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In the recent years, several small, medium, and large sized businesses in Oregon have been turning to the search engine optimization (SEO) solutions offered by OneIMS. Most of the business owners only have one intention running through their minds while seeking our expertise – they want to their business to show up on top of the search results and thus get more customers. Helping your business to rank better and higher in the search engines like Bing and Google is all about applying proven SEO and marketing strategies. We can help your business with less effort and our record of accomplishments speaks for itself.

Ranking higher on the search engine results page (SERP) is essential because most of the people search online for business information via search engines. Gaining exposure online will lead to improved sales for your company. Our SEO and inbound marketing strategies will drive more customers and leads towards your business rather than the competition. In the sections below, we will consider some of the services available from our end and how these services will help your business to get increased exposure while growing the customer base. While focusing on the growth of revenue for your business, we will also keep our clients in the loop with monthly reports of our activities.

We look at optimizing your website not just for the search engines, but also for the end users. It is high time that your website started getting the web traffic it deserves!

Getting Your Website Ranked #1 On Google Via Keyword Research

Keyword research often lays the foundation for the success of an SEO campaign. Keyword research is to find out all the keywords, terms, and phrases the web searchers are using to locate products/service like what you offer. No matter what industry your business is into, someone somewhere in the state or the country is searching for it via the search engines. The size of your business is also immaterial in the online world. We emphasize this point because there are several small business owners who think that their business does not need SEO at all.

SEO and its related concepts enable potential customers to connect with your business without any intermediaries. However, your website needs to come out of the deeper depths of the search results and appear at least on page #1 of the search results if you wish to help the customers. Google’s Keyword Planner is an excellent starting place to research the terms people are currently using to locate your business online. We need to find keywords that target your audience and then we need to apply the same set of keywords for optimizing your website.

Getting the right keywords is important because if you optimize the website using the wrong set of keywords, it might get traffic from all those who are not interested in your offerings. We will need to consider different business industries and then concentrate on the search volume and the emerging trends that will turn out to be beneficial for your business.

New Website Design or Freshening Up Your Current Website Design

Google wants every website to behave in a specific manner and we will adhere to these guidelines issued by them while designing and developing a website for your business. Along with optimizing the website with proper keywords, we will also work on making it much more speedy and responsive. Our team has access to customizable premium themes and plugins which enables them to design and create a website that will suit your business needs and goals. Building websites in a timely manner has also been one of our hallmark attributes.

Responsive websites are better for businesses because too many people now rely on their smartphones and tablets (i.e. devices with different screen sizes) to view your site. When we design and implement your site, it will look and render better on all kinds of mobile devices. Rather than overwhelming your potential customers with loads of information, we tend to design/develop websites so that they end up looking clean and modern. Information must be present within the website in a neat and organized manner. Only then, search engines and more importantly the end users will find your site usable.

It should also be easy to update and manage your website as your business begins to grow. We implement websites using WordPress which has an excellent content management system while offering robust protection from the miscreants. If your business already has a website of its own, we can freshen it up so that the site is better suited to today’s web standards.

Communicate A Clear Message to Your Customers with Content Marketing

Your website needs to have content listed in an informative manner. Only then, people will queue up in large numbers to your site. We have a team of professional writers who will do the necessary research work (which includes conducting interviews) to understand your business and its customers. To better help our clients, we will always base our content on two important aspects; they are (1) keyword research and (2) social media popularity. In no time, you will find our content will rank highly on the SERP. We also deal with producing content for social media marketing.

We understand that our clients must be happy while working with the content marketing team. To fulfill this, we will send all the content created for review and approval from your end. The suggestions coming from your end will help our writers understand the voice, tone, and style of your business. We will keep on repeating this process (of sending content and waiting for your approval) until you feel that our writers are creating articles that will help your business in a better way. Publishing the content created within the website is just a small part of the process.

We also need to use it on the other websites to expand the online reach of your business. Having maximum online visibility for your business will work wonders! Our marketing team also engages in link building practices (something that we will be looking into shortly). This process is all about publishing our content on other willing websites for building inbound links.

Helping Your Brand Get More Coverage with Link Building

If people are thinking highly about a website, Google wants to know about the same site. This simple aspect is the underlying principle of link building. If many people have linked to a website, then Google will naturally give a better ranking to the same site. This can, in fact, explain why more inbound links to your site from other sites will only turn out to be helpful for your business. We still rely on link building manually i.e. to get in touch with the other websites and ask if they will allow us to publish content that has a backlink to your site.

Link building is a perfectly legal process but has managed to gain somewhat of a negative reputation in some circles. This is because several online marketers deployed black-hat link building techniques and Google ended up penalizing all these webmasters. We will always adhere to the best practices outlined by Google when we engage in link building for your site. This, in turn, implies that we will never pay for links or link building networks. Google considers all these as spam. Our link building practices might be slow but produce the intended results within a short period of time.

Other websites are usually happy to host our content with an inbound link to your site because our articles are highly informative and high quality.

