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The best way to get your website in front of as many people as possible is to use the services of a Los Angeles SEO Agency, such OneIMS. At our agency for search engine optimization in Los Angeles, we offer everything you need to boost visibility, increase website traffic, and improve conversions.

Many people believe all they need to do is put a website up and their consumers will find them. Unfortunately, this is not the way it works. You have to optimize the website, or it won’t rank on Google’s search engine results pages. This can make it impossible for people to find you unless they know your website’s URL.

Our Los Angeles SEO company can help you bring your website out of the darkness. Our services provide you everything you need to get as many people as possible to visit your website. Learn more about our services to see how we do this for our current clients.

SEO Services to Maximize Website Exposure

The following are the services we provide for maximum brand awareness online.

Website Creation, Design and Development

If you don’t have a website, you need one. You cannot get by today without having one if you want to market your products and services online. A website is an address for your business online.

If you do have a website, and it hasn’t been updated in a long time, you liked need a redesign. A redesign will bring your website up to speed to the latest developments in the Internet marketing industry. Many website factors that were not important a year or two are greatly important now. For instance, mobility is now a huge ranking factor for Google. Google made an announcement that said that sites that are not mobile friendly will not be ranked as highly as those that are. They also place a lot of significance on the speed of a website. This includes both your desktop and mobile device speeds.

Having your website created or redesigned is the first step towards being successful online. Our professional website designers and developers can put together a website that enhances your user’s experiences, encompasses your brand, and favors what Google wants in a website for its users.

We use your logo, theme, and content to create a site that you will love and be proud of to show everyone. If you’d like to get started, contact our Los Angeles SEO agency today.

Content Development

Once you have a website designed, we will start creating content for it. Our professional writers can help you with this, so don’t worry if you aren’t a writer. They will do the necessary research and interviews to help them gather the information they need to write a clear, well-written article or webpage copy for your site.

We will create copy for every page of your site. This means every service you offer, every product, and then the typical About Us and Contact pages. These pages are important to rank for, especially when it comes to organic traffic.

Once we have content on all pages, we need to move forward with a blog. A blog is where articles will be published. These articles will be able to give your users information that increase their trust for you and gives you an opportunity to rank on Google for many more keywords. The more keywords you rank for, the more traffic you will likely receive.

Speaking of keywords, this is something we have to research. This is another service we offer.

Keyword Research

We offer keyword research. We will look for keywords your consumers are using in Google’s search bar to look for your products and services. We do this in a number of ways. We use Google’s keyword planner, we use their search engine suggestions, and then we use social media. All of these tactics enable us to find the best questions and keywords people looking for your business’ offerings are using.

Once we have a good list of keywords for your website, we start using them in strategic ways to help you rank for them. We include them on each page of your website, including in your title tag, and meta description. We also use them in blog posts or articles. We never overuse keywords. We simply write about the topic thoroughly using the keyword a few times and in variations. We just want to let Google know which users should see your content. We only use Google’s best practices in everything we do at our Los Angeles SEO firm.

Link Building

Link building is something that has been abused by many SEO professionals. We do not do this because we believe gathering links the right way provides much more value to our clients.

We reach out to websites to ask them if they would be willing to either share a piece of content we have published on your site or of they would allow us to publish on their site with a link back to your website. We also create the best content on your site so other websites will want to link to it.

Social Media Marketing

We don’t only optimize your website, we also optimize social media accounts. We do this because we believe social media has a lot to do with how a website ranks. When a website is popular on social media, Google sees this and wants to show pages to their users that other value.

We have a team of social media experts who can represent your business. We will setup the social media accounts that your consumers use the most. We will discuss this during your consultation. With a billion people on social media everyday, every business can benefit from social networks.

After setting up the social networks, we update them regularly. We balance promotional posts with informational and entertainment ones. We want your consumers to not only find value in your posts, but know what you can offer them outside of social media.

Many consumers are reaching out to businesses on social media through Messenger and direct message. We monitor these messages so we can respond quickly to them for you. This is part of the excellent customer service we provide on your behalf. We always act as if we are part of your business and approach your consumers with the utmost professionalism.

If your interested in social media advertising, we are available to help you with that to make it as effective as possible. We always want to make sure that your ads are shown to people who are interested in your business. We target your audience and we test different types of ads to figure out which ones work best with your audience.

Contact our SEO agency in Los Angeles for more information on how we can help you manage your social media business accounts.

Pay Per Click or PPC

We have a team of highly professional PPC experts. They know how to develop campaigns that will give you the best ROI. Gone are the days of pouring thousands of dollars into PPC to only seeing mediocre results. We want to do something different for you. We want to help you use your advertising budget to get back how much you put in and so much more.

We do all of the work for you when it comes to PPC. We look up the best performing keywords for your consumers, we create the ads, we track them, make adjustments as needed, and then report back with the results. We want you to feel as confident as we do about our PPC services.

Local Los Angeles SEO Company

If you’re a local business owner, you not only need organic SEO but local as well. This means you need a solid Google My Business account. We will do this for you. We will optimize it with keywords to help you rank better for the words that your consumers are using to search for your products and services. We also make sure the information on your Google My Business is accurate. This matters to Google. Any inaccuracies could result in a drop in rankings and visibly, which is NOT what we want. We ensure your website information is the same as your Google My Business, which is what makes Google happy.

We also work on citations for you. These citations show Google that you are popular. We add your business listings to as many directories as possible, but over time so it doesn’t seem like we are automating it, something that Google penalizes for and can ruin ranking of a site.

We also add content to your site that is geo-targeted. This can help you rank for all of those local keywords that people are using to find your products and services. This content will likely be published on your blog, but we can also add locally targeted pages to your site. We do whatever we can to give you the best viability.

Media Creation and Development

With the changes in the Internet, it’s important that you stay ahead of the competition and that means implementing what consumers are attracted to these days. Right now, that’s videos, images, and apps.

We utilize these media options to help our clients become better than their competition. We can create videos for your website and social media. These videos have to be different because consumers look for different things when it comes to social media and websites.

Images are something people see first before they read or watch anything online. We only create the highest quality images to help you bring in as much attention as possible from your consumers. We not only create promotional videos, but we create one that people want to share with their friends and family. All images will have your logo, so this is what can increase brand awareness. These images are using in many places such as your website, social networks, other websites when we work on link building and even offsite if you’d like to do that.

App development is big right now for businesses. Every business can utilize an app. All it takes is creativity. There are so many possibilities with apps that we’ve had business owners make side revenue from the use of the apps our team of app developers have created. Contact our Los Angeles SEO agency for more information on how media can help your business grow exponentially.

Contact Our Los Angeles SEO Agency

We are a full service SEO agency in Los Angeles. We can help you increase your brand awareness and revenue online. We can get started with a consultation in which we can discover exactly what you need to be successful online. From there, we can start working on a plan that will get us closer to your goals.

The Internet is ever changing and we are right on its heels to make sure our clients get the latest in SEO services. We are available to help you in Los Angeles, so call us today to get started.

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