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As a B2B industrial business owner, you have already got enough on your plate and digital marketing doesn’t need to add on to that burden. And yet this is a load that you cannot eliminate. Business growth and sales are unscalable in this day and age without digital marketing.

However, it does not need to be such a pain and hassle in your life. Because in the right hands, online marketing can be a gift that keeps on giving.

The right people who should be handling the digital marketing aspect of your company are industrial marketing agencies. If you are handling this yourself or you have hired a single person or expert, chances are you are spending a lot more money and seeing lesser and lesser results.

This is because the world of online marketing is so vast and ever-evolving that a single person cannot keep up-to-date with all of it while handling everything efficiently, even if they are an expert in the field.

An industrial marketing agency, with its innumerable brains and hands-on deck, and superior systems in place, on the other hand, can provide ten times the amounts of return with a fraction of the price, time, and effort. As a B2B business, that is exactly what you need.

Without further ado, let us take an in-depth look at ten reasons why you should hire an industrial marketing agency.

10 Reasons You Should Hire an Industrial Marketing Agency for Your B2B Business

1. No Need for a Marketing Department

office analytics

Hiring an industrial marketing agency serves as the best alternative to the hassle that managing your in-house marketing department is.

The whole process of hiring, on-boarding, training, and managing new employees is one of the most time-consuming aspects of having a marketing department. And if you work from a physical office, a marketing department is also going to take up valuable office space and use several other amenities which will only drain your company in the long run.

Say you are a B2B industrial business owner specializing in supplying lathe machines. In this case, all your resources, time, and efforts should be dedicated to getting the machines manufactured and delivered.

Having to deal with employees from marketing backgrounds who do not have any knowledge whatsoever about lathe machines, and trying to understand each other can be quite frustrating and wasteful. Especially so for a small to medium-sized B2B business.

Your relationship with an industrial marketing agency would be completely different since they already know what they are doing. They would make the marketing process far easier for you.

With an agency, you get the highest returns with minimum intervention. This is why you should let the professionals do their work while you focus on what you do best.

2. Decreased Expenses

Not having an in-house marketing department means eliminating monthly pay-checks given out to employees. This is a huge factor in financial savings in terms of marketing costs.

And the price that the industrial marketing agency will charge instead, would add up to only a fraction of the charge you would have originally spent on your marketing staff.

Let us break down exactly where you will be cutting costs and how much savings you can expect.

When you hire an industrial marketing agency,

  • There would not be any need to pay payroll taxes since they are an independent contractor
  • You would not need to worry about paying benefits and healthcare costs to your employees for the same reason as given above
  • There would be no added expenses for technology upgrades, licenses, subscriptions, and staff training
  • You would not have to pay for any of the expensive tools or systems required to properly run and track a marketing campaign, since the agency would handle all that for you.

As for the money you can expect to save, just consider this. Keeping the average salary of a digital marketing manager in the US in mind, compounded with recruiting costs, work station, benefits, taxes, and associated costs, just calculate how much a marketing team can cost you.

On the other hand, an industrial marketing agency would charge around $4000 – $10,000 monthly, depending on the size of your business and marketing needs. And at this price, you get premium services from experienced professionals that you are unlikely to get even at the high prices of in-house marketing.

So, which do you think is a more cost-effective choice? We leave the decision to you.

3. Unmatched Expertise


People working at marketing agencies are experts at what they do. If you try hiring these premium marketing experts individually, it would incur a hefty price tag at the end of the month. But with an agency, you will have access to not one but an entire team of such experts at a fraction of the price.

It is important to remember what the term “expert” entails here. It means they are people you will not have to train to get them accustomed to your niche unlike with fresh employees in a marketing team. It is usually a team of multiple experts specializing in multiple aspects of digital marketing, who keep updated with changing trends.

Furthermore, they use the most advanced systems and technologies available in the market that are difficult for a newbie to get their hands on or operate. An agency employee works with greater efficiency since there is very little time they can spare when managing multiple brands. Because they need to deliver quick results with increased urgency.

The marketing work operates a lot more smoothly in an agency since there are fewer internal meetings and less bureaucracy as can be expected in the case of in-house marketing.

To put it in short, an industrial marketing agency operates externally, but with such unmatched expertise that can never be expected of an integrated marketing team in a B2B company.

