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Search engine optimization has been an industry that has greatly changed over the years. We’ve gone from being able to rank for a number of keywords easily and quickly to having to work a little harder to get through the competitive nature of the industry. The difficulty in ranking for specific keywords has led many business owners to turn to our San Diego SEO agency.

Business owners now realize that offline marketing isn’t going to sustain them. They need to use the Internet to capture their audience. They need to have a high quality website, and that site needs to be in front of their consumers’ eyes. At our San Diego SEO company, we have a team of Internet marketing professionals who can put websites in front of the right buyers at the right time, which is when they are ready to buy.

SEO is what we specialize in, but we do much more than just optimizing websites. We believe that SEO encompasses everything that has to do with marketing your website online. It all goes into how Google and other search engine view a site, which is why we offer all of these services.

We have built a team of people who know know about each part of optimizing a business for search engines and Internet users. We have SEO specialists, PPC experts, professional content writers, social media marketers, and link builders who constantly stay on top of all the changes that are happening online these days. As Google gets better at understand what their users want from websites, we follow along to give them what the search engine and its users want.

About Our SEO Services for San Diego Business Owners

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what your visibility online is right now. We will assess what you currently have, and make a plan that will help you move forward in your efforts for more brand recognition.

We want to serve everyone in the best way possible, so we’ll start with the first step – website design or development.

Website Designing and Developing

It’s obvious the first thing we look at is your website. This is the hub of your business online. It’s where people will go to for information about what you’re selling.

A good website will be visually appealing. It will make people say, “WOW!”

The beauty of your website isn’t all that matters that comes to your business online. You also need to provide information. We do to include that information on your site in a way that people will be able to find it. This means we need a navigation menu that has pages with titles that tell people what you’re going to explain. This way people can come to your site and quickly find exactly what they need.

As we add more to your website, we will make sure that it doesn’t get too cluttered for your audience. It’s important to us because we know that Internet users don’t like to be overstimulated. They want to be on websites that are simple, but valuable. We can do this for you because we know what a site needs.

At this point, you may think, “But what about my brand?” Be assured that your brand will not be affected by our work for you on your site. We will make sure that your brand and message is implemented into your site well. It will make you proud of your website.

If you already have a site, that’s great. Our developers can look it over to make sure it has everything you need to rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs). This means we need to ensure that the site architecture makes sense, that the site is speedy, and all of the pages are live and functional.

If your site has been updated within the last year, it will likely need an update. Some sites that are two years old will need a complete redesign. A lot has changed over the years, and a redesign can bring your business up to date online. An old website can impact your ranking on search engines, so it’s important that we complete a redesign if needed.

Optimizing the Website

Just having the website won’t bring you customers. You need to have it optimized with the keywords your consumers are putting into Google.

It may seem like we need to guess what your consumers are using in the Google search bar, but we don’t have to pull them out of thin air. We actually have many tools in which we can determine what people are typing into Google. These keywords are really phrases and some are short and others are long. We use long-tail keywords in all types of content, such as in blog posts. These keyword phrases are often used when people looking for information rather than a specific product or service—what people are looking for when using a short-tail keyword phrase, keywords we also include.

Once we have a good list of keywords to use for your website, we start to implement them into your site on every page. We use the keywords that match up to each page of your site. They are placed naturally in content, title tags and meta descriptions. We then use the other keyword phrases to create content. The goal of this content is to rank on the SERPs highly because it gives people what they are searching for when it comes to the topic.

As we keep working on optimizing your website, we check many different factors such as if the images are optimized. We ensure we’re using keywords that we want your site to rank for, so that your site appears in Google Images.

Google has recently started to use schema markup to help their users find information without going to a website. The benefit to you is if your site has the answer that people are looking for, it may be showcased at the top of Google SERPs. This is only if you have accurate schema markup setup on your site. We do this for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. This way Google has a higher chance of ranking your site for those keywords, and then displaying it at the top of the SERPs for information they want to give users instantly.

Content Creation Across the Internet

Content is the backbone of the Internet. If there was no content, there wouldn’t be an Internet. We need to continuously add content to a website, social media, and other sites, so the Internet can survive. This is why Google and everyone else wants to see your site with current information.

Our team of professional content writers can help you fill your website with the best articles in your industry. Quality is important. If you do not have the best articles online, you will not be visibility to Internet users on search engines. Your articles need to go above and beyond what your competitors are providing, and that’s what we will do for you.

We don’t only create content for your site, but we also do it for your social media accounts. The more content you have on social media, the more visibility you will have with those users. It’s just another outlet where you can put yourself right in front of people who wouldn’t find you otherwise. The content on social networks is different from what you would find other places. Social users want images, videos, and links to share-worthy articles. They don’t want what is usually found on the SERPs, they want something they identify with that can help their followers too. We know this all too well and we create content that attracts social users.

Content is also created to help your business appear on other sites. We call this guest posting. Your website link ends up on these sites because we post high quality content on them. The followers on that site will then read it, love it, and want to see what you have to offer on your site. These articles are often not promotional, but informational. It’s the information that makes them want to move forward to your site and learn more about your business.

Content is what we work with every single day for all of our clients at our San Diego SEO company. We create a content plan for all of our clients that is approved every month. After approval, we work on the content and send it to our clients for review. Once reviewed, we publish it wherever it was planned to go. We will then track what happens with it to see if it’s been effective in building your brand awareness. We set goals to achieve with our content and then we report on the results. This is how we show our value to our San Diego search engine optimization clients.

Social Media Management Services

As we have mentioned previously, we offer social media services. We post to social media accounts for our clients. We know how to represent our clients in the most professional way possible. Our social media marketers learn about the industry and how consumers like to be treated to provide exceptional customer service. They will respond to inquiries in the same you would to ensure that you gain customers and followers.

We will post for you every single day as many times as you believe as necessary. We will track your posts to see what works and what doesn’t work. We will then do more of what works, and do less or eliminate what doesn’t work. This makes sense, right? Everything we do makes sense.

Social media advertising is big right because social networks have started to limit how much businesses can promote themselves for free. Our social media marketers have years of experience working in many industries that have used paid ads on social media, so they can use your money in an effective way to get you the goals you’re expecting. They know how to target your audience, what ads spark their attention, and how much to spend and how long to promote ads. All of these factors matter when you’re looking to maximize your visibility on social networks. We do all of this at our San Diego SEO agency.

We work on the social networks that your consumers spend the most time on. Some consumers spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and Twitter, so we don’t waste time on Pinterest and Facebook. Some consumers for certain industries spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram, so we focus on them and not on Twitter and Facebook. We will research where your consumers are, and then we will work on the social networks that will be most effective.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Since we were telling you about our successful with social media advertising, we thought we would share how we help people with Pay Per Click, or PPC. Our PPC managers are some of the best in the industry. They can help you boost your ROI when it comes to investing in PPC ads. We know many people don’t believe in these ads, but we believe they simply haven’t used experienced PPC specialists. We have them here at OneIMS and can help you finally see the results you’ve been always wanted.

Getting Started with Our San Diego SEO Agency

As you can see, we put a lot of effort in getting our clients’ websites in front of their consumers. Our San Diego search engine optimization agency does so much more than just SEO, we do content, social media, link building, local SEO, website design, website development, PPC, and so much more. The only way to know exactly what we can do for you is to call us for more information. We will schedule a consultation with you to go over where you are with your business’ visibility online, and what we can do to help you improve that.

We’re happy you’re considering OneIMS for your San Diego SEO firm. Contact us now, so we can start working together to grow your business online.

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