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Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for every Kansas-based business organization and OneIMS is here to make sure that all the local searches point to your business. Too many people rely on their PCs, smartphones, and tablets, to find information about local businesses online and we understand that you need to initially focus on dominating your local market –notthinking about taking on the big names. Small business owners often tend to make a lot of mistakes, especially when it boils down to SEO. For instance, they will invest huge amounts trying to rank in the search results for keywords practically owned by some of the big brands in the nation.

It is important to start small and get a good name for your brand within the state before moving to take on the big brands that are already well established. Likewise, it is pivotal to make every effort to rank above all the competitors in the local search results.OneIMShas a record of accomplishment of providing the best possible results for your business using our knowledge, skill set and ability. In simpler terms, our services can help your business to improve its exposure online. We can apply certain strategies that can bring in more web searchers to your business site.

Our marketing mechanisms will also focus on improving and optimizing the conversion rates. We will claim your page in the different social media channels and manage them in a professional way. By the time we have finished working on your site, it will consistently appear on top of the search results. The internet has changed a lot during the past few years and it is now turning out to be the best place to popularize your business. Do bear in mind that there are several others competing to get your fair share of customers and it is our duty to give you a competitive edge to dominate them.

Listed below are some of the services available from our end.

Presenting Your Business to The Internet with Our Website Design and Development Services

Your business website is the first thing people check out when they hear about the products or services it offers. People are quick to judge this website as a direct indicator of how you do your business. In other terms, your business site must have a clean design and look professional while being extremely simple to use and navigate. People also love to spend their free time browsing organized websites. Good quality website design and development services are necessary to install that confidence in the minds of the visitors. Naturally, a high performing website will only give your business with more leads and other sales.

The good thing about SEO practices is that it allows your small business to compete with established corporations on a level playing field. This can explain why it is important to create and keep up a strong online presence during these times. All our websites are responsive i.e. they are mobile-friendly and will render properly in any device. As a thumb rule, people generally frown upon websites that have long loading times. They expect your business site to load up fast so that they can find the necessary information quickly and easily.

People should also never have to stumble around looking for your products and services on the site. Instead, they need to find your offerings without any difficulty. We will deeply integrate your business brand message while designing your website. If you have a vision for the website, please let us know so that we can work towards fulfilling it. And because we audit your site, it is possible to for us learn more about all the factors that are now hampering your site’s ability to stay on top of the search results.

Optimizing Your Website for Gains in Traffic and Sales with Keyword Research

Unproductive keyword research tactics can only help your website not appear on the #1 page of the search results. As we had originally mentioned earlier, many business owners will try to optimize their website using terms and phrases owned by big names in their respective industries. Merely emulating their keyword strategy is not going to get many results for your business. With our keyword research services, we can help your company to experience dramatic gains in traffic and sales. We will explore more about keyword research in the following passages.

So, what exactly is keyword research and how can it turn out to be useful for your business? Keyword research is the process of finding terms and phrases the web searchers are more likely to use on the search engines to find a website/product/service. This research process plays an important part in making your website user-friendly while giving them a better user experience. Keyword research is also essential for creating content for your website, on-site blog and even on the social media. Our experts are proficient in finding head and long-tail keywords so that they can use them to optimize your site.

Kick-starting the optimization process while exclusively focusing on the head terms is not a practical way to go ahead with SEO. Head terms are generally extremely competitive and they can also be harder to rank for. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are not that competitive and it is easy to get your website ranked for them. At the same time, our marketing experts will pay attention to the relevancy of keywords. Irrelevant keywords do not do better and we need to weed them out right from the start. The keywords that we will focus upon will always be relevant to your user base.

Once we have a list of head and long-tail keywords, it is down to narrowing this list only to focus on the keywords that will matter at the end of the day. These keywords willbe relevantand productive to your user base. The interesting terms and phrases among them are useful for creating informative blog posts or even for guest posting. Anaimevaluation is necessary while shortlisting the keywords. We will know the keywords that are too competitive to focus on now and the keywords that currently have a low search volume, but appear promising, to bring in lots of qualified leads to your site.

In the meantime, OneIMS will build a content strategy involving these shortlisted terms and phrases. There exists an intricate relationship between keywords and topics. Google does not like website owners stuffing the sites and blogs with relevant keywords. Instead, they are more interested in websites that focus on specific topics –not just the keywords. And because we bring attention to the topics that the keywords, it enables our team to create useful web content for your readers. Moreover, keeping an eye on the competition is a healthy approach in this domain.

After studying the keyword strategies deployed by your competitors, we can enhance or expand them. Another aspect that determines the type of keywords that we can focus upon is the budget you have set aside for keyword research and content marketing. Else, it is unwise to compete for the keywords already dominated by your competition. Evaluating the competition will also allow us to find big gaps in their marketing strategies that we can put to good use for your benefit!

