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What is Metadata?

You have probably already stumbled upon the term “metadata” many times before, but do you really know what it stands for and why it is crucial for the long-term success of your business? In simple words, metadata refers to the information which is used to describe the other data related to web pages, images, videos, documents, etc.

Metadata is especially important in terms of digital marketing, as it is used for presenting good content, which will allow you to make the best of your marketing efforts and thus increase the visibility of your brand and target broader audiences more effectively.

It consists of 3 key elements:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords

Other elements of metadata that can affect the optimization of your website include meta robots, alternative attributes, and miscellaneous tags. Using meta robots, you can decide which pages will get indexed and which will not. Alternative attributes and miscellaneous tags can be used to index images, videos etc.

Metadata Consists of 3 Key Elements:


Title – being one of the most essential aspects of metadata, the title is used to show what the particular web page is about and it includes a keyword (or a few keywords) which represents the topic of the page, as well as the name of the company. It should be unique and clear, and shouldn’t be longer than 70 characters. Title tags should go hand in hand with your meta description and act as a brief, complimentary summary of your landing page. A properly optimized title tag is engaging and it gets people interested in your page.


Description – it is a 160-character summary which is used to inform a visitor about what they will find on a certain web page and to attract them to visit the website. These meta descriptions can’t actually affect the ranking of a website, but they are beneficial for driving more traffic to your website from the search engine result pages.


Keywords – they are used to more precisely describe what a certain web page is about. You have to be careful though when using keywords, as stuffing keywords can cause your website to rank poorly. It’s also important to include keywords that are relevant to the content you are offering.

Why is It Important and How is It Used?

The information provided in metadata allows you to make a connection between your target audience and your brand. If used the right way, metadata can help your web content become more searchable, increase your click-through rates, and thus bring more recognition to your business.

Search engines use this information to identify whether a certain web page has been described correctly, and presented by the use of the title, meta description, and keywords. Metadata is not only used to describe what a visitor will be able to find on a web page, but, if well written, it can also be used to motivate them to visit your company’s website.

If the information included in metadata is well-organized and completely accurate, it can help marketers in achieving an optimal content reach.

How Does Metadata Optimization Help You?

As we have already mentioned before, adding more meta tags to your page can help your business appear on the first page of search engine results and they can boost your click-through results (CTR), thus driving more traffic to your website.

Various tags can give people browsing your page a clearer understanding of what your page is about and what you are offering, as well as to help them see what the contents of different pages on your website are.

Having good titles and meta descriptions can make a world of difference between people overlooking your site to click on something seemingly more relevant or engaging and people clicking through to see what your site is about and what it can offer.

Marketers can enjoy great benefits from metadata optimization services, as this information allows them to build stronger connections between the brands they are promoting and their target audience. Metadata also helps make your content more readily available and searchable.

If you want to get the most out of your content, it’s essential that you hire someone who knows how to optimize metadata. These elements should be clear and concise, include appropriate keywords without overstuffing them, and be intriguing and engaging enough to draw people’s attention.

How well these elements are defined on your website has a direct and proportionate influence on your content’s sharing potential and ranking.

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