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Keyword Strategy

Get your campaign off to the right start with a sustainable, goal-oriented strategy

Start Building a Successful Campaign

Formulating a sound keyword strategy is the first step in developing your PPC campaign. By analyzing your products or services, target demographics, competitors and/or past strategies, we determine which keywords will attract the most relevant traffic for your budget.


No two PPC campaigns are exactly alike, so whether we’re building your strategy from the ground up or taking over an existing campaign, we focus on your specific business, demographics and goals.

We identify the key performance indicators that will determine the success of your campaign and focus your strategy accordingly. By creating and choosing keywords that will both target and engage your intended audience, we lay the foundation for a goal-oriented, efficient and successful campaign.


While a PPC campaign can generate immediate return on your investment, you need a well-developed long term strategy to maintain any level of sustainability. Based on your industry, your competitors and your past PPC strategies, we construct a roadmap for your long-term success.

We build and maintain PPC campaigns designed for enduring success, not just instant gratification. With a strategy structured to accommodate seasonal trends and predictable changes in consumer behavior, we ensure that your budget is used effectively.



In the early stages of your PPC campaign, we develop a preliminary list of potential keywords based on your existing strategy, your competitors, your budget and your target audience.

Build your Paid Search Campaign

Using keyword research technology and other keyword identifiers, as well as past performance metrics and search queries, we build a set of keywords that will shape your campaign.

Creation & Implementation

Maximize your return on investment by implementing the best practices for keyword development and ad creation.

Develop a clear path to Conversion

Once we formulate your general keyword strategy, we refine your keyword list and develop the complementary aspects of your PPC campaign. By creating ad copy that qualifies your prospects and building landing pages for your business, we increase the long-term profitability of your campaign.



As a bid-based form of advertising, PPC is highly competitive and requires the use of highly refined keywords. Using your initial keyword strategy as a guide, we create a fine-tuned list that includes short-tail and long-tail keywords designed to target an audience of highly qualified prospects.


Using strong calls-to-action and deliberate messaging, our certified PPC creative team creates ad copy that engages and qualifies your prospects, helping you attract the most qualified visitors.


Deliver value to Ppotential Lleads

Landing pages create a space for you to sell yourself and make a critical connection with leads. We build landing pages that deliver on what your ads promise, engaging visitors with special offers and convenient conversion formats.


We help you develop compelling offers for your clients, including downloads, discounts and quotes, then build a landing page designed to convert. Following through on your PPC ads with dynamic, relevant pages like these turns curious clicks into highly relevant conversions, moving leads through the sales cycle quickly and effortlessly.

Optimization & Testing

The technology to track your campaign’s progress and the expertise to optimize ongoing performance.

Refine your Campaign with Performance Data

As your PPC campaign progresses, we carefully monitor your ongoing performance. By benchmarking and regularly analyzing performance, we identify new strategies to maximize the success of your campaign.


By tracking your campaign’s metrics, our PPC experts are able to identify and understand trends and patterns in your campaign. We monitor the performance of ads, keywords and offers, allowing us to see which strategies generate the most qualified traffic and pursue them more aggressively.



Your PPC campaign generates data that creates a clear picture of how consumers interact with your business online. Our technology allows us to track your conversion and click-through-rates, as well as to gather data about your leads.

We’re able to identify information about your site’s visitors like geographic location, date and time of site access, and more, helping us refine your target demographic profiles and outreach strategies.


More access to Leads with PPC Call Tracking

Our data collection capabilities aren’t limited to online behavior. When a user calls your business after connecting with your site through a PPC ad, our call tracking services can provide you with useful data from the call.

By generating unique, toll-free numbers for your PPC campaign and associated landing pages, we’re able to monitor and track inbound calls to your business. You’ll see the time and duration of each call, where it came from, which landing page and/or PPC ad led to the call and more, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of your leads.

Reporting & Analytics

Campaign tracking that helps us nurture a successful campaign and optimize your budget over time.

Watch your Campaign Develop and your Returns Grow

Our PPC campaigns include regular reporting and analytics to accurately measure the success of your campaign. We collect and analyze intelligence on your ad performance and your leads, allowing us to continually improve ad strategy for maximum results and return on investment.


The PPC experts at OneIMS have the technology and the expertise not only to track your results, but to analyze and understand them. We monitor the performance of each specific ad based on cost, clicks and conversions.

By evaluating KPIs across your paid search campaign, we can identify the true value of every click. We track your visibility alongside your competitors’, ensuring that you maintain the level of exposure you need to get more clicks and conversions from a qualified audience of leads.


Based on your ongoing performance metrics, business priorities, competitor behavior and more, we determine the most beneficial adjustments that we can make to your campaign.

We analyze your past performance data and identify trends (within both your own business and your industry) to shape successful short-term and long-term campaign strategies. Our thorough reporting and expert insight ensure that your PPC campaign consistently reaches its full potential over time.



Our PPC services include full access to regular campaign reports, illustrating how your budget is used and what returns it generates in clear, simple terms. With concrete and relatable data, we show you how your audience is responding to your paid search campaign and what impact it has on your online performance.

With these performance analytics, you can better understand the role and rewards of your online marketing. Talk to one of our paid search experts today to learn more about how we create measureable value through better PPC strategies.


Tiny devices, focused strategies, enormous potential. Welcome to the new mobile web.

Make a big Impression on a Screen of any Size

Smartphones aren’t just for making calls. With more and more consumers relying on their handheld devices for everyday web browsing, the mobile market is officially too big to ignore.


When consumers use mobile web search engines, ads display among the results just like they do on a computer. Paid search advertising on mobile devices operates with its own set of guidelines, though, and if you know how to make the most of it, it can yield big returns.

At OneIMS, we know how to use your paid search budget effectively, creating the types of ads that mobile users respond to the most. With features like click-to-call numbers and geotargeted ad placement, our marketing team develops ads that inspire action and displays them to just the consumers you’re looking for—wherever they are.



Smartphones and tablets may have smaller displays, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable. With display ads designed specifically for mobile devices, our marketing team targets consumers browsing the web and using their favorite apps, increasing your visibility to an audience on the go.


Websites that impress on computer screens aren’t always functional on smaller displays. Consumers are significantly more likely to abandon a website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices, never to return.

Don’t become a statistic. Using the latest technology for mobile web and responsive design, we implement the features that keep users on your site no matter what device they’re using.


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