Experiencing Fast Returns on Your Investment with Pay Per Click Advertising

People are clicking on Google Ads all the time when they are browsing for information about specific products and services. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the best and fastest ways using which your business can experience better ROI with PPC. OneIMS will create campaigns to promote your business using Google AdWords, Bing Ads and even on the popular social media websites. The traditional SEO is necessary when we consider the long-term growth of your company. However, PPC advertising offers near instantaneous popularity for your business with immediate results.

Our experienced and certified specialists will manage all PPC related activities for your business. We start with comprehensive keyword research which allows us to devise certain mechanisms. Your business needs to appear to the right kind of people at the right time. Keyword research helps us with this procedure. After considering keywords research, we will focus on creating effective ads so that these ads will help to convert the largest number of people into long-term customers. At the same time, our specialists will work on optimizing the landing pages.

Landing pages are different from the rest of the web pages that your website might have. For starters, they are pages designed to entice people to follow through with a specific call to action. It is pivotal to create and optimize the landing pages so that there is a greater chance of converting casual web searchers to paying customers. How do we know that if an ad that we have created is going to produce effective results? We understand this with the help of split testing (otherwise known as A/B testing).

PPC is one of the best ways that you can use to remarket your products and services to the past site visitors. These people had once displayed an interest in your products and services. Our team can create a remarketing campaign to help target these people to increase the sales and the leads. These experts can also generate custom reports that will, in turn, serve as a proof of the ROI. PPC services usually come with excellent data tracking mechanisms incorporated into them. Feel free to discuss your PPC needs with our strategists today.

Getting Real Results with Our Targeted Social Media Advertising Services

If you are looking for a way to maximize the overall online visibility of your brand, social media advertising can help a lot. An added advantage of advertising or marketing your business via these channels is the surge in the user engagement levels and followers. The data provided by various social media platforms allow our team to track some of the basic information about various users and their browsing habits. Armed with this knowledge, our team can create a customized advertising strategy that will guarantee to get greater ROI. In all probabilities, you might know a great deal about your customers.

Our team has worked on several social media campaigns throughout the years. Combining your knowledge with our skill set for social advertising purposes will only work out positively. As mentioned before, we start by targeting your ideal audience before designing a compelling ad copy. Our advertising team will create an enticing ad copy after looking into the goals that you are planning to carry out through this service. Locating the ideal customer who fits perfectly into all the criteria defined by our team is the next step. Once we have located this ideal customer, it is time to make them aware of the benefits of opting in for your products or services.

Just like we did with pay-per-click advertising, one must never underestimate the importance of landing pages. Landing pages, when done properly, will only help in optimal conversion rates with most of the ad traffic turning themselves into leads and customers. Once again, tracking the performance of the ads is important. This enables our team to know the ads that are generating the desired results and the ones that need minor changes to get the optimal outcomes. Because we have worked on several similar campaigns, our advertising team has access to proven and effective strategies.

As the number of people who rely on social media platforms for information about several products and services increased, advertising on these platforms also began to get the attention of business owners. People come to social media to conduct their share of research work into your offerings. They are also interested to learn what the others are saying about your products/services. Social media advertising will turn out to be a money pit only when inexperienced people are at the helm. Learn more about the power of social media advertising by contacting us.

Getting Higher Rankings in The Local Search Results with Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most neglected concepts but when applied properly it can result in higher and better rankings for your business in the local search results. By now, information about your business might be present all over the web. We start by auditing all this information while checking that the business information available online is correct. If we find anything amiss, our team will fix it at the earliest because your business needs to have an error-free local presence. Google My Business is an excellent and free business listing service offered by the company.

Bing and Yahoo also have similar services and we will optimize all the business profiles to the fullest. There are several other business directories that can help in improving the rankings. For instance, Angie’s List, Mojopages, FourSquare, and Yelp can all serve as second-tier local business listing directories. Our team is adept when it comes to learning more about the niche directories that might turn out to be helpful for your business. Once we find these niche directories, we will submit your business information over there too. Building business citations is an excellent way to optimize your website for local SEO.

If some other website references the name or address of your business, then it is a citation. Citations are different from link building; with citations, there are no inbound links to your site. With ample research work, it is very much possible to study and leverage high-quality third-party websites that can serve as citations for your business. Google looks at the number of citations while attributing the page ranks to websites. Did you know that online reviews can also help with local search engine optimization? People always check out the reviews the others have left for your business before transacting with you.

Online reviews will double up as social proof about your company. A business that has lots of reviews will only help people to make informed decisions. People trust businesses that have positive as well as negative reviews. We will take note of the negative reviews and get back to you to offer immediate respite to the customer. When others see this prompt action from our end, it, in turn, will imply that you will take good care of the customers and treat them with respect.

Why Choose OneIMS For Your Kansas SEO Marketing Projects?

As a leading Kansas SEO agency, OneIMS can provide you with top-tier services that give your business everything it needs to excel. With a complete solution from our team of qualified experts, you can see the benefits of our services over time as we work to improve your online visibility and reputation. We’re ready to provide you with services you can count on to give you long-term results through hard work and years of collective experience in SEO and other aspects of digital marketing.

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