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A business website plays an important role in bringing more sales and leads—yet the same website is often an afterthought for many people. Business owners often fail to understand that this website happens to be the best way for the target customers to see, hear and feel about their business. However, merely publishing a website online is not going to cut it during these times. The website needs to go through several phases of optimization for both the search engines and the human users, through the use of effective and practical search engine optimization (SEO). OneIMS is an SEO agency in Salt Lake City that can help your local business achieve a viable and high-density online presence.

Throughout the years, we have partnered with several small, medium and enterprise businesses to get the results they have always wanted to have via our comprehensive and cohesive digital marketing campaigns. Listed below are some of our tactics designed to increase sales and leads while differentiating your brand from the rest of the competition. We can also help to optimize your marketing costs and make it even more affordable with our customized packages. In short, if you are looking for an experienced marketing partner, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about our digital marketing services.

Website Optimization

As mentioned earlier, many people fail to recognize their website as their top marketing asset. Your prospective customers rely on search engine and social media networks to learn more about your products or services. Our custom website design services will help your business to stand out from this crowded marketplace. When your target audience is actively searching for your website, so that they can engage with your business, it is important to pay ample attention to the website design/development/promotion processes. Did you know that first impression matters a lot and that many people tend to see website design as a sign of credibility?

Our website design and development processes will include online visibility, deep into the core programming of your business site. For instance, we make use of SEO-friendly content management systems like to create websites.We integrate our SEO practices while designing the website so that by default, you will always end up getting a business site well-optimized for some of the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our team realizes the importance of having a mobile-friendly website because so many people prefer to search for information or buy products/services through their smartphones and tablet computers.

A poorly-designed mobile site will only help in alienating your customer base. Few people know that Google ranks mobile websites higher in the search engine results page (SERP). At the same time, please bear in mind that hackers and other nefarious elements are always on the prowl for vulnerable websites. We design/develop secure business sites, especially if you have webpage elements in place where people can fill out their personal information. It is needless to state; but Google also pays attention to secure websites while ranking them. If your site takes a long time to load, then that can also turn out to be an issue.

Ideally, your business site must load completely in less than three seconds. If it takes more time than that, it is only natural for people to move on to the next site (probably maintained by your competition). The page load speed can also affect the rate of conversions. People love to spend time browsing through websites that provide them with an excellent user experience. This in turn implies that the visitors must locate what they want swiftly or navigate easily through the website. Once again, if they are not able to find information quickly and easily, they might close the tab and move on to the next search result.

We consider all these aspects when designing websites for our clients. If you already have a business site, it is easy for our team to audit it to locate its SEO deficiencies. We are also happy to show you a couple of website templates or design that website of your dreams right from the scratch.

Website Content Optimization Using Keyword Research

Keywords can make or break an SEO campaign. This simple aspect can in fact explain why we pay a great deal of attention when it comes to selecting the right set of keyword phrases to optimize the content of your website. Keyword research is not a one-time process –we will have to keep on optimizing it for the entire life of the ongoing SEO campaign. This is mandatory because keywords can and will lose its relevancy with the passage of time or when the browsing patterns/behavior of people change. Choosing the right keywords to market your site is a lot more difficult process than you think!

To get a basic idea about the keywords, we utilize tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Along with this tool, we make use of certain other proprietary utilities and combine them with our experience to shortlist the appropriate set of keywords. The process of intelligently choosing keywords is all a balancing act because the results of keyword optimization can take some time to show its intended results. We will only choose the keywords based on the economics of your business and the search volumes. At the same time, we look at how the competition selects keywords and search phrases to optimize their site.

Your business goals and the budget you have set aside for digital marketing purposes also will play important roles, likewise. Ideally, we have found that choosing high-value keywords with medium/low search volume offers us a not-so-competitive medium to generate the intended results. For instance, long tail keywords are ideal for attracting people who are willing to convert almost immediately because they seek specific information about your products/services. Once we have a list of search terms, we will implement them throughout the website content and on the blog posts. Our copywriters are adept when it comes to creating or improving the existing content using these keywords naturally.

Content Marketing in Salt Lake City

Content marketing comes with its own share of advantages. They are useful for (1) improving the organic search engine visibility of your business site (2) driving more traffic to your site (3) establishing your website as a definitive and authoritative source of information within your industry. All these three aspects will work together to improve the number of sales and leads generated. As mentioned earlier, people are always searching for valuable information about different products and services on the internet. We can develop and market content that offers genuine value to your prospective customers.

Good quality content will also help in another way –your prospects will help in the process of building and marketing your business through word of mouth or by sharing our content through social media platforms. Done properly and byexperienced specialists, content marketing is one of the cost-effective methods with the help of which you can grow your business and build your brand at the same time. While others focus on creating and publishing the content, we go that extra mile to market the same content using several inbound marketing strategies. Our underlying intention to not just to get the attention of the target audience but also to engage with them.

Social Media Management

There are plenty of business owners who think that social media marketing and advertising is applicable exclusively for high-end restaurants or high-profile companies. Despite what you might think, the precise application of our social media strategies can end up generating a significant amount of leads and sales for your business. There are several social media networks and your business needs to invest in the best among them to get the intended results. Social media marketing is a complicated process better left to the experienced professionals at OneIMS. We help by taking over the complete management of your social media campaigns –so that you can start focusing more on running your business.

