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What is search engine optimization (SEO)? How is it beneficial for your company? What are the advantages of opting for the services offered by a Memphis SEO company like OneIMS? SEO is somewhat self-explanatory. It is the process of optimizing websites so that they appear in the top search results.

The marketing strategies applied by a good SEO company will allow your business website to get quality web traffic. More web traffic in turn implies more leads and thus more revenue for your company. It is very much possible to grow your business through search engine optimization and online marketing. With the number of people relying on search engines to find information, SEO marketing is here to stay. By applying the proper marketing tactics, your site will be easily accessible to the millions all over the globe.

Effective Website Design and Development to Build A Strong Online Brand

Just think of your website as a virtual storefront for your business on the internet. It is possible to design and develop a website using freely available tools. However, efficient website design and development is an entirely different process. It is something you cannot get from the free-to-use software programs. There are precise reasons why website designers and developers are still in business.

An efficient and effective website will allow your business to build a strong brand on the internet. OneIMS will start building a custom-designed and developed website soon after studying your business challenges and online objectives. The custom business solutions available from our end have helped several others in Memphis, Tennessee.

If your business already has its own website, then things get easier at our end. Rather than creating a website from the scratch, our team can work on the existing website itself. Sometimes, minor tweaks and additional functionalities can bring your existing business website up to today’s standards. Creating your own unique and custom presence online is easy thanks to these professionals.

A website designed and developed according to the standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium is good for your business. Likewise, your business site must be extremely responsive. Unless the site fulfills these two parameters, it will be difficult to use it for internet marketing. This can explain why paying for an expert to develop or design your site makes sense. These professionals are well-aware of the importance of creating an industry standard website.

Likewise, your business website must have an aesthetic appeal and should be visually pleasing. Next, it should go through the different phases of on-page optimization. We will be looking into the different on-page optimization techniques shortly. Search engines see websites as a collection of HTML tags. This in turn means that proper coding of the websites is necessary before pushing them to the search engines. Improper Title Tags, Description Tag, Meta Tag or even ALT Tag can all wreak havoc to your internet marketing plans.

Let us consider some of the other website optimization strategies available from our end.

Internet Marketing Solutions from Our Experts

Do bear in mind that internet marketing is a collection of processes and SEO is just one among them. Keyword research is the next step our experts will consider to optimize your business site. Rather than relying on the freely available tools like the Google Keyword Planner, OneIMS utilizes certain custom-made software programs. This software will allow us to locate all the keyword phrases used by your target audience. Selecting the most appropriate keywords is also a task undertaken from our end.

We attribute importance to the keyword phrases based on its

  • Volume of searches
  • Competition
  • Conversion likelihood

Now that we have collected the desired keywords, it is time to apply them to your site and blog posts. It is important to use the keyword phrases naturally in the content. These keywords and phrases should never appear as if someone random inserted a few of them without thinking twice. Remember the Title Tags and Meta Description mentioned earlier? We use the keywords on them too.

Minor and major differences exist between the keywords used in the site and those used in the blog posts. For instance, we do not use long-tailed keywords in the website content. We reserve these keywords exclusively for the blog posts. As a rule of thumb, people use long-tailed keywords to find additional info about your products or services.

Business owners are too busy to investigate content creation practices and keyword research. They have other important things to consider. This can explain why it is better and safer to look for an SEO expert. SEO companies will have dedicated teams of professional content writers. These writers will know about the applying the proper keyword in the content. Similarly, they can also create interesting and informative content for the intended audiences.

Content Management to Enhance Your Online Presence

Content management is one of the crucial aspects that can make or break an SEO campaign. Our experienced content writers usually conduct interviews and do their share of research work to write articles. These articles will provide all your existing and prospective customers with information about your products or services. Useful content enables them to take informed decisions.

You can always review the content created by these writers before we post them online. We will post the content only after getting your approval. Certain clients would ask us to send them every article or blog post – especially during the initial phases. They will verify if the articles created have the tone, style, and voice needed to portray their business online. OneIMS aims to keep the clients satisfied and completely comfortable with our work.

Some of the content created by our team has managed to get the attention of other website owners too. We use tailor-made content for link building purposes. The article posted on third-party websites will have an inbound link to your business site. Having your products and services featured on the other sites has its own share of advantages. All those who frequently visit the third-party website will see the content and decide to check out your site too. This process effectively builds up the amount of organic web traffic to your website.

Having an inbound link to your site on other websites is a metric considered by Google too. Google thinks that your site is a valuable resource because of the additional citations online. There must be a reason for people to share a link to your site. Google’s bots can quickly affirm if a site is popular by checking the amount of inbound links. This process of link building is a great way to boost the ranking of your website.

Quality content is necessary for social media marketing too. For this purpose, our content writers and the social media marketing managers will have to work together. The content created after consultation with these marketing managers will be ideal for the social media sites. This type of marketing requires special mentioning and we will be looking into it shortly. The underlying idea is to attract the people who visit social media sites. They will eventually decide to check out your site and maybe even become long-term customers!

