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Although it is easy to find several search engine optimization (SEO) agencies in Oklahoma, you need to focus on hiring an SEO agency in Tulsa that has advanced digital marketing capabilities to connect with more customers and thus grow your business in this city. OneIMS is one such company that can work on and improve your digital marketing goals by applying some of the latest trends and techniques.

To get that marketing edge over the competition and to dominate them for the many years to come, it is vital to work with a company that has managed to help hundreds of businesses find success on the internet. Search engine marketing and advertising began to gain prominence because people have now started searching for information about local businesses and their products/services using search engines. Increasing the visibility of your business site using our precise SEO techniques will in fact help you to get more customers.

People will be able to locate your business information details easily and swiftly because your business website URL will appear consistently on top of the search engine results page (SERP). Business owners do not have the time to study and implement different online marketing tactics. So, it does make sense to outsource such activities to the experienced professionals. In the sections below, you will find insights into our activities –the summaries of the precise methods we apply to increase the visibility of your website.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis allows us to deliver a better service than the rivals. This is an integral aspect of our strategy and we audit your competitors to find out the exact mechanisms using which they have managed to surge through the search engine rankings. SEO competitive analysis is one of the simplest methods that help us to identify your present standing in the industry. We start by looking at their website, its architecture, their backlink portfolio along with their content and social marketing strategies. Understanding what they have had success in will save us some time too, while trying to take your website to the next level.

Your business might have several competitors, and it is our duty to locate them. Several subtle aspects can in fact help your website to get better rankings than all of them. For instance, if we find that there are content opportunities where you can outrank them, our copywriters will create more content or optimize the existing website content to take advantage of such unique situations.

Website Design and Development in Tulsa

Many business owners tend to underestimate the importance of having a high-performing website to represent their company on the internet. As mentioned earlier, people are quick when it comes to searching for information online and if they do not find your website or if they come across an unattractive website, that is more than ample to discourage and in fact entice them to give more business to your competitors. In other terms, your business website helps to create that first impression that allows your company to stand out from the rest of the industry!

As expected, several business owners are happy to own and maintain outdated websites. We can audit your existing website for SEO deficiencies and fix them at the earliest so that the competition does not take advantage of it. Having an imposing presence on the internet is one of the best ways using which you can connect with your existing and prospective customers. Please allow our experienced website designers and developers to create a great-looking and fully-functional SEO-optimized website so that it paves your marketing success online.

So, what are some of the characteristic aspects of our website design/development process? If you do not own a website currently, we can make one from the scratch. Else, we can redesign the existing website to make it friendlier to search engines and human users. Mobile-friendliness is an important criterion for websites during these times. The website we create for your business will dynamically respond/resize depending on the device used to view it. Google also considers the page load speed while ranking websites. If your existing website takes a long time to load, we can look deep into the included HTML code and optimize it to load fast without any errors/issues.

We take great care to create a website that is search engine friendly from the get go. For instance, using a content management system not only offers better search rankings, but it also allows you to login and manage the content present within the site. If you are planning to sell products/services via the same site, we can integrate simple but efficient e-commerce platforms. With the fresh and modern design imparted to every website coming from our end, it will be easy to make that good impression with the target audience.

Keyword Research and Content Development

Our keyword research and analysis services will allow your company to compete directly with larger adversaries. Targeting the right keywords to optimize your business site is important; else you might get loads of traffic but the rate at which the conversions are taking place will be dismal. SEO keyword research is a balancing act that requires skill and experience. Ideally, we need to optimize your website using the keywords people are using online to locate it. However, the process is much more convoluted because there needs to be that harmonious balance between head and long tail keywords.

To locate these search terms, we make use of not just Google AdWords Keyword Planner but also certain proprietary tools. Our team pays good attention to long-tail keywords because we have often noticed that big companies ignore them. Also, did you know that people using long tail keywords to locate information about products/services are willing to convert immediately? This is because of the specific nature of these search terms and phrases. When most of the people are using long tail keywords on the search bars, it only makes sense to kick start the SEO campaign using those specific terms.

Actively focusing on the keywords used by your current/prospective customers and the keywords ignored by the bigger competitors allows us to identify the keywords our clients should ideally target. Our experience in this domain helps us to forecast results and returns i.e. if we optimize your website using the short-listed keywords. Likewise, we keep a clear demarcation between the keywords intended for SEO applications and the ones that are exclusively useful for paid search advertising. This simplistic approach to the complicated domain allows us to bring in more relevant search impressions for your business site.

The keywords obtained via our research and analysis process helps with content development. Websites get attention based on the nature of the content present within them.We will ensure that your website content is precise/concise and strategic when it comes to telling your story to the online masses. Although the internet is full of various kinds of content, our strategies will help your site stand out because we specialize in the art of producing engaging content and plays a crucial role in attracting people with the right kind of mindset.

Our content development and marketing services include content creation for not just your site but also for the on-site blog. Our copywriters are adept when it comes to creating landing pages that convert. In all probabilities, you will require copious amounts of social media content to keep all those followers happy. We can also develop curated content for different social media networks while upholding your professional tone, voice, and style. The existing website content might be outdated; we can help with updating and repurposing it better for the search engines and the human visitors.

