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User Experience Evaluation Services

Our user experience evaluation services can help you gain a deeper understanding of how your customers see you online.

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User Experience Evaluation Services

Having a website that is useful, engaging, and easy to use and navigate can mean the difference between running a successful business and fighting to stay alive in an increasingly competitive business landscape.  If your website traffic is not where you want it to be, you are probably wondering what you can do to improve the user experience for your customers.

Our user experience evaluation services can help you gain a deeper understanding of how your customers see you online. We can provide a detailed and reliable assessment of your website and the user experience. Finally, we can give you credible advice and solutions on how to improve your site so that it attracts more visitors and offers a more pleasurable experience.

How Do We Do It?

First of all, we try to approach your website from your point of view and see what you are offering. This helps us prepare and lay the foundation for the actual evaluation. In this stage of the process, we take a look at what the key performance indicators are, who your audience is (personas), and what is going on on your website – what the user journey is like.

Our next step is to acquire qualitative data about your audience to see how your visitors perceive your website and what role it plays for them.

We try to profile your audience and establish what their mental frameworks are so that we can identify which parts of your site cause frustration or dissatisfaction with the visitors, and which parts of the site garner positive reactions. Quantitative data is also gathered during this stage through assessing web analytics in search of evidence for customer behavior.

For the last part of our assessment, we try to actually use your site as one of your regular customers and test every single function of your website to see how it supports the tasks that users may want to carry out.

In this stage, we thoroughly examine content, the mobile experience of the site, accessibility, taxonomy, site map and page hierarchy as these factors are some of the most crucial elements in the overall success of your website.

Key Factors

After we have thoroughly examined your website, we will give you some advice and recommendations on what you can do to improve the user experience. We will provide you with constructive criticism of the essential areas of your website according to the user experience model designed by Peter Morville.

Key Factors of Peter Morville’s User Experience Model:


The system used to present, offer and deliver your services or products must be simple to navigate and easy to use. The system itself should ideally be constructed in a way that everyone will find simple to understand and use. If possible, the learning curve should not exist at all or it should be effortless and short.


This metric measures how easy is to use is your product or service. For best results, services and products should be designed in such a way that anyone, including people with disabilities, can enjoy the same user experience as everybody else.


Your products and services must be useful or offer some kind of satisfaction to customers. There is no purpose for a product or service that is not useful in some way or that doesn’t satisfy customers’ desires.


Content and data should be easy to find and navigate for the customers. If the users cannot quickly find what they are looking for, they will find an alternative. You should design the navigational structure so that it is understandable and intuitive to your customers, not only you.


No business exists without credibility. If you want visitors, your products and services must be trustworthy. Nobody wants to use a site that offers unreliable services or products.


Your site and the products and services it offers should have a visual appeal that anybody will be attracted to. The best idea is to keep the design minimal and concise.

How to Improve?

After we have finished our professional evaluation, we will present you with our results with a summary of key problem areas and we will provide you with actionable advice on how you should deal with these issues.

Who Can Benefit From UX Evaluation?

Anybody who is not satisfied with their site’s performance. If your team, business or organization has a site and there’s a problem with it, but you are not sure what it is or how you should deal with it, you need user experience evaluation.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect the following:

  • A clear, concise, and detailed presentation on what the existing problems on your website are.
  • Advice on what you can do immediately to make your site and its user experience better.
  • A detailed plan with instructions on how to improve your site and offer a better service in the long run.
  • A clear and summarized overview of all the information we’ve presented to you.

User experience evaluation can reveal hidden issues of your website that might have been holding you back or preventing the acquisition of new customers. With professional UX assessment, you can improve your website and your business operations.

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