others questions that concern the target business pain points.

Upgrade for Linkedin Premium

With Linkedin premium, you can get more features that you can use as you engage leads for your B2B business. They include Inmail where you can send messages to any leads with the LinkedIn account.

Keep Connecting with B2B Businesses

Send connecting requests to target businesses that you want to engage as leads for your B2B business. You need more target contacts to engage with your business.

Ensure you send as many LinkedIn connections to other B2B target businesses as possible. Also, keep reaching the decision-makers in those businesses to keep engaging with them for your business.

Within your company page, you can post different types of content that engage leads for your business. The content can be:

  • images
  • video content
  • documents
  • articles

or combinations of the above different content types. However, as you create and post content, use the content types that your target leads engage most to keep drawing their attention to your business.

Also, use the LinkedIn lookalike audience to target B2B audiences that match the target leads category you are targeting for your lead generation. This way, you can find more leads with ease and engage them for your business.


This is another awesome social site B2B businesses can use for their lead generation. You can first start by creating a Youtube channel that you will use to post the video content.

There are different types of videos you can create:

Product Demos.

With these videos, you showcase to target leads how your business products work to solve their pains. You give them first-hand experience of how they will use your products or services once they purchase them and how they will solve their pains.

Marketing Videos

For these ones, you can post different videos that explain more to your target customers about your business. For instance, you can post content about trade shows that you attended that showcase your business products.

The videos can also be about solutions you solve for your target customers. Other video types you can use for your brand marketing include:

  • explainer videos
  • customer testimonials
  • how-to tutorials and guides
  • expert interviews
  • Q&A videos

Video Ads

You can also create video ads that you can post on Youtube and other social sites. Ensure your video ads are attractive to capture the attention of your target businesses.

Also, include a powerful CTA to capture the interest of target leads and help them make a decision.


This is also one of the best social sites where you can engage target leads for your B2B business. There are different ways brands can use this social site to generate leads for their B2B business.

Retargeting Campaigns

You can create marketing campaigns to retarget leads that already have some experience with your business. You can post them on Facebook to re-engage those target clients and draw them back to your website. It will be easy to engage those leads as they have some prior experience with your business.

Create Business Pages

With Facebook business pages, you can increase your brand awareness, generate more leads to your business and engage with them as you build trust with them.

With the business pages, you can reach for new target businesses and engage them in your business as you run your lead generation campaigns. You can also share links to your content and website landing pages as you re-engage your leads to your business.

Live Events

You can also use Facebook to create live events where you engage target businesses with your brand. As you prepare for the live event, ensure that you talk about things that your target businesses are searching for.

Also, show them how your brand will give the best solution to their pain points if they decide to use it.

Run Ads on Facebook

Create compelling and attractive ads that engage leads with your brand as they learn more about your business. Make the ad captivating and include a CTA that will capture the attention of your target businesses.

As you run your ads, you can also create lookalike audiences where you can reach more people with interests similar to your target businesses and engage them more as they learn about your brand. #lookalikeaudiences #Facebookads Share on X


There are different activities that you can do to generate leads on Twitter. To start, ensure you create a business profile. This is what our Twitter profile looks like;

Include some links to your website and blog pages where target leads can engage with your brand and learn more about your business.

Follow Target Businesses

To keep re-engaging target businesses, you can follow them on Twitter. Share content that educates them and also shows them more about your business products or services.

Also, create tweets and post them on your profile to engage leads to your brand. You can include links that will drive target businesses to your website. Here are some examples of our tweets.

Because you will be required to post tweets and content more often on Twitter, you can automate some of those tasks when using Twitter to simplify the work. However, some activities will need your human element as you reach out to your leads like:

  • Engaging with the audience and answering their questions
  • resharing tweets from your target businesses
  • explaining to target business more about your brand and how it solves their pain points

Solve Target Leads Issues by Searching Keywords

Target leads will engage with others on Twitter using different keywords. As a way to build trust with them and engage them in your business, you can search the keywords they use and then provide the answers they are searching for on Twitter.

You can also compile all the keywords and related searches then create a blog post that answers the questions in detail. You can then reshare it with your audience with a link back to your website where they can learn more about your business.

Target Industry Events to Reach B2B Decision-Makers

As you follow your target decision-makers on Twitter, target the industry events they follow and engage them.

People follow these industry events because they want something. Engaging them and driving their interest to your brand where they learn more of what you offer them to solve their pains.

Use The Power of Influencers

You can pinpoint some influencers in your market niche and follow them on Twitter. Follow their content, engage with them, leave comments, and also share their content.

After building a relationship with them you can ask them to give a shout out of your business to their audience followers. You can also reach out to them and ask if you can feature them in your content as you engage your target businesses.


To grow your B2B brand, lead generation is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Using the right strategy can help generate lots of leads for your business. Social media is one awesome place to engage and generate leads for your B2B business.

Using the best strategy on social sites can help grow your business as you engage more target businesses, build trust with them and engage them to your business.

The above are some amazing great strategies you can use for your B2B lead generation on social media.

Use a combination of the different strategies to engage and reach more target B2B businesses to market your business products or services. If you need help with your lead generation and engagement we can help you. You can visit our website and see the services that we offer you. Also contact us and let us discuss more about your needs and the best possible way to help grow your brand.

Written By Samuel Thimothy

As the Chief Growth Officer, I provide leadership, direction and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales and marketing function. I also collaborate with our digital marketing strategy team in developing and executing growth marketing campaigns for our loyal clients.

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