Link Building Services

The industry pundits have their own explanations and theories about backlinks. Yet, Google places undue importance to inbound links because these links basically tell the search engines that your website is an authoritative source of information. Link building is the process of earning backlinks from other external domains by applying precise strategies. Backlinks are important because it can end up affecting the placement of your website among the search results. Ignoring this important ranking factor is foolhardy; but please understand that there is no easy way to earn links that sustain for the many years to come.

Earning backlinks for a newly created website is easy. But if you already have a website, we might have to audit its link portfolio to weed out all the non-performing and now-defunct links. At this point, it is important for us to look at the link building strategy incorporated by your competitors too. Knowing the type of content that has enabled them to earn quality backlinks will help us a lot. Guest posting is one of the mutually beneficial ways with the help of which we can build a relevant link portfolio for your business site. Our copywriters can create excellent content and post it in other domains with a link back to your site.

We know that it is crucial to pay attention to the quality of content (present within your website) and how it helps the target audience to take informed decisions. Done properly, link building will turn out to be a natural extension of content development/marketing process. At this point, we would like to note that our team gets high quality backlinks while adhering to the guidelines issues by major search engine companies like Google. Citations can also morph as an effective form of link building technique. We will list your business information in several local online directories manually.While listing the business details, our team also ensures that the NAP details (name, address, and phone number) are accurate and consistent.

Tulsa Local SEO Services

Visibility in local searches is pivotal during these times and if your business website URL does not appear in these searches, please understand that it is benefiting your competitors in a very large scale. Sign up for our local SEO services, so that you might never have to worry about losing all these interested customers to the competitors! If your company has a physical location in Tulsa Oklahoma, highly targeted potential customers are searching for it right now. To kick start the process, we look at auditing your website to understand the current effectiveness of your company in the search results.

A multi-pronged approach is mandatory to get your business listed within the Google’s local 3-pack. If you have not yet claimed or verify your Google My Business listing, we can help accomplish such tasks.

Once the GMB page is available, we will populate it with all the relevant details pertaining to your business. The underlying idea is to optimize it using carefully selected keywords and to ensure that all relevant details (like business hours) are present without any errors. To get qualified, local website traffic, we will also make sure that your website is friendlier to the mobile platforms.

As already mentioned, people who are ready to convert use their smartphones to locate local businesses and if your site is not mobile-friendly, it could end up affecting the bottom line. We also make it a point to optimize the website using local links because it improves the authority of your domain. We will update the link anchor text to remove the links that hamper the optimal performance of your site in the search results. Likewise, optimizing the title tags with strategic keywords will induce an immediate and positive effect on the organic visibility of your site.

Once again, we craft and publish content using keywords that are extremely popular within your local community. With each algorithm update, Google is turning out to be very intelligent when it comes to recognizing high-quality content. As cited earlier, such content while being relevant and useful will play an instrumental role in putting your site in an authoritative position. We will make it a point to display the name of the city/state so that Google knows the exact physical location of your business. Adding the name of the city/state to the title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags and on-site content can dramatically improve the local exposure of your business.

Social Media Management

You might have an active presence in different social media networks. However, can you say the same thing about your business in Tulsa? Perhaps it is time to give your business its own social life because this is now mandatory for companies to succeed. You no longer have the option to toy around with the idea of creating an imposing social media presence for your company. Our social media consultants can help you to traverse through the complicated and ever-changing social media landscape. We will look at the daily maintenance and management of your business profiles in the different social media channels while you can focus on the other important aspects of running a full-time business.

Social media is an excellent avenue to build and boost the reputation of your business/brand. Unhappy customers or a crafty competitor can put you out of business by using social media as a megaphone. We help our clients manage and maintain their reputation in these networks. Never let anyone sabotage the reputation of your business on the internet. With our effective tools and techniques, it is easy for our team to repair your reputation or build it from the scratch. Did you know that search engines now look at the social signals coming from these networks while ranking websites?

We tailor every social media campaign in such a way that each of our posts in these social channels will end up sending an appropriate social signal to some of the major search engines like Google, Bing and even Yahoo. People who flock in social media websites like Facebook are looking for information presenting in an interesting way. We apply our customized social media strategies to portray you and your business as a thought leader within the industry. However, to accomplish this feat, our copywriters and content developers will have to come up with educational and informative content at regular intervals.

Becoming a thought leader allows you to target all those prospective customers and grow the number of people following your business profile pages in these networks. People have a tendency to buy from businesses they trust; so, our intention is to build and cultivate this trust to optimize the rate at which the conversions are taking place.

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Contrary to the popular belief systems, SEO is here to stay. As the number of people using smartphones to locate business information online is expected to surge in the coming years, it is now the most appropriate time to seek the expert assistance of an experienced SEO agency in Tulsa. Start taking advantage of this wonderful marketing tool –and that too when it is available for extremely affordable monthly rates! The longer you wait, the more customers you will end up losing to the competition. Start talking with one of our strategists today and learn more about how our services can help you get more leads and sales.

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