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Online market domination is a distant dream for several business owners in Iowa City. They will often find that their competition is scooping up all the customers in their area because their business details never appear on top of the search engine results. If your business is in a similar situation, OneIMS can help. We have access to certain time-tested techniques that can effectively promote your business online. The proper search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can place your business and your marketing right in front of all those customers. Solving their problems will help your business dominate the first page of the search results.

The following sections offer a brief insight into some of the digital marketing services available from our specialists.

Website Optimization

Having an online presence for your business is important during these times. If you already have a website, we can audit it to find the existing SEO deficiencies. If your business does not website now, then there is no need to panic because we can help with the website design and development process. Every business site needs to have a purpose of its own. Your business should not have a website just because everyone has one. Effective websites will help in increasing your sales by getting more leads. They will also allow people to contact you or make them come to your doorstep.

If you want people to take a specific action soon after coming to your website, then our design and development team can help. A visually appealing website can create that first impression and make them stay on the same site for as long as possible. Creating and maintaining an online presence used to be a simple process a couple of years back. These days, we need to keep on optimizing the site so that people can easily find it via the search engine results page (SERP). Our design and development strategies will address and find solutions to the issues that you are presently facing with the website.

Our services will allow you to focus on what you do the best – and that is to take care of your business. We will choose the right domain name and a hosting company for your business site. We will optimize it with the relevant key phrases your customers use when looking for similar product and service providers. We will strictly adhere to the advertising budget that you have set aside for the different marketing campaigns. There are various subtle elements that the business owners may not be aware of when it comes to web design and development.

For instance, unoptimized images can end up making your website load up slowly in the various devices. There is a high chance for the visitors to lose interest and patience if your business site crawls. They will promptly click away from your website – usually to the competitor’s site. This simple and ingenious aspect ends up costing your business a lot via missed opportunities to convert a visitor to a long-term customer.

Content Optimization

As expected, most of the traffic to your business site must come from some of the popular search engines like Google and Bing. Search engines give a list of results that the underlying algorithm thinks best matches the query and to make the search engines think that your site matches best, it is important to use the right kind of keyword optimization. Identifying the right keywords that we can use to optimize your site and its content is a task best left to the experts at OneIMS.

Our team of professional SEO specialists and content writers will work together so that your website has optimized content intended to get the attention of both search engines and the prospects. Google’s own keyword planner tool is an excellent option to find out all the keywords that are relevant to your business site. This tool literally allows us to see what your prospects are typing into the search engine. The keyword planner tool will also help us to find out the existing competition levels for specific keywords and the probability of someone converting if we use that search term to optimize the site.

Identifying and refining the keyword phrases allows us to have a definite knowledge about what we need to target when we are creating or improving the content that already exists on your site. The long-tail keywords are useful for creating blog posts; people who seek immediate respite to their problems generally use long-tail keywords. Our content developers will create blog posts so that it will only contain the information people readily need to come to a purchasing decision.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing plans will always align with your business objectives. If your target audience is searching for information online, we need to cater to such demands too. The content marketing and development services from OneIMS will simultaneously help to grow your business and boost its profits. “If you build it, they will come” this approach does not work for content marketing. There needs to be a service that will actively distribute the content well beyond your website and onsite blog. We use social media and paid search advertising strategies to distribute content to increase sales and boost your brand awareness.

Relevant and unique content serves as a type of currency in the digital world. Our experienced copywriters will help your business by writing in-depth articles, landing pages, blog posts and even guides that will effectively double up the SEO value of your business site. All these activities help to drive in more traffic to your site. Proper content marketing services help as a form of investment for the betterment of your company. To improve the ROI from content development and marketing activities, our team will actively watch the performance of the existing content. We will then use our findings to improve the results.

Social Media Management

Many Iowa City business owners often ignore social media marketing and advertising practices. However, social media provides a successful blueprint to develop brand awareness, build relationships, and increase the exposure of your website. A growing number of people following your business in the different social media channels will work out in an advantageous way. Although it is easy to increase the number of followers, our approach helps to find only the relevant audience who is genuinely interested in trying out your products or services. The followers must match with the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your typical customers.

Engaging with the followers might appear like a simple process in the beginning. However, to build a strong connection with this group, we need to have a definite plan of action. Engaging with the social media followers will, in fact, encourage them to give you more business. We monitor the number of likes and comments the content has managed to get via the social media posts. To influence the sales and leads, we need to pay attention to increasing the exposure of your website. Traditionally, our social media advertising campaigns will help in driving more web traffic to your business site and its blogs.

We will also make use of re-targeting mechanisms to entice the recent website visitors to give you their business. Social media marketing for a small business can be an intimidating task. We understand that you have more important things to consider and not spend the rest of the day studying the target customers and then crafting a sound social media strategy. Even then, what are the chances that it would work out as expected?  Let our social media managers work on your behalf to come up with a marketing process that will produce the intended results.

