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If you are still not harnessing the power of Twitter, it’s definitely high time you did.

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Twitter Services

Did you know that Twitter has 336 million monthly active users worldwide? This makes Twitter one of the biggest social media networks that can quickly help you grow your business. You can tap into that huge audience and attract many quality leads, effectively engaging them in your brand and converting them into customers.

If you are still not harnessing the power of Twitter, it’s definitely high time you did. With proper Twitter marketing services, you can raise the awareness of your brand and attract a large number of Twitter users who may be interested in what you offer. Before you even know it, Twitter posting services will lead to increased ROI and business growth.

What are Twitter Services?

Twitter marketing services include Twitter account management, from setting up your account and building your community to growing and nurturing your followers and regularly providing them with interesting and useful content. Twitter services also include monitoring your account and creating reports that show how your Twitter marketing campaign is performing.

Our Twitter services include five main steps: developing a strategy, creating high-quality content, engaging in organic growth activities and paid advertisement, monitoring your account and generating comprehensive and insightful reports to follow the campaign’s progress and performance.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Every great campaign starts with careful strategy development. We will conduct research to learn more about your target audience and competitors, so that we can come up with an effective marketing strategy that will lead to high brand awareness and help you extend your reach, growing your audience and successfully engaging them in your brand.

Account Setup

We will set up your Twitter account, strategically showcasing who you are and what you do, so that we can help you attract quality leads. We will include relevant keywords and hashtags that will attract your target audience and optimize your account for Google and other search engines.

Content Creation

We will regularly come up with interesting and engaging topics for your content based on what your target audience is looking for and create enticing content tailored specifically for your followers. Upon your approval, we will share the content accompanied with compelling visuals and relevant hashtags.

Follower Growth

Our Twitter marketing services also include building a strong community of followers and continuously growing your follower list. In order to truly engage your followers, our Twitter account managers will communicate with them on a regular basis, always replying to their comments and messages and taking their feedback into account.

Paid Advertisement

If you want to go beyond organic growth, we will prepare promoted tweets that will extend your reach and increase your visibility, targeting your audience down to all the keywords that they search for. We will continually optimize the campaign, boosting the tweets with the best performance and tweaking those with lower performance.

Account Monitoring

Our Twitter account managers will monitor your Twitter account on a daily basis, making sure that the campaign is running smoothly and that any kind of issue that may arise is dealt with immediately. They will monitor all the activities, including comments, messages, reviews, and retweets, so that they can respond to each and see whether or not the shared content is properly addressing your followers’ pain points.

Twitter Marketing Reporting

We will prepare monthly reports showing the performance of your Twitter marketing campaign. We’ll also give you 24/7 access to all the reports so that you can easily work with us to consistently optimize all the efforts and springboard your campaign to great heights.

Why Are Twitter Services Important?

Given the fact that Twitter is one of the biggest social media networks, marketing through Twitter can help you significantly extend your reach and enlarge your customer base. You can gain a number of quality leads and maximize conversions. You can quickly raise brand awareness and enhance your online visibility, boosting your SEO ranking and driving a lot more traffic your website.

Twitter marketing services can help you build authority and credibility and position yourself as an expert in your field. Most of all, these services can help you build trust with your target audience. You can build a community of true fans who will trust you and gladly do business with you time and time again.

How Can OneIMS Services Help You?

OneIMS is proud to be working with experts when it comes to Twitter account management. Our Twitter account managers can provide you with outstanding Twitter marketing services, as they are highly-skilled, experienced and incredibly dedicated to helping all of our clients reach their goals.

We have excellent Twitter management tools at our disposal, so you can be sure that we will always make data-driven decisions that willcontinually optimize all our efforts. If you put your trust in us, we promise that we will leave no stone unturned in order to help you build a large community of fans and brand advocates who will quickly fall in love with your brand.

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