Optimizing Your Website Using Oregon Local SEO Strategies

While business owners are happy to spend on organic SEO in Oregon, they tend to ignore local SEO and its importance. Local SEO is not just a way to increase the flow of web traffic to your website, but it also focuses on bringing in people who are genuinely interested in trying out your products/services. OneIMS will strive hard to connect you with qualified local prospects who are more willing to spend. We accomplish this via selective keyword research and geo-targeting. We will look further into some of the effective ways to execute a successful local SEO strategy!

One of the best ways to popularize your business online is through citations. It is possible to increase the number of citations (or online mentioning) of your business via directories. Certain online directories are better than the usual ones and so we will focus on these directories so that your business ends up getting the best exposure. Quite often, we find the citations to be incomplete and we will get to fixing it as soon as we can. For instance, listing out the name, address, and phone number (NAP) incorrectly in different directories will only work out badly for your company.

We need to fix this so that the NAP details remain consistent everywhere on the internet! Google likes to offer the correct NAP details to the web searchers and they can even penalize your site if it has inconsistent or inaccurate NAP profiles. An account with Google’s My Business is necessary for every business in Oregon. Do bear in mind that this is not just another business listing service from yet another company. Did you know that it is possible to optimize your GMB account with the proper keywords so that your business details end up popping up in the search results more frequently?

When successfully executed, local SEO strategies can make your business stand out in the local search results. We start with auditing your business (and its target customers) for keyword research. We then concentrate upon building more citations for your business in local directories. Social media citations will similarly give that positive spin to the marketing efforts undertaken from our end.

Growing Your Business with Social Media Marketing Services

Social media matters a lot when it comes to boosting your website’s organic traffic through the various search engines. Our team will create and work with the social media accounts for your business. We need to make these profiles visually appealing and fully optimized using the keywords people use in social media to locate your products and services. Likewise, we can also post updates and other types of content on behalf of your business. The underlying idea while posting on social media is not to be too promotional.

Too much of business promotion within social media will only help people to steer themselves clear out of the way! We need to follow a ratio of 80:20; with 80% of the posts being entertaining content and the rest of the 20% being promotional updates. OneIMS has experienced success following this ratio mechanism. Social media also allows you to connect with the customers directly. Due to the exposure your business might end up getting, you can expect a lot of messages from the existing and potential customers. Our team can help with the process of managing and replying to every one of these messages.

People expect an immediate response from your end via these networks. Therefore, our team is on standby to offer the same to your customers. The present generation focuses exclusively on personal instant gratification – offer it to them and see the online reputation of your business increase with the passage of time! At the same time, social media is a great place for paid search marketing. At first glance, running these campaigns might appear like a straightforward task. However, there are a lot of aspects at play and we need to factor in processes like A/B testing while creative enticing ads for social media.

Boosting the Conversion Rate and Tilting the Scales in Your Favor

By now, we learned that it is possible to gain leads and additional sales by applying SEO strategies. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about increasing the percentage of the visitors who will follow through with the call-to-action (CTA) deeply integrated within your site. Getting people to visit your website is one thing; however, making them complete the site’s goal is an entirely different aspect that we need to consider. With the help of some of the latest conversion tools, we can identify the aspects that we might need to improve on your site so that people will follow through with the CTA.

For instance, we might have to make subtle changes to the landing pages to make it effective. Figuring out where you are going wrong and finding out what you need to do right is a big part of the CRO process. Guesswork has never worked out when we deal with CRO. In the end, it is all about doing everything we see fit to help you bring in more business in the shortest period.

Booming Your Business with Pay Per Click Internet Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) is a form of internet advertising, that can give near instantaneous traffic, leads and sales to your business. PPC can turn out to be expensive or cost-effective depending upon the skillset, knowledge, and experience levels of the campaign manager. Several business owners in the state often ask for our expertise with PPC campaigns because they know that we have certified experts working on producing better results for the amount they are willing to spend! The earlier mentioned keyword research once again gains prominence at this stage because we need it to create text ads for PPC campaigns.

Quite often, PPC campaigns start with discovering and selecting the proper keywords that will produce the intended results for your business. Once we have finalized the keywords, we will use them for ad text creation. In the meantime, we will also work on optimizing the landing pages for the web traffic that is about to flow into your site. We will correspondingly focus on bid management while tracking the conversion and sales rates. Finally, we take care of PPC monitoring and reporting so that the clients will know the effect of our campaigns.

What Sets OneIMS Apart as a Leading Oregon SEO Company?

We would like our clients to enjoy real value by opting for our search engine marketing services. Our campaigns and quality content all will play decisive roles in connecting you with your real customers. The underlying idea is to boost the online visibility of your business. We understand that it is important to keep our clients satisfied 100% always and to retain them, we take pride in establishing a clear channel of communication. As a thumb rule, SEO companies tend to overpromise and underperform. However, we will audit and assess your business so that we can offer affordable and achievable campaign objectives.

OneIMS has industry-leading expert staff waiting by to take on and accomplish the marketing goals and objectives of Oregon business owners. Please talk with our strategist today and our team will be available for a consultation session. We will go through all the available options to make your business successful online.

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