4. Ideal for Your Industry

Business Growth Blueprint

The right industrial marketing agency for you works with clients in the same industry as yours. This essentially means, they have an accurate lay of the land in the B2B business world.

They know what works and what does not from multiple client experiences through optimization, experiments, and challenges.

This kind of knowledge is extremely valuable since the B2B customer has a corporate character seeking to save time and money in the production process. Hence the same marketing tactics would not work on them as it would on a consumer seeking satisfaction from a buying decision.

Simply put, B2C marketing strategies do not work for B2B because the target audience is so different.

If your industrial marketing agency has been around for a substantial amount of time, chances are, they have already encountered the obstacles that your company might face or is facing. And, thus, they can execute the necessary solution quickly, saving you some time, efforts, and of course, bucks.

An agency that already operates within your industry would also have a better idea of your competitors and the strategies they use. This would better equip them to develop an all-encompassing competitive industrial marketing strategy that would take your B2B business to greater heights within a very short while.

5. More Channelized Marketing Strategy

marketing data

If you are not already a pro at digital marketing, chances are, you are only focusing on just a few most popular aspects of digital marketing like social media marketing, Google ads, etc.

The downside to this is not just that you are missing out on a lot more options for marketing channels. But also, that you are likely spending time and money on marketing channels that are not suited for your B2B campaign.

Truth is, no matter how well-optimized it is, not every marketing channel is going to work just as well for a B2B industrial marketing campaign or your business.

For example, strategies aimed at trade fairs, specialist magazines, or events might be more effective for you than consumer marketing and communication channels like social media or email marketing. It all depends on where your customers spend most of their time when making a buying decision.

An industrial marketing agency experienced in your niche will know where your target audiences make their most buying decisions, thus helping you cut-back on wasteful B2B marketing spend.

Marketing channels vary by business and campaign and an industrial marketing agency will have the right network connections and industry insight to make sure word of your company reaches the desired audience.

Having said that, whichever marketing channels you prioritize for your business, take note that your website is where your prospects would head to, the first thing.

To know about your company, it is the first interface between most of your customers and your business. So, making sure it is mobile-optimized, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly are the top priorities for industrial marketing. Because this is where your leads will end up and decide whether they will go further down the sales funnel or not.

A good website gateway can be the gap that comes between an eager prospect and a new client.

No one understands the importance of a well-optimized website and using proper channels for marketing better than an industrial marketing agency. So, by hiring one you can be sure that your company is in good hands.

6. Flexibility

An industrial marketing agency with its innumerable brains and hands-on deck, industry-specific expertise and knowledge, and superior systems in place can provide better ROI than you can expect from your in-house marketing team.

An industrial marketing agency with its innumerable brains and hands-on deck, industry-specific expertise and knowledge, and superior systems in place can provide better ROI than you can expect from your in-house marketing team. Click To Tweet

The one thing that is constant in the business market is change. You might have to scale-up and pull back any moment. And this is where flexibility comes in.

Having an in-house marketing department means you have to handle the process of hiring and laying off employees yourself. This is not just an added hassle but a painstakingly long process that would cost you money.

It takes time and money to recruit and onboard new hires during expansion, all of which is wasted when you have to let them go during contraction. To put in brief terms, this process is not flexible at all.

An industrial marketing agency however has a variety of managerial capabilities and great speed at which they can be activated, to expand and scale down your marketing expenses within a few days of notice.

They have adapted marketing flexibility that can face demand fluctuations both short and long term and also cope with the threats that they may face in this everchanging business environment. It allows your company to have a flexible marketing strategy with which your business can respond to spontaneous shifts in the market, changing trends, and new opportunities quickly.

It also becomes easy to optimize newly discovered gaps caused by competitor-induced lapses.

Simply put, hiring an industrial marketing agency affords you the flexibility that helps the business to succeed and survive in challenging situations. It acts as a key to the growth strategy of the organization.

7. Scalability

A smart decision as a B2B business owner would be to prioritize scaling overgrowth. This specifically applies when a company isn’t a start-up anymore but not a large corporation either.

When your company just grows, your revenue is increasing equally as fast as you are spending resources to facilitate that increase. On the other hand, companies add revenue at a faster rate than they take on new expenses when they scale.

How do you achieve this?

Marketing automation via an industrial marketing agency can be just the thing that helps you cut down on unnecessary in-house marketing expenses and make it easier for your business to scale.

It leaves you with more opportunities to seize market shares when growth happens quickly since you do not have to worry about using up that additional revenue for marketing purposes.

