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People often rely on their smartphones to find information about products and services online. Now, if you own a business, it is important to be aware of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps your business site to appear in the top among the search results. If your competitor’s site appears on the top of the results page, you will end up losing customers to them. This simple factor can, in fact, explain why business owners ask for the services of a Utah SEO company like OneIMS. The position your business holds in the search engine results page (SERP) can make or break it.

SEO might appear deceptively simplistic. Some of you even might be thinking of optimizing the business site based on the limited knowledge available online. Put in plain and simple terms, SEO in Utah is all about money; it is about increasing your overall business profits. SEO techniques when applied properly to your business site can take time to produce the desired results. The benefits do not appear almost instantaneously – as advertised by certain Utah SEO services. Some of our clients had to wait for up to six months before they started to enjoy the advantages of SEO.

Entrusting your business to a firm that has ample experience with digital marketing does make sense. Your brand exposure increases with the passage of time and your business site will end up getting an appealing design. Is it worthwhile to make a monetary investment or form a committed relationship with an SEO company in Utah?

Attracting Your Target Audience with Utah Website Design and Development Services

Merely having a pretty website is not enough to attract the customers during these times. In fact, almost anyone with access to the internet can design beautiful websites right from templates. So, how do we design and develop websites for your business? We understand that your business site is a core part of your marketing and company brand. It must have a strategic and solid architecture. There are certain interesting attributes for the websites we design and develop for your firm. They are:

  • Our websites help your business to attract the target audience must more easily
  • We design and develop the website while focusing on engaging the visitors
  • Your business site will become easier to use
  • We will incorporate precise call-to-action strategies to boost your desired outcome with the site

Business owners come to us to design and develop websites while having various intentions in their minds. For instance, they might only need the visitors to place a phone call to the business location. Some others want the visitors to complete and submit a form soon after coming to the site. Certain business owners like the idea of incorporating chat protocols to their website. Finally, the majority wants the visitors to make a purchase through their site.

Our team has spent quite a lot of time analyzing the behavior of online visitors. This has in turn helped them to design and develop websites that can increase your leads or help your business to get more sales.

Learning What Your Customers Seek Via Keyword Research

Researching for keywords lays the groundwork for any SEO campaign. A good Utah SEO firm will take the time to explain the importance of keyword research. This process is about studying the exact keywords and phrases people use to locate different products and services. We need to the exact keywords used by your target audience on the internet. Only then, we can begin to optimize your business site for these keywords.

Knowing the keywords that your customers are using to find your company is not a simple process. A Utah SEO specialist will make use of dedicated tools that can give away such information about keyword phrases. They will also use the relevant keywords in the title tags and meta description of your site. Overusing the keywords will lead to unwanted consequences as well! Google usually penalizes websites that indulge in keyword stuffing.

Our specialists know the exact ratio the keywords must be present within your site and the individual web pages. Following the best practices laid out by the search engine is ample enough to boost the online ranking of your website.

Learning Your Competition Through Competitive Analysis

Beating the competition is easy if you are aware of their online marketing strategies. Competitive analysis basically deals with this process of studying the digital marketing techniques deployed by your competitors. We can emulate these strategies or make them even better so that it ends up working to your benefit. This is a perfectly legal process, and there is nothing despicable about it. Competitive analysis done by a Utah SEO company will also help you to understand your “true” competitors.

We start by looking into the quality of the content posted by your competitors. Finding the exact reason that explains why they rank better online than your business is easy for us. With the available information and by undertaking additional research, we will know what more to add. There are plenty of reasons why your competitor might be beating your business online. For instance, they might have better and quality inbound links.

If we find quality inbound links from other sites, our team will also contact these sites and earn backlinks manually to your website. The more the inbound links to your website, the better the attention Google gives it.

Gaining More Links to Your Website with Link Building

Throughout the years, Google has pushed many minor and major algorithm changes. These algorithm changes effectively resulted in many websites losing their much-coveted top spots in the search results. However, even after all these years, link building has managed to maintain its reputation. The number of backlinks your business website has, plays an important role in determining its position in the search results. We will investigate link building and its importance in the rest of the sections.

What is link building? It is nothing but the process of getting other websites to host links to your site. Now, any website can host any number of links to your site. Google has come forward with criteria for that too. The website that hosts the links to your site must already be authoritative. Therein lies the complications of link building. Unless your business site has something to offer, these websites with authority might not even think about hosting links to your site.

Link building plays an important role in any type of search engine marketing campaign. With our SEO services in Utah, your business site will end up getting just the right number of inbound links from authoritative websites. Yes, too many inbound links can negatively impact the page ranking of your website. Google considers this practice as spamming and they will penalize websites for having too many inbound links. A couple of years back, website owners can buy inbound links and wait for their website page ranks to increase. Today, Google has mechanisms to weed out such service providers and their benefactors.

Link building can produce long-lasting as well as short-lived results. Many SEO firms in Utah are happy to provide the latter to their clients. However, we focus on building long-lasting links from authoritative websites. Our practices will never trigger any type of penalties from Google. Getting inbound links from quality websites in turn implies that the link building campaign will produce long-lasting results.

