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Funnel Development

Does your company have an aggressive sales growth goal? Are your sales team hitting their quotas quarter after quarter? Are you frustrated about spending money on unsuccessful marketing tactics and not having enough results to show? Do you believe keep doing more of what you have been is the solution to the problem?

Over 45.4% of a salespeople miss their quotas. Not because they are bad at selling but because their pipeline is dry.

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Flood Your Funnel with Quality Leads

67% of a salesperson’s time is typically spent on non-selling activities – research, data entry, and busy work

If your sales force is missing their numbers then you have a lead flow problem and your pipeline is running dry. No amount of sales coaching and training can magically create sales ready opportunities. To fill your top of funnel with leads who are looking for your solutions, you need a systematic way to attract them to your business and start a sales conversation. That’s where LeadTrifecta comes in. Stop starving for leads and flood your funnel with leads with our LeadTrifecta lead generation engine.
If you are looking to accelerate growth and scale your lead generation efforts, then you need to strategically invest in paid media channels to align your marketing and business goals. Paid media is not a substitute for SEO, rather it is supplementary. Especially, if you are in a mature and hyper competitive market space, then you do not have the luxury to wait for organic strategies to pick up momentum for you to see results. Thus you need a hybrid approach that will utilize PPC, display ads, remarketing ads, social ads in conjunction with content marketing and SEO .

Paid Media Strategy & Management

Paid media strategy and management offered at OneIMS drives not just impressions and clicks but sales qualified leads and customers. We accomplish this for you by precision targeting and proven conversion optimization tactics. Whether you are trying to create demand or capture it, our team of experts can help you execute paid search (PPC), display, retargeting, content amplification, social ads or a combination of these. We will find the right audience for your business, communicate your value proposition and captivate them to take the desired action to ensure you receive the optimal Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular vehicles for getting fast results in online marketing. While it seems like a quick cure-all for a lack of online visibility and presence, it is a highly competitive sphere that you can not just throw money at. With OneIMS, we will take your investment into PPC and turn it into a money-making venture to deliver you maximum ROI. Our collective expertise will implement the right strategy for your business, find the hidden revenue opportunities you may have missed. We’ll also help you to discover the keywords that people use to find your business and see if there are any other untapped markets that you could explore.
PPC Management is more than just adjusting budgets and controlling bids. It requires constant monitoring of campaign performance, regular review of search query reports, conversion optimization, A/B testing, ad quality to name a few. At OneIMS, our Google Ads Certified professionals will perform the regular campaign optimization to ensure your marketing investment yields optimal result.

How It Works

Our experienced Paid Media Management experts will collaborate with your team and deliver:
  • SMART campaign goals based on your budget and competitive landscape
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategic planning and campaign execution
  • Ad creation, management and optimization
  • ROI measurement and campaign progress reporting
  • Ongoing competitor campaign monitoring
  • Retargeting and display ads management
  • Regular campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Frequent ad creative refresh
  • Conversion tracking and optimization
  • Strategy, recommendation and campaign analysis
  • 24/7 Access to reporting and monitoring dashboard

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Lead Nurturing

Improve Prospect Engagement. Increase Lead to Sale Conversion.

At OneIMS, we preach and practice full-funnel marketing. When you engage us for your marketing need, we will help you define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and design your optimal buyers’ journey through the entire sales process. Our objective is to help you systematize and automate the routine steps in your sales process so you have predictable pipeline of qualified opportunities optimized for sales. We can not only help you fill the top of the funnel with marketing qualified leads, but we employ systematic process to qualify, nurture and move the leads through the entire buyers’ journey to accelerate sales and fuel the growth of your company.
The expert marketing team at OneIMS will help you identify the shortage and blockage in your sales funnel and implement proven methodology to optimize your customer acquisition efforts.

Why It Matters

79% of marketing leads never convert to sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the most common cause of this poor performance.

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74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase.

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Turn Leads into Customers

At OneIMS we understand that building and sustaining meaningful and profitable relationships with buyers can create a substantial revenue stream from the leads you’re generating from your demand creation efforts or from the leads you have in the sales pipeline. We custom tailor lead nurturing campaigns to address the customer lifecycle stages and help facilitate and influence the decision making process the potential buyer goes through.
A properly executed lead nurturing campaign must have specific objectives such as: re-engagement campaigns targeted toward leads who became inactive in the pipeline to warm them up for sales or top-of-mind campaigns designed to engage with leads who are not yet sales-ready to ensure they will be well educated about the products and services when time comes.
As part of our engagement, OneIMS will collaborate with your team to identify the prospects’ buying criteria and decision-making process. We help determine the digital assets that are appropriate for moving the leads through the sales funnel to accelerate the decision making process and control the buying criteria. Our lead nurturing and management specialists will help execute the campaigns using the state-of-the-art marketing automation technology and report on campaign performance based on the established goals for the campaign.

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Our Methodology

We use a systematic process and proven methodology to help you assess your current situation and develop ideal solutions to increase brand awareness, traffic and leads.

  • Discover Challenges

    Understand existing challenges and market landscape

  • Define Goals

    Identify marketing objectives and attainable goals

  • Develop Strategy

    Create strategy based on business needs and budget

  • Deploy Plan

    Execute the plan to achieve the desired results

  • Deliver Results

    Analyze and optimize for optimal ROI

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