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As a business owner, you want to get as many people’s eyes on your products and/or services as possible. At this point, you’ve probably exhausted all of the offline options available. Now, you’re looking for more visibility. Turning to the Internet is the best way to do it. Our Orlando SEO company offers you a team of experts who will help you gain maximum exposure online. We do this with SEO services that help your business’ website rank well on Google’s search engine results pages, gain traffic from social media and other websites.

When it comes to helping our clients, we are committed to giving each person individualized attention. Some of our clients only serve local Orlando people, while others serve people around the country. We help both types of business owners using a selection of our services that cater to organic and local SEO.

SEO Services for Orlando Business Owners

To explain more about what we do at our Orlando SEO agency, the following are the services we provide.

Website Creation

Our team of highly skilled website designers and developers can create a website you’ll be proud to show everyone. We take your brand image and vision and weave it into a theme that will not only attract consumers, but will be well received by Google.

Google has a specific idea of what it wants in a website.

  • Easy Navigation: The website should be easily navigable. People should be able to land on the site and quickly go to the page they need.
  • Visually Pleasing: The site must look good, so people want to spend time on it. This means that they can read everything easily and colors should be vibrant.
  • Functional: The website shouldn’t return any errors. It should functional perfectly no matter where a user goes on it.
  • Fast: No one wants to wait around for a website to load. This is why Google has recently decided to use site speed as a factor.
  • Mobility: A website should be responsive, which means that the site will display well on a mobile device. The images decrease in size, the text is big enough to read, and nothing is cut off because it’s on a smaller screen. This is another factor Google has decided to include in their factors for ranking.

These website characteristics are what our team works on for every website. Even if you have a website already, they will review its current state to make recommendations for changes that will help it perform better. If you decide to move forward, we will make the changes. Some of our new clients ask for redesigns, in which we take simple change out the current theme with a new one, but all of the content remains the same. This may be an option for you if you haven’t had your site updated in the last couple of years.

As we work with clients for a year or two, we often go into the site to make updates as needed with the changes that come out with Google and natural Internet user trends. This is what it means to have a solid website development team behind you.

Optimizing a Site for Search Engines and Users

We believe a website shouldn’t just be optimized for search engines, but for users too. Our Orlando SEO company has some of the best search engine optimization specialists in the state of Florida. Our results show this to be true. We’ve been able to significantly increase our client’s website traffic and conversion rates.

We do this in a number of ways that we love to tell our clients about since they have seen the fruits of our labor. The very first step is keyword research.

We perform keyword research by using Google’s own keyword planner tool. We look for traffic volumes, competition, and cost-per-click. Why do we look at those metrics? Well, the volumes tell us how many people are searching for particular keywords, competition tells us how easy it is for us to rank for those keywords, and then the cost-per-click gives us an idea of how close people are to making a purchase.

When we first start working on a SEO campaign for our clients, we look for the keywords with the highest volumes and lowest competition. This way we can start ranking for keywords easily and quickly to bring in people who will help tell Google that the site has valuable content.

As we gain familiarity with users and Google, we start to target keywords that have a high volume and medium competition. We also choose the ones with the highest cost-per-click. When we see that those keywords are getting ranked, we move on to the higher competition keywords. These usually have the highest volume numbers and the best cost-per-click rates. When we rank for those keywords, we bring in loads of highly targeted traffic to the site.

SEO is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. We can see traffic come to a site quickly, but the true results of the work may not be experienced until months later. This is why we incorporate other online marketing tactics as we wait for the site to perform.

Content Creation and Marketing

Content is the backbone of your site, and every site online – even social networking sites. We create content ourselves because we have professional content writers. They have experience writing articles that are well liked online. This means that users not only read them, but they share them with their followers online, and they engage with it. This is what matters most to Google and your brand awareness.

