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Growing your business by popularizing its website on the internet has its own share of advantages. For starters, when the website becomes popular, the amount of traffic flowing into it will surge. This will eventually lead to more sales and leads. Partnering with an award-winning digital marketing agency like OneIMS will enable your business to get on top of all the competitors. Throughout the years, we have been delivering unmatched SEO results nationwide by giving our clients the results that they have always wanted. With our SEO services, the online community will start to trust your business leading to higher visibility and more paying leads.

Businesses need to get found on the internet to thrive during these competitive times. People rely on their smartphones and other internet-connected devices like tablets to find information about the local businesses all the time. By optimizing your business site, we are literally fine-tuning it so that the same site appears more frequently in the search results. Our search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques to produce the results that you have always wanted. At the first glance, SEO might appear as a mysterious process. However, some of the major search engines like Google have already put forward different suggestions to have a good and effective website online.

We just follow these guidelines to the dot. Listed below is a brief insight into a couple of search engine marketing strategies deployed by our team.

Website Design and Development

Having an SEO ready website will help you to accelerate that process of converting casual visitors to long-term customers. We can help you get a business site that has an optimal conversion rate. Keeping your customers engaged with the website one of the aspects considered by our team of website designers. This engagement process will keep the customers satisfied and will ultimately lead to increased sales and conversions. A deep understanding of your business, its brand message, and the target audience are necessary before we commence the actual website design.

Targeting your needs and wants from the business site is equally important. At the end of the day, this business site should make sense to the visitors. The visitors must find it easy to navigate through the website so that they can find what they want in a quick and swift manner. Having a clean architecture for your website is a must-have attribute. If your website is unable to satisfy the demands of the visitors, it is customary for them to leave your site and check out the competition. No matter what industry your business deals with, our designers know what internet users and web searchers desire from a website.

Even if you know how to create a website, designing and developing a site that is highly user-focused and highly engageable is a task better left to the experts at OneIMS, in addition to other Long Island SEO services. We will also pay attention to the responsiveness of your business site. In other terms, the site must load efficiently and look sharp regardless of the mobile or desktop platform used for viewing it.

Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization in Long Island

It is a little-known fact that focused keyword research is the foundation of any SEO campaign. With the expert keyword analysis services offered by our team, you can rest assured when it comes to gaining visibility in major search engines like Bing or Google. Once we have managed to get your business site ranked for specific high-performance keywords and search terms, it is easy to drive prospective customers to the same site and sit back when you begin to see an increased ROI. You will require services offered by an expert team of keyword research analysts because ranking for the wrong keywords will turn out to be costly and meaningless.

Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is an excellent starting point to get exhaustive lists of search terms that might be useful while trying to get your site ranked. We use a couple of other tools too to decide and shortlist the most relevant short and long tailed keywords. The keywords selected must not \bring lots of traffic, but also should be easy to rank for while having the best conversion rates. In short, selecting the key phrases is all a balancing act –only someone well-versed with the niche can do it successfully. There is no time (or budget) to do trial and error testing when indulging in this process.

Once we have shortlisted a couple of keywords, it is time to implement them throughout the website. We will make sure that these keywords are present naturally not just within the content, but also on the title tags and meta descriptions. Doing this will ensure that Google shows your website only to the relevant people –to all those who are genuinely interested in your products and services. Keyword research is especially helpful when we do social media marketing/advertising too. People tend to use the same set of keywords not just to search online but also to find information on social media.

More About Social Media

Social media can play an important role when it comes to finding and connecting with new customers. Did you know that approximately 1.5 billion users frequent the different social media websites every day? This simple fact in turn implies that one in every seven people on the earth visit these websites. Now, do you understand the importance of marketing or advertising in the social media? These days, it has become customary for people to search for business information on these channels. They want to see what the others are saying and how you are treating your existing customers –all this information is readily available through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Our team of social media experts can help your business by creating profile pages and exciting share-worthy content. This enables you to interact and engage with new customers on an everyday basis. It can be slightly overwhelming to manage all thesefollowers; so, we offer our social media management services to the patrons at Long Island. Our social media experts can post on your business profile pages on your behalf. We know that there mustbe this perfect balance between promotional and entertaining posts because only such an approach leads to better engagement among the social users.

Although there are different marketing strategies, if you are looking for results from the first day, paid social media advertising can work out beautifully. In this form of advertising mechanism, we can target specific users and serve them with extremely specific and relevant advertisements. When applied in an effective manner, social media advertising can produce a nearly instantaneous increase in the conversions and sales for lower acquisition costs. This form of advertising through social media can also help in increasing your fanbase using A/B split testing to determine high-performing custom generated ads.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is essentially the process of tilting the scales in your favor so that your business ends up getting more sales when competing with the competition. Generate a steady flow of organic traffic to your business site will all turn out to be ineffective if the conversions are not taking place asexpected.In the absence of an effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan, your business is bound to lose key customers. Boosting your profitability by paying attention to some of the aspects often ignored by the others –this is how we excel in the domain.

