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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a fast growing online platform that allows users to upload and share images and videos. On this platform, posts are called Pins and collections of various content are called Pinboards. Over the years, Pinterest has become aviable platform for marketing purposes. It has more than 175 million active monthly users.

You should also know that over 90% of Pinterest users use it to plan their purchases, and over 80% have purchased a product because they have stumbled upon it on this platform. But since the pins and Pinboards are completely new concepts, you might feel lost and don’t know where to start. This is exactly where our Pinterest management services fit in.

We will help you leverage your Pinterest account and use it togenerate high quality leads, increasing your traffic and income.

Pinterest Management Services

At OneIMS, we provide custom-tailored Pinterest management services to meet the specific needs and goals of your business. This is a crucial factor that sets usapart from other Pinterest marketing companies on the market.

Pinterest attracts a different audience than other popular online platforms. Our Pinterest management services will help you develop the optimal marketing strategy, reach new audiences, and get just the right kind of exposure for your brand, products, and services. Our Pinterest marketing services range from account setup to regular Pinterest marketing reports.

Pinterest Marketing Benefits

Pinterest is a marketing-friendly platform because people quite often use it as a search engine for inspiration and purchase planning. If you decide to include it in your digital marketing strategy, you will soon discover that it’s a powerful marketing channel that can deliver great results.

Here are the mostpowerful benefits of Pinterest marketing:

Increased Conversion Rates

As we have stated above, many Pinterest users use it to plan their future purchases. This unique mindset of Pinterest users will help you significantly shorten your pipeline and save all that extra cash needed for lead qualifying and nurturing.

Increase Website Traffic

If you have a lot of great content on your website, Pinterest is just the right kind of platform to use to promote it. OneIMS Pinterest marketing services will help you increase your website traffic by increasing links back to your website. Increased website traffic will help you increase your online visibility, but also increase sales and profits.

More Pins Means More Backlinks

Pinterest is built around images. A few years ago, Pinterest even added the image search functionality. But did you know that every image, or Pin if you prefer, includes a link to the source of the image? By strategically Pinning images from your website, we will help you leave a digital footprint that is easy to follow for both search engines and your potential customers.

Gain Access To Engaged Community

Unlike communities on other social media platforms, the one on Pinterest is highly engaged. People usually share the pins they find with both small and large groups. This means that you will get big exposure in a very short period of time.

Our Pinterest Management Process

Thanks to years of experience in the realm of digital marketing, we at OneIMS have learned to value our clients’ input.To ensure the success of your Pinterest marketing strategy, we will bring you on board and share everything with you. After we have established the goals of the marketing strategy, we will assess your website and current Pinterest account.

Before we start, we will give you advice on how to optimize your blog to become more Pinterest-friendly. This will result in more products being shared on the Pinterest platform

The Pinterest Account audit is the cornerstone of our services, as it will help us understand what’s going on with your account. We will assess your past pinning strategy, assess Pinterest’s impact on your website traffic and audience engagement, and present you with a customized strategy to make your Pinterest account flourish.

To make sure that you connect with the right kind of audience, we will study your niche and identify keywords specific for your target audience. As standard part of our Pinterest Account Management service, we will apply search engine optimization tactics to keep your profile optimized at all times.

If required, we will leverage the Promoted Pins (paid campaign) to direct paid traffic to your website

If you don’t have an accounton Pinterest we will set it up for you.

Choosing the Best Pinterest Marketing Company

Finding the best among many Pinterest marketing companies on the market is vital to the success of your Pinterest marketing campaign. The market is flooded with companies with no experience and knowledge in this specific niche. Here at OneIMS, we are proud to say that we are among the best Pinterest marketing companies on the market, both in terms of experience and knowledge. Our custom-tailored Pinterest marketing strategies have delivered excellent results to many companies in the past. Feel free to check us out.

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