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Kentucky-based local businesses must maximize their online presence to survive during these tumultuous times. As a leading SEO company in Kentucky, OneIMS can help by delivering seamless and personalized digital marketing strategies so that existing customers can confirm your business while making it much more discoverable for the prospective customers. We will connect you with a dedicated strategist who will take care of all marketing aspects such as optimizing your business for local search, review marketing and even paid search advertising. All the strategies deployed by our team will consider your current location, the budget you can spend every month and the competitors who are currently dominating your industry.

Listed below are some of our efficient digital marketing techniques used to popularize your business online.

Meeting Your Business Needs with Custom Website Design and Development Services

The quality website designing services available from our end will help your business to keep up its individuality online. Your customers need to feel at ease and it is important to make that first impression with eye-catching designs. We understand that this website is going to be the centerpiece of all our marketing efforts and it needs to convey the right ideas to your ideal customers while enticing them to opt in for your products or services. Responsive website design and development is in need today because many people prefer to browse the internet using their smartphones and tablets.

Your business website must display itself properly on any web-enabled device. While it is important to attract the customers and the search engines, we will design and develop a website that will gel perfectly with your visions. Our team will also design the website with a customized logo and other branding specifics that you wish to have. You will have the option of choosing a website template or else we can create a website for your business from scratch. This step basically is dependent upon the budget you have set aside for marketing purposes.

If you have any design ideas that you wish to be present on the website, please do let us know at the earliest. In fact, you might be having a better idea about your customers – their needs and wants – and we will include all suggestions coming from your end. It is important to have a fully functional website portraying your business accurately to the end users and the search engines. By improving the functionality of the website, we are in turn augmenting the user experience levels. Users love to deal with websites that give them all the information they need using minimal clicks.

Soon after we complete the design process (this includes getting approvals from your end), it is time to focus on the website development process. During this stage, we work on developing a proper architecture for your business website. We will also make sure that every web page works just as intended. If a website or the individual web pages do not work as intended, then it is easy to make the website visitors frustrated! Likewise, we will optimize the website code so that the site will load up fast. We do this because Google now considers the site loading speeds while ranking websites.

Improve Search Rankings and Traffic with Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research is the basis of our successful online marketing campaigns. This research process enables us to come up with a keyword strategy that we will use for on-page optimization, content development and even deciding the structure of the site. With the help of the right keyword strategy, it is possible to improve the online visibility of your business and acquire more profits via internet marketing. Our professional keyword research services are available to businesses of any size and scope in Kentucky. We start with Google’s own Keyword Planner tool and then move on to certain other utilities to find the relevant keywords in your market.

As mentioned earlier, keyword research plays an important role while developing content for your website. Our strategies will help your business to discover new keyword opportunities and find your areas of strength. Such an analysis is necessary to dominate the competition. The search behaviors and patterns can keep on changing with the passage of time – this fact can, in turn, explain why keyword research is an ever-changing paradigm. The quality content created after gaining insight into the market trends will allow your business site to appear on top of the search engine results page (SERP).

By increasing the range of keyword targeting, we can find long-tailed keywords that are highly useful for developing content for the on-site blog.  This content can get the attention of people who are looking for specific solutions to their problems. With the due passage of time, we might need to develop an updated keyword strategy; it explains why keyword research is not a one-time process or something that you can set and forget it forever! At the same time, the content created by our professional team of copywriters will help your website rank for the most relevant searches.

Every business operation is unique and it is important to hone or properly optimize the pages and links to attract more visitors. Building brand awareness and name recognition are also easy with our keyword research and strategy development services. By capitalizing on the emerging trends, your business will always be one step ahead of the competition. And because we focus on the areas with low competition but high ROI, our strategies will leave your competitors’ scratching their heads! Successful content strategies will enable your business site to get backlinks from extremely relevant and authoritative sites as well.

Connecting with The Customers and The Industry Influencers with Social Media Marketing

Although many business owners tend to neglect social media, these websites are powerful opportunities to engage with your target audience directly.  If you wish to generate a buzz around your brand or content, then look no further because our social media marketing and advertising strategies can help a lot in those aspects. Not everyone relies on the search engines for finding information about different products or services. They prefer to get the opinions from the different social media websites; in other words, marketing/advertising via these channels will help to get the attention of users who would otherwise not have discovered it.

Every business has its own share of unique needs and we will come up with a social media strategy specifically tailored to meet these goals. Promoting your products and services through social media requires an entirely different approach from conventional marketing mechanisms. For instance, we need to promote your offerings in an entertaining way. People come to social media to have a good time – not to look at promotional messages. We bear all these facts in mind when designing and developing the content to post in these networks.

We will analyze your business and its customers to decide the social media networks that will help it grow exponentially. We then create new social media profiles, i.e. if you do not have them. We will then focus on optimizing the profile pages with relevant keywords before commencing with the daily posting activities. We want people to engage with the page; so, we can create the content that disperses the necessary information in a fun-filled way. Account management and monitoring is also an essential aspect of social media marketing.