Did you know that there are several tools dedicated to the sole purpose of monitoring the rate at which the conversions are taking place? By using some of the latest tools available, it is possible for our team to produce a heat map of clicks and several other factors that are playing spoilsport. Paying attention to the data culled using these systems will help us to understand why the conversions are not taking place as anticipated. For instance, the reason for the conversions not taking place could be something as simple as people not being able to find the desired information in the shortest period possible.

Dessigning the perfect landing pages is one of the bestways to improve the conversions. When the visitors come to your site, you should have a thorough knowledge about how they are navigating throughout the site. Make this journey across your website as easy as possible to see the conversions increase slowly but steadily. The earlier-mentioned utilities can help our team to study the pain points that are present throughout your site and eliminate them so that the engagement levels surge. When done in a methodical fashion, CRO is all about enhancing the sales without any additional costs.

Content Writing and Management

You might be good with words, but your business site and its blog must have SEO-optimized content to increase their recognition across major search engines. It is an established fact that small businesses thatmaintain a quality blog experience up to 126% increase in lead growth. Content writing and management is a successful strategy to generate additional leads for your business in Long Island. The best way to represent your products or services to the targetaudienceis through quality content and we are here to take on any content creation tasks or deadlines that you might have.

Search engines love websites that have descriptive and original content that is easy to understand. To fulfil this simple objective, you might need to have direct access to a team of professional copywriters. These content developers will do a thorough research of your business, its products / services, and the audience it caters to so that they can produce content that can tell yourstory to the online masses. We will even pay attention to what your competition is doing to find out the weakness in their content creation or marketing strategy. This enables us to fine-tune the content creation process so that your business will end up benefiting a lot.

The tone and phrasing of the content should be in such a way that the visitors would love to go through it without any reservations. If you are looking for a specific type of content, please let us know in advance. For instance, light-hearted content can work for a businesssite; blindly implementing it on your site will only help in alienating the visitors. It simply does not matter the type of content you are looking for (casual, business-like, or formal), our copywriters can fit their writing style to fit your needs.

A good business site must also have several types of media to cater to all those who are visual learners. For instance, people love to go through videos or images (infographics). After creating the content, it is our duty to popularize it on social media and by using different established influencers. Since you will always have access to a content specialist, it is easy to keep track of the entire content creation process. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with them.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Did you know that it is possible to save money by allowing a team of professionals to manage your PPC campaigns? Google Ads is important because more than 60% of the people click on them when they are looking for a definite product or service on the internet. Pay per click (PPC) is one of the best ways to get a fast return on your hard-earned investment and we will create or manage your PPC campaign not just with Google AdWords, but also with Bing Ads and even on social media. What is the need for PPC campaigns when conventional SEO generates the desired results?

This is because of the simple fact that traditional SEO techniques take some time to produce the results. In other terms, organic SEO is for the long-term growth of your business. If you are looking for an immediate boost, a pay per click campaign is the best options available. Let us delve deeper into our PPC management services. Comprehensive keyword research done by experienced and certified PPC specialists will make sure that our ads appear only for the right people. The team also works hard to create effective and high-yield ads while focusing on optimizing the landing pages.

Landing pages are different from the traditional homepage of your website. This is a special page designed to receive all the visitors who had clicked on a PPC ad, i.e. a page designed with the suitable call-to-action deeply incorporated into it to sell your products and services to these interested parties. How do we weed out the ineffective ads? We accomplish this by A/B split testing and comparison of the ads. Such comparison tests do not require a large budget and we will work with a small budget to testthe effectiveness of the different ads.

Did you know that PPC internet advertising also allows us to reconnectto the past site visitors who had shown interest in your offer previously? Our remarketing campaigns will remind these past site visitors why they clicked on the PPC ad on the first place and entice them to additional offersso that they might end up becoming long-term customers. The beauty of pay per click advertising is the simple fact that they all come with different data tracking tools. We can create customized reports using this data to show you the proof for ROI.

Contact Our Long Island SEO Agency to Get Started Today

There are several SEO agencies in Long Island. Likewise, there are precise reasons why SEO is a thriving industry during these times. Anyone with a laptop mightthink that they can boost the search engine ranking of any website. Such one-time-wonders usually leave the arena as soon as Google pushes a couple of algorithm changes. However, we have managed to withstand all those aspects and are still here to help your business in New York. When you talk, we listen. It is important for us to understand your business goals and objectives –the things that you wish to accomplish via online marketing.

SEO requires a multi-pronged approach and there are several factors inplay when we try to optimize your business both for the search engines or the target audience. Apart from giving your business a shiny new website, we will also work hard to see that the conversion rates are occurring at an optimal pace. After listening to your business goals, it is easy for us to throw in a lot of ideas for the holistic improvement of your business. Unlike the competition, we are not here to sell you a service that your business will not be needing to succeed online.

Our honest approach allows us to treat all our clients with respect and kindness. SEO is a dynamic niche and the situation becomes murkier thanks to the algorithm updates issued by the major search engines.

We will do everything from our end using time-tested strategies andperformance-driven mechanisms to make sure that your site appears prominently on top of the search engine results page (SERP).

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