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PR Outreach Services

An improved media presence is also one of the clearest and most important indicators of business growth.

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What is PR Outreach?

Media presence is one of the most important aspects of both marketing and branding. An improved media presence is also one of the clearest and most important indicators of business growth. The reasons for this can be found in the fact that the general public gets most of its information through consuming media.

We have a lot of media outlets to tap into these days, but there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution that we can resort to when it comes to reaching out to representatives from different media branches. This is where our PR outreach services come in.

Crafting an Outreach Approach That Fits

While the basic techniques and goals are accepted by top PR outreach agencies across the board, campaigns should be crafted to fit the brand being promoted. There are more than a few factors that we take into consideration when coming up with a strategy for our campaigns in order to get the best possible results.

Brand Story

It is very important for any PR campaign to focus on outlining the essence of a brand. This way, we ensure that it fits the image of the client in question.

PR outreach should rely on the brand’s story, so that it can draw out the emotions and values that the brand stands for.

Getting a bland brand message across will hurt its reach as well as the effectiveness of the entire outreach process.


The Right Content Choice

It is simply impossible to create targeted outreach without first deciding on the type of content you want to promote. By knowing what kind of message you want to create and the type of information you want to share, a public relation company can target different media outlets.

Also, they will prompt those that are most likely to be interested in your content as well as those that have the best track record of getting that content distributed to the audience. So, whether it’s blog posts, infographics, a simple PR announcement, or something far more complex than that, the PR team at OneIMS is here to help you out.

Identifying the Right Audience

Each public relation effort has its specific goals and it will not always be focused on reaching the same people. In some situations, the message will be more suitable and relevant to the average consumer. Other times, it will be something to attract investors or industry experts. Finding optimal ways to promote this message is tied in with finding places where the right audience resides.

Established Media Connections

A lot of research and communication goes into establishing PR connections and most businesses lack both the experience and the manpower to handle this in-house. Things get messy, communication is clunky, and oftentimes, deadlines get missed. Experienced public relation companies have an established network of connections which help speed things up.

Custom Solutions

Being that specific clients need specific approaches, PR outreach services are also focused on identifying and getting in touch with media outlets that they haven’t approached before. In order to improve the chances of getting a prompt answer, they will tailor a message that is specifically focused on reaching the desired target.

As an example, the approach to contacting a niche blogger and a news website will not be the same and the way we contact each one will be tailored to fit established niche standards.

During these custom outreach campaigns, the goal is to get in contact with the right person and manage to get their attention in the sea of emails, Dms, and other messages. Experienced outreach specialists analyze the outlet they are contacting and tailor their approach towards something that is likely to get noticed.

When pitching newsworthy content, it is important to keep things to the point. Most media outlets that are worth the trouble get a lot of pitches on a daily basis. An unnecessarily elaborate approach wastes time on both ends and may be the reason why there is no response. Our professional PR outreach team is skilled at creating pitches that intrigue and draw out a quick response.

Our Goal is to Help Brands Grow!

The OnelMs team will help you get noticed in a sea of mediocre PR messages and improve your chances of getting exposed. We are always here for a consultation and can build up on your existing plan, or we can start from scratch.

Good PR is a catalyst for growth, better brand reputation, more leads, sales, and ultimately a more successful business, so be sure to contact our specialist and we’ll help you find a path to great exposure.

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