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Industrial/Commercial Flooring Company Shows Steady Increase in Organic Traffic

An industrial flooring company that specializes in cementitious, polymer floor coatings for high traffic areas as well as facilities that require unique demands to be met. Target facilities require flooring that can withstand heavy machinery, frequent washing (with or without harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures), and offers slip-resistant surfaces for optimal safety. This company manufactures and provides a variety of urethane flooring solutions to not only meet these demands, but also offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing, customizable styling.

Pain Points

Client wanted to increase organic traffic to their website through organic search and worked with Clickx to help attain these goals and increase conversion and sales.

Clickx created original website content to promote various products, videos to showcase different uses of different systems, planned and executed a back-linking strategy including publishing client articles on well-known industry publications.Additionally, local citations were checked and edited for accuracy and consistency to ensure traffic could easily contact and find the business.

As a result of these efforts, the client saw traffic increase through 2014, remaining steady throughout 2015. From April 2014 to April 2015, client saw an increase of 442.38% in traffic,with organic traffic remaining steady at ~49.61 percent increase over previous periods of analysis. Bounce rate decreased by more than 16 percent over the course of the year.Steady growth indicates a projected increase in traffic in the future, as well.

    Greg Henry

    We have partnered with OneIMS for the last 10 years to not only build and manage our website but also to support our SEO and inbound marketing initiatives. They do great work in addition to being easy to work with and always bring new ideas to the table. I would recommend them to everyone looking to improve their web presence and demand generation efforts.

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