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SEO Case Study

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AmCraft Case Study

Industrial sewn fabrics and vinyl products manufacturer hones online marketing strategy via concentrated approach

442.38% Increase In Traffic

An industrial flooring company that specializes in cementitious, polymer floor coatings for high traffic areas as well as facilities that require unique demands to be met.

49.61% Increase Over Previous Periods

Industrial/Commercial Flooring Company Shows Steady Increase in Organic Traffic

16% Decrease in Bounce Rate

Industrial/Commercial Flooring Company Shows Steady Increase in Organic Traffic

The Challenges

  • Prior difficulties with online marketing
  • On-site information overload
  • Surplus of product and services
  • Site lacked natural flow
  • High bounce rate

The manufacturer had previous problems trying to initiate an effective online marketing strategy. The company also offered too many products and services on only one website. This created an a disconnected flow on the site and resulted in the site suffering from a high bounce rate. As a result, their conversion was negligible.

The OneIMS Solution:

  • Multi-site strategy with core focuses
  • Proper SEO and PPC tactics
  • Lead nurturing and lead generation systems

To confront the websites information and product overload, OneIMS employed a multi-site strategy with core focuses on individual websites for core products and offerings. As a result, individual websites were created for certain products and specific verticals so that the core focus would be on these verticals.

Solution and Execution

For example, there was a site created for radio frequency welding and a separate site created for the heat sealing process. Consequently, more market shares were gained since there were so many concentrated web properties and higher conversions were achieved since this was a far more targeted approach.

Potential customers were able to clearly see that the company was more specialized and were therefore more reliable.


Innovative SEO and PPC techniques were also utilized to gain more organic and nonorganic web traffic while generating more qualified leads. And for their website visitors, a lead nurturing system was put into action to expedite potential customers to go further along the buyer’s journey while addressing the individual needs of existing clients.

As a result of these efforts, the client saw traffic increase through 2014, remaining steady throughout 2015. From April 2014 to April 2015, client saw an increase of 442.38% in traffic,with organic traffic remaining steady at ~49.61 percent increase over previous periods of analysis. Bounce rate decreased by more than 16 percent over the course of the year.Steady growth indicates a projected increase in traffic in the future, as well.

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