Pay Per Click Management Services

Your business now has the unique opportunity to reach out to new audiences with the precise application of pay per click (PPC) internet advertising strategies. Budgetary constraints need not have to hamper your pay per click advertising efforts. Our strategies aim to reduce the cost per click with the passage of time; this approach enables you to spend as little as possible while focusing on increasing the ROI. At the same time, we would like to mention that the costs involved can be dynamic because the pay per click prices can change over time based on the relevancy of a keyword and the competition levels for the same keyword.

As mentioned earlier, our AdWords certified experts will focus on decreasing the costs involved while steadily increasing the performance over the long term. We can help your business set up a PPC campaign and then work towards optimizing it for better performance. We have a dedicated ad development team who will play an important role when it comes to creating effective text-based and display ads. These ads will appeal in a subtle way to your potential customers. A ‘set it and forget it’ approach never works out positively for PPC campaigns. We need to track the campaign properly to get quality results.

Local SEO Services in Iowa City

Businesses with a local service area will find local SEO extremely beneficial. Our competitive marketing specialists work hard and create a successful local SEO strategy – all tailored to meet up with your business goals. Local SEO began to gain relevance because more people started using their smartphones to find information about local service providers. The number of people searching for local businesses and services on the go will only increase in the coming years. Google has also started displaying local results along with the organic search results to keep up with this emerging trend.

We start by looking at the NAP consistency of your business on the internet. Did you know that the way the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your business appears online can make or break its search engine ranking? Google looks out for consistency of the NAP details. Our consultants will help in maintaining consistent NAP details for your business. Then we work on optimizing the landing pages for the local audience. As a thumb rule, search engines love to include your website in the results page only for the local searches for the city where your business is physically located.

We will optimize the landing pages of your business for specific city/zip code/neighborhood by including unique and content that is extremely relevant to the area. At this point, we would like to mention the advantages of having a mobile-friendly design for the business website.  Websites that do not render properly on the small screens of the different smartphones will only end up frustrating the customers. If your website fails to resize on the small screen of such devices, we will optimize the underlying code. By now, you may also have noticed that Google lists only mobile-friendly websites in the search results.

Google’s My Business is an excellent business listing service available from the search engine company. We will clean and optimize your GMB profile with unique and relevant keywords. Services like Google+ can also play an important role in showing your business in Google Maps. Did you know that having a Google+ business page can influence your position among the search results? Proper optimization of Google+ and GMB profiles will ensure an easy spot for your business and help in improving its search engine rankings. In the meantime, we also pay attention to the importance of local online reviews for your company.

Reviews play an integral role in shaping the destiny of your business. We do not engage in any practice of buying or soliciting reviews from your clients. However, we can always remind the customers to leave a review after availing your products or services. Reviews will also encourage you to offer the best to your customers. Give the best products or services and the customers will naturally feel inclined to give a positive review of your business. We will also make sure to highlight the physical address details of your business in the citations. Once again, we will confirm that the physical address details are all consistent everywhere online.

Reputation Management

Maintaining the reputation of your business is crucial today because the internet can make innocent corporate mistakes memorable and unforgettable. If you want to protect your reputation when it is under attack, our targeted techniques can help. There is this innate need to suppress negative search results and we will publish our compelling, high-quality content online to gain back the lost reputation. Unlike the competition, we make use of specialized proprietary tools to immunize your business while creating results that are long-lasting. We know that our solution works because we have salvaged the reputation of several businesses within Iowa City.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are presently frustrated at the lack of sales, our conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies can help.  This process is essential if you wish to meet your sales goals and expectations. After analyzing the conversion process, our team of consultants will be able to identify the issues that are ultimately affecting your bottom-line. It can be quite disheartening to see the sales opportunities falling apart and now we are here to help you. The process of figuring out why your business lost the sale in the first place is a task better left to OneIMS. Auditing the landing pages and your business site provides us with an opportunity to learn and offer remedial measures to improve the conversion process.

Contact Us for SEO Services in Iowa City

As a leading SEO agency in Iowa City, our proven SEO strategies from the in-house SEO team of Google-certified experts can help your business grow exponentially by increasing sales and revenue. Our team offers detailed monthly reports that highlight the effectiveness of the techniques they have applied to increase brand awareness and reach out to the new customers. We take pride in creating custom strategies for every client because every business is unique. OneIMS will always come up with these strategies only after carefully studying the needs of each client.  Before kick-starting the processes, we will audit or evaluate your business site to learn more about its existing ranking.

We will also help you set realistic future search engine goals after scrutinizing the competitiveness of your industry. The budget that you may have set aside for online marketing applications will play an important role in selecting the desired keywords that we can use to help you achieve good search engine rankings. Because we monitor the effectiveness of our strategies, it is easy for the team to channel more energy into strategies that will have a direct impact on your ROI. Do bear in mind that we have worked on fine-tuning our SEO strategies so that they will produce the desired results by boosting the performance of your website.

Talk with our strategists today to learn more about how we track the changes to your website and pay attention to different data points so that you can learn to get the best positioning on the search engine results page.

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