Scaling opportunities can come in the form of additional channels, larger budgets, and new campaign launches thus increasing your scope of work.

And if scaling is not a priority for your company right now, an industrial marketing agency can still be useful for a small start-up since it eliminates the delay and expense of recruitment thus setting your company up for future scaling possibilities.

8. Access to Analytics


The way to tell whether your investment in the services of an industrial agency is yielding the expected results or not is to calculate your ROI (return on investment). It is based on the analytics and the statistical data you will be provided by your agency.

If you hire an industrial marketing agency, they will do the necessary research to determine the main KPIs (key performance indicators) for your business and work according to your company’s goals and requirements. There will be analytical data available for the multiple marketing channels they use.

And they can provide you this data to show the results of their marketing efforts. Thus, you can easily evaluate your agency’s success in reaching qualified leads.

But the fruits of unbarred access to your marketing analytics do not end at evaluating your agency’s effectiveness. Relevant metrics like engagement rate, bounce rate, churn, conversion rate, organic traffic rate, impressions, lead score, paid traffic rate, click-through rate, and much more can help you better understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

And this will be much better than trying to understand these data on your own. Because with the help of an agency at your side all these numbers and graphs would be easily converted into new and insightful information about your business, your audience, and your brand’s performance.

9. Premium Media Services

data and analytics

Industrial agencies will always have better relationships and connections with media houses and social media platforms. This is due to their significantly larger amounts of annual media spend when compared to a single company.

Since they are a “volume buyer”, agencies automatically get access to better pricing when negotiating media expenditure. And, because of your agency’s VIP status with media partners, you will not only get price discounts and exclusive offers but also attain access to beta programs and priority support.

Needless to say, this is something no small to medium-sized B2B businesses can do on their own. Especially when they are new to the industry and do not have sufficient connections or a considerable reputation.

Apart from all these premium media services, industrial marketing agencies can also identify and track fraudulent traffic and get refunds from the media sites thanks to their connections.

Irrespective of the amount of expertise it would take an in-house marketing agent to spot fraudulent traffic, getting a refund by any means is beyond their reach. This is a scenario in which your company’s marketing knowledge and skill alone cannot fetch you a refund. But your agency’s good relationships with the media houses can.

An agency will not only take on the burdensome task of marketing for you but also take accountability for the same.

10. Scope of Business Development

There are certain aspects to running a company that you cannot outsource, and those are the areas that need most of your attention.

As a B2B company, you need to constantly focus on designing and manufacturing more practical and cost-effective products and services that would be useful to prospective corporate buyers.

The quality of the product or service you provide along with a reasonable price is what is ultimately going to make clients keep coming back to you. When you do not have to constantly worry about sales and marketing you can focus on further improving your actual business.

An industrial marketing agency does the most important and time-consuming tasks for you, which includes targeting customers, building customer personas, designing strategic marketing campaigns for your business goals, competitive analysis, product positioning, creating marketing and sales funnel, following 12-month marketing objectives, and creating a marketing activities roadmap which turns objectives into actions.

And based on their research and analysis after working on your company, they can provide valuable feedback and insight into what you can do to make your company stand out better.

Hence, hiring an industrial marketing agency will not just free you up to put your time to better use for your company but they would also help your business develop into the best it can be from a marketing perspective.

Which Way to Go?

The answer to this should be pretty obvious by now. Apart from the ten most important reasons that we just discussed, the most crucial underlying factor in hiring an industrial marketing agency lies in how stress-free you can be at the end of the day.

If you do the marketing yourself, the most frequent question you will be asking yourself is whether you even know what you are doing and if you are doing it right or not. But with an agency, the answer will always be yes.

Hiring an industrial marketing agency also helps you avoid the complex process of navigating the learning curve. You will be able to see your campaigns come into action within weeks of creating a marketing strategy and you can always stay assured that your campaigns are going to yield the desired results.

With an agency, you will not only spend a lot less money but also remain secure that not a single dollar you spend will go to waste. So, hire an industrial marketing agency today and let the experts do their work while you sit back and relax. Contact our digital marketing agency OneIMS to get started.

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Written By Samuel Thimothy

As the Chief Growth Officer, I provide leadership, direction and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales and marketing function. I also collaborate with our digital marketing strategy team in developing and executing growth marketing campaigns for our loyal clients.

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