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Local SEO is the process of managing your business visibility to drive customers to your door with an online strategic plan.

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Why Local SEO?

Your customers surround you – but do they know you exist? Local SEO is the process of managing your business’ visibility to drive customers to your door with an online strategic plan. With the majority of users now accessing information on a smartphone rather than any other other device, an online marketing strategy must meet this demand correctly to get results.

Google local SEO is a specific factor in the strategy, as Google constantly updates their algorithms to identify issues such as false local addresses and other black hat marketing strategies – which are in the end, guaranteed to fail. At OneIMS, our team is committed to producing results with customized online marketing programs that produce real-world results.

What is Local SEO?

The search engine results page on a smartphone now delivers a small set of local listings that meet the search criteria entered by the user. It is imperative that the correct actions are taken so your business is visible in local search results. To achieve visibility demands several ongoing marketing actions performed across multiple platforms, including updating and correcting directory listings, on local search platforms, review sites, social media platforms and a range of others. As Google is continually engaged in producing superior results for users, this is never a static activity, but involves a continuous set of actions to meet new requirements. In essence, local SEO should be viewed as an activity that must be managed correctly and continuously – it is never successful as a “one time” activity; it must be continuously updated to attract local customers or clients.

Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO optimization is working with both technical and content-based actions to increase search visibility for local brick-and-mortar businesses. When performed correctly, it will drive customers to your door seeking the services or products you provide to your community. These actions include reputation management to ensure ratings are positive, along with local engagement on social media, relevant video content, and other factors in a fully-developed online marketing plan.

Auditing Your Local Online Presence

The initial step is to audit the condition of your business’s current online presence, and how various facets may be impacting local search — issues such as negative reviews, lack of listings, or incorrect listings on critical local and national directories. Rankings called “hyper SEO” that indicates your business is relevant to your specific geo location through associations with other local enterprises also aids in fueling a strong online presence, and driving real-world, buying customers through your door.

Mobile Search and Local SEO

The astounding upsurge in mobile device use has had a significant impact on effective local SEO, along with website development. Users are sophisticated and are unwilling to wait more than a second or two for a page to load – they simply leave. Website development must match the needs of the current potential customer, and provide fast-loading data, relevant content — and answer questions posed by users, whether “around me” or other query with the least possible delay.

Knowledge is Strength in Local SEO

A strong and deeply experienced local SEO company will provide you with a wealth of information, statistics, and successes they have achieved, rather than simply a compelling sales pitch or flashy website. It is vital that you are aware of the difference between a start-up SEO marketing company and a highly-skilled, experienced local online marketing firm to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a program that produces little to no result. It happens. At OneIMS, we are proud to say we are the real thing. Check us out.

Choosing a Local SEO Marketing Firm

While there are countless companies getting into the game, presenting themselves as “local SEO experts,” these companies are often established with little thought or background to have the experience and depth of knowledge to support claims about producing results. It is wise to be wary when choosing a local SEO company, no matter how appealing a sales pitch, and perform due diligence before you commit. At OneIMS, our team is proud of the depth of knowledge we have gained over our years in business, and the results we continuously achieve for our clients.

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