What makes us different from the rest of the competition? For instance, we will pay ample time studying and researching more about your industry before commencing any link building activities. At times, we might also need to pay attention to the link building practices adopted by your competitors. After getting a thorough insight about your brand and business, we will produce top quality content on your behalf. We also have direct access to a robust content distribution network. This helps us to get your website’s content linked to much more authoritative sites.

Throughout the years, our marketing experts have learned a lot about the proper techniques and optimization strategies that will produce the desired results for your business. Getting your site to the front page of Google is not easy; but perfectly achievable. Thanks to our auditing practices, it is easy for us to weed out all the non-relevant or poor-quality backlinks that can inversely affect the page ranking of your website. Did you know what some of these links can end up damaging the online reputation of your business?

Growing Your Business and Brand with Social Media Marketing

Social media has gained widespread acceptance ever since its inception. Today, billions of people frequently visit various social media websites – sometimes even on multiple times every day. In such a scenario, it is not wise to ignore social media; especially when such networks come with all kinds of marketing and data analysis tools deeply embedded within them. Like Google, social media is also in a constant change of flux. The major social networking websites like Facebook frequently push forth minor and major algorithm changes – changes that can end up affecting the visibility of your business and brand within these networks.

Keeping up with the latest trends in the social media is a daunting task for business owners. Perhaps this can explain why several of them opt for our SEO and social marketing services. What are the advantages that your business can enjoy by choosing our social media marketing team? The primary benefit is the ability to focus on the other important aspects of your business when we handle the social media stuff. Social media marketing helps us to market your products and services to the right audience. This is possible because we can collect much data and customer insight via these platforms.

It is important to monitor your social media account at all the times. This will in turn get an opportunity for your business to grow effortlessly. Increasing brand awareness and loyalty is easy when experts are working on managing social media marketing for your firm. Social media also comes with the provisions to share interesting content easier and faster. In other terms, if people find your products and services interesting, they will be much more inclined to share it with their loved ones and friends via social media.

Fueling All Avenues of Digital Marketing with Quality Content

Content is king – you will come across this catchphrase all over the internet, especially when someone is talking about content marketing. However, few business owners pay attention to the quality of the content. Quality content for your business site and the individual web pages can work wonders for the digital marketing campaign. Good content and its marketing have certain characteristic attributes. Quality content offers value propositions to the customers. It will also stimulate additional interest about your offerings in their minds.

When the best SEO company engages in content marketing, the content might never even appear like a promotional piece. It will merely provide people with useful information so that they can take important purchase decisions. Done correctly, content marketing can also help to build your brand and business online. We have already understood the important role played by quality content for link building and social media marketing. Content marketing can effectively increase the amount of sales and will keep on giving you repeat business.

Our content writers are different from the usual lot. They will do their share of research work and even conduct interviews to learn more about your business and the target customers. Rather than posting the detailed articles soon after creating it, these professionals will wait for your review and approval. The client needs to know that we can create well-written articles that reflect the voice, tone, and style of their business. Only then, they will feel comfortable with posting the content online soon after creating it.

Based on the size and the scope of your business, feel free to browse through some of the content marketing packages available from our end. It is important to keep adding newer and informative content regularly. Even if you have set aside a limited budget for such activities, our team can devise unique strategies to ensure that the online visibility of your business increases dramatically.

Local SEO in Utah To Find Qualified Prospects from Your Area

What exactly is local SEO? And how can it benefit your business? Utah local SEO got popular as people started using their smartphones to locate businesses that operate locally. This powerful marketing strategy when applied properly can help your business to surpass the competition easily. If your products or services directly benefit people who live in the local area, then it is important to apply local SEO optimization strategies from our end.

There is no definition for local SEO. Think of it as applying certain marketing strategies, so that the search engines will show your business as the best available match to a prospective customer. Please do bear in mind that we had already looked into keyword research a bit earlier in the article? Keywork research plays its own unique role in local SEO too. Did you know that it is possible to add certain “geographical markers” to the researched keywords, so that your business will always show up in the top search results? Utah local SEO enables your business to get the attention of all those who are in immediate need of your products or services.

Google offers a free business listing service called My Business and we start on optimizing your business locally via this free service. After setting up a GMB account for your business, we start to optimize it with the geographically marked keywords. If your business site isn’t optimized to appear in the local search results, then no one will be able to find you. Once we complete optimizing the GMB account, OneIMS will consider building local citations for your business.

Once again, local citations are in effect listings and online mentions of your business. For instance, having a Yelp profile for your business surely helps with its ranking. Likewise, encouraging the customers to leave Google reviews for your services will also help to get the attention of the search engine. Inconsistencies in the data along with duplicate listings on the online directories are bad for your business. Please do bear in mind that inaccurate data about your business (listed online) can cause Google to issue penalties to your business. It is our duty to see that minor or major inaccuracies does not creep into these online listings.

Why Should You Seek Our Services?

OneIMS does not make use of any automated SEO software to bring in more customers to your business. Instead, we believe in applying tried and testing SEO strategies to produce long-lasting results. With the effective application of our technique, both your business and the site will grow at a tremendous pace. We focus on generating targeted web traffic for your business. Only this type of traffic can produce new leads and give additional sales. Likewise, we offer our honest and forthcoming services to your business. Start enjoying it by talking with a strategist and asking for a free auditing of your business site.

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