Ranking Your Business in Google With Social Media Management

Social media has become popular during these times with billions of people visiting them every day. The rightful application of social media to market your business can produce sustainable results. Social media enables you and your business to reach the target audience with a definite purpose. Merely having a presence in the social networking platforms is not going to help. We need to use the same websites to work on our behalf by creating suitable marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing ROI is dependent upon a lot of factors. It is necessary to hire a team that has the relevant experience to manage social media marketing for your firm. Only a full-fledged team will have the necessary tools to conduct research on your target audience. As cited earlier, social media allows us to have an unparalleled access to your core customers. So, how do we do research work using these sites?

We start by

  • Asking for feedback from all the followers on the social networking site
  • Studying the actual demographics of these followers
  • Learning more about what and when they are engaging with

The research work allows us to find out what makes the prospective and the existing customers tick.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have provisions to display ads that you can pay for and utilize fully. Finding out and paying for the ads that deliver an awesome ROI is one of our specialties. Only an experienced social media marketer will be aware of the proper way to create effective social media ads. They will know about the target audience too. Armed with all this info, managing the campaign is extremely easy for these professionals. We try to make the most out of the limited ad budget set by our clients!

Link Building for Bringing in Quality Leads

We have already considered link building and its importance in search engine marketing. However, there is more insight to provide about this excellent method for off-page optimization. Did you know that it is possible to pay for inbound links via link exchanges? Google does not think highly about such exchanges and so should you. Link exchanges might provide near-instantaneous results; but there is the risk of getting your site banned from Google search results. It explains why our firm does not resort to black-hat link building practices.

OneIMS looks forward to earn links by building a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with other website owners. This practice allows us to focus exclusively on those who are interested in your products or services. Getting your business in front of as many people as possible in a sustained manner is our motto. By all probabilities, your target audience will fit into a specific type of consumer profile. It is then our duty to find out other websites whose followers will easily fit into your target audience too.

Only then, these people who frequently visit the third-party website will find our content informative and useful. On many occasions, other website owners get in touch with us for inbound links. As mentioned earlier, this is a mutually beneficial relationship approved by Google. Similarly, quality content created by our team and then presented on their site will help them to amass more followers.

Get Maximum Visibility and Function with Local SEO

Local business owners must never underestimate the importance of local SEO. If you are looking for a top ranking for your business in the local search results, never ignore local SEO strategies. The first step is to create a Google My Business account. After creating the profile, we fill it up all the relevant data pertaining to your business. Errors can creep into the information listed in the GMB account. Google does not see such errors kindly. Information listed in the GMB account must be similar everywhere.

Citations also play its own unique role in boosting the local SEO ranking of your business site. An easy way to build citations is to post your business details in online directories. The more the number of citations, the more the visibility for your site. Google likes the fact that your site gets mentioned on multiple other websites. And the search engine will give an appropriate page ranking to reflect the amount of citations.

Inconsistencies in the data found online is a severe issue that has affected the page ranks of many sites. Our team is adept in finding such inaccuracies. It is our duty to find and correct these issues. Doing so eliminates the factors that acted as a major hinder for your business.

Meeting Your Marketing Goals with Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising

Traditional SEO strategies come with its own share of limitations. Pay-per-click is a form of paid search advertising, which can overcome some of these restrictions. Highlighting your products or services has never been this easy before. With PPC, your ads will appear on top of the search engine results page (SERP). What is the immediate benefit of PPC? With our help, your site will get an immediate boost in web traffic via PPC.

Initially, we will spend a great deal of time analyzing your business and its marketing objectives. This time spent on analysis will help us to create a custom PPC campaign for your business. There are certain best practices for PPC internet advertising. Combining these practices with our proprietary mechanisms enables our team to create campaigns that generate the desired results. Then we move on to testing and optimizing the campaign.

Finally, we keep the clients updated with our reports. These will offer detailed insights into the performance of the campaign. Pay-per-click marketing allows your business to invest a small sum, while getting all these benefits.

Tracking and Reporting

A lot of firms love to track their findings; but they are hesitant to share the results with the clients. OneIMS is different in this aspect because we keep track and report the findings in a timely manner every month. Tracking the campaigns allows us to know what we did and how effective it was for your business. SEO is a dynamic niche and we will have to keep track of our results to make suitable amendments later.

If we find a marketing strategy was highly effective for your business, our team studies it in detail. We also pay attention to the strategies that did not pan out as intended. We will do everything to make your site a success on the internet.

Organically Raising Your Site’s Rankings with Our Company

Throughout the years, we have learnt a lot about search engine optimization and marketing. We encourage prospective clients to talk with our strategist after doing a website audit. OneIMS will collect and analyze a lot of information about your business and the site during these initial stages. For instance, a website audit will allow us to understand the present ranking of your site in the search results. This is crucial information for our team; using this data, they can formulate a custom marketing campaign for your business.

Over the course of a few weeks, you will get a step-by-step outline of the marketing plans. This allows you to be always aware of what is happening. If in doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away. As cited earlier, we keep a tab over the marketing activities every month.

Google needs to find and highlight your products or services to the online masses. This will not happen overnight and it is not going to happen if you decide to ignore SEO. With proper on-page and off-page marketing, we will allow you to dominate the competition easily. By making sure your business gets visibility online, you are literally paving the way for the revenue to soar!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to build a successful business online.

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