Before we delve deeper into the process of creating a tailored social media strategy for your business, we complete an analysis of the competitors. This analysis allows us to learn how your competition can amass and engage with the intended audience. Our organic social campaigns include posting in selected social media networks at regular intervals while tracking the levels of engagement/interaction these posts accumulate. To give the campaign that much-needed boost, we might also organize data-driven paid social campaigns. We select high-performing ads using A/B split testing and market them to selected audiences who are genuinely interested in your products/services.

Similarly, tracking the audience/reach of the social campaign allows us to manage/tweak the various aspects of the campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay per click internet marketing allows business owners to display ads on different websites (and even on the SERP). Every time someone clicks on these ads, the business owner will have to make a predefined payment. The cost per click (CPC) for these display ads can be as low as $0.05. As expected, if we use highly competitive keywords (search terms guaranteed to get more clicks), then the CPC can be upwards of $50.00. Yes, this is an interesting business model that can divert high quality and targeted traffic to your website without any additional fuss.

OneIMS is a PPC management company and we can take care of everything ranging from setting up PPC campaigns, designing them, producing enticing content using selected keywords for the display ads, launching the campaign, and constantly monitoring the performance of the ads to optimize it for even better results. Unlike the other companies that involve only with a select few aspects related to PPC, we have more experience and expertise in managing your PPC campaigns for immediate results. We have found paid search campaigns to be extremely effective when it comes to targeting the customers based on what they type into the search bar.

Local SEO in Salt Lake City

Most of the consumers go online to find out information about the different local products and service providers –this sole fact explains the importance of local SEO. These days, it is quite customary to see people whipping out their smartphones to search for information about nearby businesses using Google or on services like Google Maps. Our local SEO strategies will allow you to connect with all these people in an effective and seamless manner. The precise application of local search engine optimization tactics can not only improve the position of your business in the search results, but also allows Google to list it in the local pack!

We understand the importance of local SEO and it can in fact explain why we take additional precautions when it comes to optimizing your business for the local search results. For instance, we never underestimate your competition while developing a local SEO strategy. Also, we take additional efforts to build the number of local citations for your business while carefully monitoring them. Along with adding your business information to the different online directories, we will also audit the existing citations for errors and fix them at the earliest. In the process, we will also be on the constant look out for additional citation opportunities for your business.

Localized website content also plays an important role in improving the local search ranking of your business. To create locally targeted website content, we perform continual keyword research and focus exclusively on those search terms people are using when searching for your services. If you have not yet claimed your Google My Business, we will help you to claim, verify, set up and optimize this listing. Claiming and setting up this account enables services like Google Maps to list your business details. After optimizing your GMB page for backlinks, we will make sure that the profile is complete with accurate details (like the business hours).

Business owners often must wear many hats to streamline the daily operations. Apart from running their company and dealing with the issues that can pop up every day, you might never have the time to sit and optimize your business for the local search results. The best available option is to outsource such tasks to OneIMS. With our deep insight into the different industries and expert knowledge, it is possible for us to formulate dedicated strategies that can help your business rise through the ranks.

SEO Reputation Management

Before the advent of social media, people could do only limited damage to the reputation of your business. Things have changed a lot during these times and one customer can single-handedly bring down your business. Social media simply serves as a megaphone to the disgruntled customers and they often post their frustrating experiences in different social media networks. If you wish to take control of what people say about your products/services online, it is important to pay attention to Salt Lake City SEO reputation management services.

Bitter customers are all over the place and it is hard to keep everyone satisfied with your offerings –however hard you might try. If you make a mistake, the next best thing to do is to rectify it at the earliest. Major corporations always go into damage control mode if an unforeseen circumstance develops with one of their customers. Throughout the years, we have helped businesses of various sizes to recover from the barrage of bad or derogatory online complaints.

We consider the unique situation your business is currently going through and will offer proactive (or reactive) solutions to manage and maintain the online reputation of your company. We can effectively deploy certain strategies to maximize the good things people say about you and your business while diminishing the effect of the issues that are paving the way to a bad reputation for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The process of turning casual website visitors into long-term customers might appear as a simple process for the uninformed. Right now, your business website might be getting lots of visitors from all parts of Salt Lake City. Yet, only a small portion among them decide to get in touch or inquire about your products/services. This can happen because of various reasons and we can help with improving your website so that the rate at which it converts people into customers increases with the passage of time. Did you know that increasing the conversion rate by a few percentage points can end up affecting your bottom line in a very significant manner?

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While it is indeed possible to get better results by spending more, OneIMS specializes in the art of giving more to our clients by making them spend less than their competitors, as a leading SEO company in Salt Lake City. Right now, you might have set aside a limited budget for advertising/marketing purposes. By hiring our team of specialists, we can help with optimizing the visit-to-lead conversion rates for your business site. Talk to our strategists today and learn more about how our services can turn out to be beneficial for your company. Do keep us posted with your experiences too!

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