Social media website captures a lot of information about their users. We can use this information to selectively target people to market your products and services. This is, in fact, one of the advantages unavailable on the traditional digital advertising platforms. What is the benefit of targeting the right kind of people who are genuinely interested in trying out your offerings? For starters, we can dramatically increase the chances of conversion using your ads. Getting your business message right in front of the exact demographic you are looking to reach out to is thus an easy task with social media advertising.

Pay Per Click Management to Find the Most Qualified Leads

Pay per click (PPC) helps to develop long-lasting relationships with the right people at the right time. This form of internet advertising plays a valuable role in exposing your products and services to your target audience. Although proper PPC strategies can help in driving more traffic to your website, please do bear in mind that this is a risky premise – especially when someone inexperienced is taking care of your PPC campaign. Quite often, we have come across several business owners who have spent a fortune to draw more traffic, but gained nothing at the end of the day!

In pay-per-click internet advertising, the advertisers will have to pay a fee every time someone clicks on their ads. Think of it as a system to buy web traffic flow to your business site. And this process is entirely different from the conventional and organic techniques we deploy to attract traffic via search engine rankings. The time-tested strategies deployed by OneIMS can generate web traffic quickly. We start with PPC keyword research – a process designed to find the keywords that can generate the most leads and offer a better ROI.

Using the keywords, our AdWords certified specialists will create ads designed to get the attention of the web searchers. Our expert copywriters and designers will also work on fine tuning the landing pages for better conversion rates. Original and attention-grabbing ad copies are important, likewise. We understand the usefulness of optimizing the landing pages for easy navigation. Countless optimization strategies happen in the background while we are working on your PPC campaign. For instance, while enhancing the cost per click, we will also focus on best bid positioning so that you will end up getting the best financial gains.

Kentucky Local SEO Matters A Lot

The usefulness of local SEO began to appear when a couple of algorithm updates from Google made several of the previously viable ranking methods obsolete. Today, most of the people prefer to search for information about different products and services using their internet-enabled smartphones. If you own a local business in the state, it is imperative to understand the gains that are in store for your company by enforcing local SEO strategies. When people in an area search for products and services, your website and business information must be readily available to them in the search results and this is the underlying core concept of local SEO.

Unless you tell Google, the search engine does not know the areas targeted by your business. Google My Business (GMB) is an excellent business listing service offered by this company. We will help you to claim your account with GMB and we will also make sure that the name, address, and phone number details are all consistent and correct. The NAP details must essentially match with the information readily available through your website. If there are inconsistencies in this data, then Google can penalize the search ranking of your business. Once penalized, your website or business information will not appear to anyone present in the area.

Why does Google resort to such mechanisms? Please understand that the search engine does not like the prospect of losing the trust people put on their services. Once we have checked and optimized the GMB profile, it is time to delve into building more citations for your business on the internet. Simply put, citations are listings of your business in online directories. At any given point of time, there are thousands of directories online and we will select the ones that are the most pertinent to your business. Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook, and MapQuest are all examples of services that can help with structured citations.

Citations help the major search engines like Google and Bing to know that your business exists. Think of it this way – when there are multiple credible online sources showing the same accurate information about your business, then it will naturally send a signal to the search engines that your business is a legitimate operation.

Kentucky SEO Competitive Analysis

Analyzing your competitors can help you understand why you are losing to them in the first place. If your challengers are dominating the search results, they must be doing something right – and it is time to study their strategies in a meticulous way. OneIMS can help you start with this process of studying the marketing strategies deployed by your adversaries. Our goals during this process is to find out why and how they are doing well, find out the strategic advantages enforced by them and to find better link opportunities. Using advanced tools, we start by analyzing the keywords used by your opponents.

Once we have found out and made a list of the prominent keywords they use, we will inspect the website optimization (achieved using these key terms and phrases). Keyword density, meta information, and their internal link strategies can show a lot of propriety information.  The next step is to do a thorough investigation of the website content of the competition. We have already seen that websites that have more informative content tend to rank better in the search results. The content analysis allows us to study the average word count and the unique nature of their content.

In all probabilities, your rivals might also use certain types of media to get the attention of the web searchers. We will also figure out their website design and the methods used by them to optimize the Google My Business profile. Likewise, we will also test their social media marketing/advertising techniques. In the meantime, we will scrutinize their backlinks and will even get in touch with those authoritative sites while undertaking link building campaigns for your business.

Enjoying Results Oriented Kentucky SEO Services from OneIMS

We want your Kentucky based business to stay competitive and to stay on top of the industry with our SEO services. Promoting your brand on the internet might appear like a simple task initially. However, upon delving deeper into the niche, one will understand that there is a lot more in this domain than what meets the eye. SEO marketing strategies have changed considerably throughout the years because search engines keep on pushing algorithm updates every now and then. Your business needs to adapt to these changes and OneIMS can help with our results-oriented services.

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We understand that you are already busy trying to keep up with your business and it is hard to study or understand the evolving SEO practices. In such a scenario, it makes sense to opt in for our strategies that have proven to make a difference every time for every client. Our SEO experts work hard to expand and build the online presence that you have always craved for your business. When it comes to guiding your business in the right direction, there is simply no other alternative. Do not fall for the extravagant promises coming from the others.

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