SEO Case for Florock (Polymer Flooring Systems)
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The Client

Serving a wide range of facilities across the globe, Florock Polymer Flooring is a leader in the research and development, production, and installation of solutions-oriented flooring systems for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

The Challenge

Florock’s initial challenge was a non-performing website that lacked functionality and attracted very little traffic. Although recently redesigned, the combination of structural and functional site issues, along with a lack of a focused organic strategy, resulted in lack-luster performance from their website.

The Analysis

Client wanted to increase organic traffic to their website through organic search and worked with OneIMS to help attain these goals and increase conversion and sales.

The Strategy

As part of the inital strategy, Florock’s website was completely redesigned to strategically focus on usablity and a search-friendly structure that would allow for scalability and opportunities to grow organic traffic over time.
Ongoing growth strategy included:

  • Robust, SEO strategy
  • Targeted PPC campaigns for focus markets
  • Retargeting and display campaigns
  • Conversion optimization strategies
  • Content marketing
  • Digital PR

The Outcome

As a result of these efforts, the client saw traffic increase through 2014, remaining steady throughout 2015. From April 2014 to April 2015, client saw an increase of 442.38% in traffic,with organic traffic remaining steady at ~49.61 percent increase over previous periods of analysis. Bounce rate decreased by more than 16 percent over the course of the year.Steady growth indicates a projected increase in traffic in the future, as well.

Organic Strategy

Thanks to a comprehensive and robust SEO strategy, Florock’s organic traffic has grown by 1,600% over three years. Today, the website gets over 20,000 monthly visits and organic traffic makes up more than 80% of Florock’s total website traffic.

A focused strategy on website expansion, long-tail keyword content development, strategic link building and on-page optimization activities have helped Florock increase their market share and surpass its competitors. Florock’s keyword footprint has grown by more than 2,500%.

Thought-leadership efforts through Digital PR have also established Florock as an industry leader.

Website Lead Conversion Growth

Thanks to a conversion-oriented website design and a continuous optimization initiatives, Florock’s website has become a lead-generating machine. Today, Florock averages approximately 125 website inquiries and 350 chat leads on a monthly basis.

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