Less Is More for 2014 Website Redesign
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It’s a new year—thinking of starting fresh with an updated website? This year, the biggest trend in website redesign is all about keeping things as minimalist as possible.


Flat design

Web designers can thank Apple for this emergence of simplified design. Always the trendsetter, Apple popularized “flat design”—design free of frills like drop shadows and gradients—with the introduction of iOS 7, and companies using professional web design have taken note. Flat design may look plain at first, but embrace it—users don’t want to be overwhelmed by text or photos when every single one tries to catch their eye.

Flat design - Tour Sweet


Simple color schemes

When it comes to your website redesign in 2014, you’ll want to avoid using every color of the rainbow. Instead, choose one or two key colors that best represent your business—these colors will most likely come from your business’s logo. The colors can be accented by black or white, but be cautious of color overload.

Simple color schemes - DuraClean 2

Single photos

Remember when Pinterest really became big and many websites started using tile-style to display their photos and content? That’s a thing of the past this year. The single-photo model began to pick up toward the end of last year, and it will only continue to grow in 2014.

Choose a clean, high-resolution photo as a landing page. Or, if you’d rather showcase your company’s design chops, create an interesting graphic that almost pops off the page—in a good way.

Sungle Photos - Design First Builders

No sliders on home pages

Since single photos are being more commonly used, it only makes sense that sliders are rapidly disappearing. Sliders grew to popularity on news sites for displaying multiple stories a few years ago. Now, though, they just make a site look clunky and outdated.

For professional web design, replace the slider with one of the previously mentioned single-photo (or graphic) landing pages.

No Slider Home Page - BBJ Linen


Infinite scrolling

Going along with the single-page model, look to see more business gravitating toward an endless scrolling option. With infinite scroll, web pages seem much cleaner and user-friendly. Plus, with pages set up in endless scroll, it draws more attention to each one, rather than forcing visitors to click on every page.

An infinite scroll option also makes users more likely to read pages.

Infinite Scrolling - Malman Law

Written By Solomon Thimothy

Solomon Thimothy is co-founder of OneIMS. He began his career in marketing over ten years ago with a focus on helping businesses grow their online presence and thrive in a digital world. Follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/sthimothy

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