Let’s say we publish an article on your site, and someone reads it. This person loves it, and wants to show her friends. She posts it on Facebook, and her 500 friends see on their feed, and 50 of them click on the link. They love it, so they share it on their pages. If each of those friends has 500 friends, and 50 of their friends click on the link, you have 25,000 people coming to your site. This is how viral content works, and it does happen, as long as you have high quality, engaging content.

This is just the content we publish on your site. We can also publish content on social networks. We do this different of course. We make them shorter, link to pages on your site, and share images and videos. The better we know your audience, the more we know what they like, so we can cater to them. This is what can help you not only get more traffic to your site, but more people will know about you.

Content can also be published on other people’s websites. This is what we call guest posting, and it’s a great way to put your products and services in front of different audiences to improve your visibility online. The more we do, the more people know about you, and the more links you receive to your site.

Google uses links from other websites to decide how popular your site is among users. If you have a lot of people linking to your site, you will likely rank better on SERPs.

Social Media Management

In addition to search engine optimization and content creation and marketing, we have a team of social media marketers. These marketers know how to use social media to get your website noticed and ranked better on SERPs. Our Orlando SEO firm believes that social media has a lot to do with search engine rankings.

When we post something on social media, we want to get the best reaction possible. The posts that do receive that interaction will end up being crawled by Google. When Google sees that the link attached to that account goes to your site, it will view the popularity on the page as a good thing and want to show your site to as many people as possible.

Social media isn’t just for ranking your site better; it’s also good for marketing to a different audience. An audience that isn’t using a search engine. Think of all the people who discuss different products and services with their followers. People are always looking for recommendations and opinions are thrown everywhere. If you’re present on social media, you can be part of those discussions and when someone is looking for what your business offers, you can be there to win them over immediately.

Social users are using Messenger much more these days. They expect that businesses will be available at all times to answer their questions. Since you’re running a business, you likely don’t have the time to monitor messages coming in from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and any of the others. That’s what our Orlando SEO agency does for its clients. We are on top of the messages, so your business continues to provide the best in customer services.

Local SEO Services for Orlando

Local SEO services are a bit different than organic SEO. We have to work with Google My Business and ensure that your name, address, and phone number are all correct on it and your website. Google does not forgive mistakes because they take it as an insult when they give their users incorrect information in their Listings and Maps. Whenever a business fails to correct their information, Google will decrease the ranking of that site on local search.

Citations help businesses have more visibility. They are listings published in directories. There are thousands of directories online. We first add your business to Orlando directories and then to directories in the state. We move on to the nation after that to ensure we are including a business in as many places as possible. This means more people will be able to find it, including Google.

In addition to Google My Business and citations, we create content that is geo-targeted for your site. This means that if you’re an orthodontist, we will target “orthodontist in Orlando.” Using the city name with a keyword helps you rank for it, so it comes up when people search for it. We work on keywords throughout the month to help move rankings upward.

Along with all of these tasks, we also include the organic SEO strategies. We do link building, so that we can get as many backlinks as possible. We always do this in the best way possible – what Google recommends.

Advertising Online

We offer paid ads as a service to our Orlando business owners. Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) team as well as social media marketing team have experience in paid ads to help generate leads and sales. They know how to target the right audience and what ads make them act.

We know that many people are afraid of doing paid ads because they fear they will lose money. We always tell our Orlando SEO firm clients that they don’t have to invest a lot to see results. They can start small, and once they see their ROI, they can spend a little more. Little by little they make profits that allow them to reinvest to make bigger profits.

We stand by all of the work we do at our SEO agency in Orlando. We work with a mission and that mission is to make your website successful online.

Contact Our Orlando SEO Company Today

We are ready to help your Orlando business grow online. We improve visibility, boost conversion rates, and help businesses bring in more business every single day. The work we do isn’t easy, and it takes a great deal of knowledge, skill, and experience. Turn to a team of experts who understand how to position your business online to beat out the competition.

The longer you wait, the more business you’ll lose. So, don’t sit and wait another day. Let us start working on your SEO, so you can start to see significant results from our online marketing services.

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