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We offer a full suite of search engine optimization services that help businesses online boost visibility, traffic, and revenue.

Our SEO company in Texas has a team of some of the top search engine optimization specialists in the industry. Our team has been optimizing websites for many years, and has been able to keep up with all the algorithm changes that have happened as search engine optimization has changed.

Texas SEO Company Services

Many Texas businesses have turned to OneIMS to grow their business and search engine optimization, and this is why you should too.

Search engine optimization is the foundation of digital marketing. It’s a powerful and effective way to put your business in front of your consumers. It not only increases your web presence, but it helps you improve brand awareness on a city, state, national, or global scale.

Our methodology changes as the internet changes, so we can keep our clients ahead of the competition. Right now, these are the search engine optimization services in Texas that we are offering our clients.

Competitive Analysis

We start with a baseline competitive analysis. This helps us see where you stand when it comes to search engine optimization. We look at everything through our competitor research, such as their website, backlinks, content marketing, social media, web design, and rankings. With this information, we’re able to take what they have had success in and use it to take your website to the next level.

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While we perform our analysis of your competitors, we will also complete our analysis of your business. We must compare the two to understand exactly what needs to be done.

Once we have all the information, we compile a report that shows what your competitors have done that you haven’t, and why what they have done has helped them. We find this report to be highly valuable and a good jumpstart to your digital marketing.

Website Analysis

Besides doing a competitive analysis, we also do a thorough website analysis. This task let’s us look into the technical side of search engine optimization to see what you may be missing. Little things like missing image alt tags can affect your ranking on Google, and we do not want that to be a factor.

After we run our software on your website and go through everything that has to do with your site (content, on-page optimization, speed, responsiveness, backlinks, social media, web design and much more), we will create a report on our findings. This report will not only tell you what you’re missing, but it will detail what needs to be done to your site to improve its performance online.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical to the success of your website. You don’t know what to target on your website if you don’t know what your consumers are typing into search engines.

We use a multifaceted approach to find keywords that your consumers are using. Not only do we use Google’s own keyword search, but we use the search engine itself, plus some other programs that allow us to dive deeper into the details of how many people use specific keyword phrases, what the competition is like, and how close those people are to making a purchase.

We look for three factors when selecting keywords:

  • Relevance: The keywords are specific to your business, service or product
  • Reachable: The keywords target people who want to buy, so we can get you the best ROI in the least amount of time.
  • ROI: The keywords we select can help you increase sales, leads, and subscribers. Depending on what we are targeting, we will select specific keywords for it.

Once we find all the keywords to bring people who are interested in your services and products to your website, we will provide an in-depth list for you that includes their search volume and competition level according to Google’s Keyword Planner tool. We want you to be aware of what the keywords are that we are working on to help you understand what it is we are doing for you as your Texas search engine optimization agency.

Content Development

Every website needs content. It needs content on every page of the website, and then it needs a blog.

These are some statistics on the importance of content:

  • People who publish content on their site, see 7.8 times more traffic than those who do not.
  • Content produces three times more leads than outbound marketing.
  • Marketing with content increases conversion rates.

Not just any content will give you these results – high quality content does, so we make sure all the articles you have on your site are among the best in your industry.

Content leaders report you must provide your visitors with the best information online. If you don’t, they will go elsewhere for the information and of course, the services and products you are offering.

You don’t want to lose sales because you’re not meeting your web visitors what they need, right?

That’s why we have some of the best content writers and marketers on staff to help you convert as many internet users possible.

On-Page Optimization

Each page of your website needs to be optimized according to the keywords we find for you. When you turn to our Texas search engine optimization company, we will go through every page to improve it according to search engine optimization best practices put forth by Google.

Google wants one thing from websites: quality user experience that gives people what they are searching for on their search engine. When you can deliver this, Google ranks your website highly in their SERPs.

Our search engine optimization specialists will first go through the title tags and meta descriptions on your website to see if they have been optimized with the correct keywords. They will make any changes necessary.

They will then look over the content on each page. It needs to not only explain what the page is about, but it needs to do it in-depth. If there needs to be more text added, our content writers will do it. Our search engine optimization techs will then check to make sure the right keywords are used and match up with the ones used in the title tags and meta description.

The next step in optimization is to make sure all the images have an alt tag. This is important to Google because people look for image on their search engine. With alt tags, Google’s bots know what to show searchers. Without them, your site may be passed over, which again means lost business.

Schema markup is part of our search engine optimization strategy in many cases as well, as long as you use a WordPress site and we have access to your website’s backend. We want your business’ pages in the rich snippets Google has started to put on the SERPs, so we can make sure to include the coding for the schema markup to increase the chances that your site will be featured.

After the page has been reviewed, we will have another set of eyes look it over to make sure it is completely optimized. We then wait for your site to start ranking better in SERPs.

Link Building Strategy

Of course, working on your site isn’t the only thing we do at our Texas SEO company, we also do offsite promotion. We will work with other websites to get your URL on them. This is referred to as link building, and it is highly important to rankings.

We reach out to website owners to ask them if they would be willing to allow you to guest post on them, and can greatly expand your backlink network in doing so.


Citations are just as important, or even more important than link building. If you’re a local business, we will work to get your business listed in as many directories online. This makes it possible for more people to find your business.

We usually provide a list of the places where your business is listed. This way you don’t ever have to go to the same place twice. It’s important that you don’t duplicate listings, as Google does not like that, and it can lead to decreases in ranking.

We make sure to use your correct business name, address and phone number. We mention this because there are some businesses out there that do not and say that it’s not important. We believe that Google likes consistency among all listings, and we are committed to give you that. We look at other citations that have already been done, and ensure those are correct too. It’s important to match all of them up to what is written on Google My Business.

Don’t know about Google My Business? We understand. We are a local search engine optimization company, not you. Here is a little more information about our local search engine optimization services.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Since we’ve been mentioning citations and Google My Business, this is an excellent time to discuss our local SEO services in Texas. As a local business, you may not need to target people in another town, city or state. You want to keep it to your area, and we can help you do that.

Local SEO is different from national or even international SEO. We need to geo-target your website, so you appear to the people searching for your products and business.

We do this in much the same way we do search engine optimization, but with a local focus. We may use a keyword such as, “veterinarian office” but instead of just keeping it that way, we add “veterinarian office in Houston.” This way, people in Houston seeking a vet will find that office.

We do everything that needs to be done to help you rank as high as possible for your local area. We will manage your Google My Business, build citations, clean citations, add content, optimize your website, link build with local websites, and manage your social media. These local search engine optimization factors will help you grow your business and presence online.

Website Maintenance

Websites need to be performing well for Google to rank them highly. We ensure that your site speed is optimal. We check your website, and can work quickly to put it back up if it ever goes offline for any reason.

We have website design and development specialists on our team that work on the performance features of our clients’ sites. Together with the search engine optimization team, we deliver the best results possible.

Tracking, Reporting, and Consulting

We don’t do anything at our Texas SEO company without tracking. We need to track to see what is working and what isn’t working. After we track for about a month, we create a report of our results.

These results are then discussed with you in a call at your convenience. We will go over what we did, and what happened as a result. If something didn’t work, we will change it to see if that will make a difference. We will then track again for a month and report to see if that change made a positive difference. If it did, great, we will continue. If it didn’t, we will try something else.

The process of digital marketing is always changing. This is how you stay ahead of your competitors. As the SEO landscape changes and as your business grows, we will need to do what we can to make sure user online find your business and know that you’re the best provider. We do this by tracking our efforts, reporting on them, and then consulting with you.

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