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How to Leverage AI with HubSpot

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the game for good.

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving business-to-business (B2B) landscape, it’s more important than ever for marketing, sales, and revenue operations (RevOps) teams to harness the power of AI.

Through HubSpot, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, B2B organizations can find new ways to leverage AI, streamline business processes, and unlock their full revenue and growth potential.

7 Ways to Leverage AI with HubSpot’s Tools & Features

HubSpot has introduced many easy-to-use AI tools across the various Hubs and has announced plans for new features this year and beyond. Whether your B2B company is a long-time HubSpot user or simply curious about if the platform is right for your organization, explore these AI opportunities.

Simplify Website Creation

In the CMS Hub, HubSpot’s AI website builder simplifies the process of building a single-page website. The tool will prompt you with a few questions about your business and then generate a simple web page.

Hubspot AI Website Builder
Source: Hubspot

Thanks to AI, you don’t have to have extensive web development experience or spend a lot of time making decisions about every little thing to build a single-page website in HubSpot. Instead, you can quickly and easily create a website in the CMS Hub.

Generate Inspiring Blog Ideas & Copy

HubSpot’s AI content writer is designed to help B2B marketers create engaging, inspiring blogs, landing pages, and other content that you can use to attract your ideal buyers.

With the AI-powered copywriter tool, you can enter a prompt or a topic, and HubSpot will generate an outline or even an entire draft as requested. Need help coming up with an idea or topic for your next blog? The new content idea generation tool uses ChatGPT and Semrush keyword data to come up with a list of suggested posts based on a broad topic—and scores the topics for how well they are expected to rank on Google. Want help writing blog titles and meta descriptions? HubSpot’s AI content assistant will generate relevant and catchy metadata with one click.

Together, these HubSpot AI tools help you craft content that will resonate with your audience and generate organic traffic to your website.

Create Compelling Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a cost-effective, powerful way to market B2B products and services. HubSpot’s AI tools can help you create compelling emails that elevate your marketing campaigns.

Hubspot AI Email Copy Generator

HubSpot’s AI-powered content writing tool can write persuasive body content, tailor messages to different audience segments, and craft engaging calls to action (CTAs). Simply enter a prompt or a topic into the AI content writer, and the tool will produce a first draft.

What about email subject lines? Users asked, and HubSpot answered: As you are reviewing and editing content in the email editor, the Marketing Hub’s AI subject line generator will create three different email subject lines at the click of a button. Instead of brainstorming ideas for attention-grabbing subject lines, use the subject line generator and spend your time on important tasks like content creation and optimization.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Across your business—from marketing and sales processes to RevOps and content management—HubSpot’s AI tools allow you to automate a wide range of repetitive tasks that once took a significant amount of time, resources, and expertise to complete.

Now, HubSpot users can embrace AI solutions to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and automate tasks, freeing up your resources to focus on revenue-generating efforts.

With HubSpot’s AI-powered tools, you can increase efficiency company-wide.

Craft Engaging Social Media Content

HubSpot’s AI content assistant can brainstorm, outline, write, and edit engaging social media copy—and more.

Hubspot AI Social Media Caption Generator

Writing a blog post and then manually drafting social media content to promote the post is time-consuming and repetitive. Thanks to HubSpot’s new AI features, you can create social media content directly in the blog post editor.

Need images to accompany your social posts? The image generation feature of HubSpot’s AI content assistant can create custom imagery based on a prompt or context, all with the click of a button.

Streamline Customer Communications

Curating a seamless, positive customer experience is essential to retaining existing customers. HubSpot’s Service Hub AI tools are designed to streamline customer communications and create an effortless customer experience.

With the AI-powered content assistant tool in your Service Hub inbox, you can easily generate responses to customer inquiries, change the tone of text, and edit existing copy. The conversation summary AI feature summarizes customer conversations across all channels so customer service agents can stay up to date without reading every message, ensuring a seamless handoff process.

Unlock Actionable Insights from Reports

HubSpot’s Reports provide valuable analytics information and performance data for key stakeholders and decision-makers—if they can make sense of the numbers these reports contain. With the new AI assisted report descriptions tool in the HubSpot Operations Hub, you can add AI-generated report descriptions that help recipients understand the contents of the report and turn results into actionable steps.

Additionally, instead of creating reports, you can ask HubSpot’s AI reporting tool to generate a report in response to a simple question. The resulting report will answer your business questions and reveal valuable insights.

Maximize Your Revenue & Growth Potential with HubSpot AI

At OneIMS, we’re HubSpot experts. We’ve helped 500+ businesses across a variety of industries get the most out of HubSpot’s powerful platform, from HubSpot onboarding and optimizing the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs to reaching revenue goals and achieving business growth.

If your B2B company needs help navigating the full potential of HubSpot’s AI tools to maximize your revenue and growth potential, we can help. Our experienced team of HubSpot specialists will take a deep dive into your company’s unique needs and business objectives, guide you through the HubSpot onboarding process, identify the AI features and tools that will support your goals, train your staff on how to use HubSpot, and deliver measurable results with our HubSpot services. And if you’re also looking for a long-term partner to help manage your HubSpot activities, we have the solutions and strategies required to get the job done.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. View testimonials from our clients and read our blog to get an idea of our training, experience, and track record of success.

Are you ready to take advantage of everything HubSpot’s AI tools have to offer? Schedule a consultation with us today to get started.

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