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Facebook is the undisputed best social media platform to advertise on. With users spending an average of 58 minutes per day on Facebook, it’s an essential advertising platform.

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The White Label Facebook Ads Your Client Has Been Looking For

Facebook is the undisputed best social media platform to advertise on. With users spending an average of 58 minutes per day on Facebook, it’s an essential advertising platform. On top of that, over one billion people are on Facebook which means there are endless opportunities to reach any audience you please.

With white label Facebook ads management, you can hand off your client’s Facebook advertising to an expert in the field such as OneIMS. We understand that not many agencies have the bandwidth or resources to provide a full-service Facebook paid Ad campaign. That’s why OneIMS works with agencies to help them deliver results through complex and productive white label Facebook Ads management.

Target Your Ideal Audience

There are over seven billion people on Earth and one billion of those people are on Facebook. Facebook is home to audiences of every kind. From seniors to college students, every demographic is present on Facebook.

Facebook Ads give you the tools to increase your client’s visibility with their ideal audience. Facebook Ads allow you to deliver your client’s message to the audience they’ve been trying to reach.

Get Results & Growth Quick

Facebook paid Ads show up right in the middle of your client’s audience’s News Feed. There’s no wishing and hoping that your client’s audience will see an ad. Your ad will be seen. Therefore, your client will see explosive growth and results from white label Facebook advertising in just moments.

The Best White Label Facebook Ad Management in the Industry

OneIMS has been an industry leader for Facebook Ads management for years. We understand the importance of your client reaching their ideal audience so we custom-tailor our strategy to your client’s business needs. You’ll see a significant and real increase in your client’s ROI quickly and without any drain on your agency’s bandwidth.

And guess what:

With our white label Facebook advertising services, you’re free to brand our deliverables however you please. Brand to your agency or your client’s business, our services are completely 100% white label.

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