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You have a great product and you are so sure that other businesses need it, but you’re failing to generate leads! Are you sure you’re using the right techniques and tools for B2B lead generation? Not quite sure about it?

First, let us get into the basics.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

A lead is an individual or organization with the potential of purchasing from your company.

The process of getting people interested enough to become your leads is called lead generation.

Much of your B2B marketing efforts are directed towards generating quality leads and there are various ways to go about doing the same, but reports say that 63% of businesses still rank lead generation as their number one challenge.

So, what is the solution?

HubSpot to the Rescue

Lead generation techniques have seen a major drift since the introduction of the world wide web. The world of business was gradually shifting towards digital and now with the pandemic of 2020, the process is expedited. Sticking to only traditional lead generation techniques for your B2B business will not work anymore.

You need to embrace online marketing to stay afloat and relevant. Having said that, we do understand that shifting to digital from traditional marketing easier said than done.

Not to worry, HubSpot is there to not only make the transition easy but to assist you with all your digital marketing needs.

HubSpot has proven to be a pioneer in many a thing in the world of digital marketing. The platform provides an end-to-end solution to all digital marketing challenges faced by businesses. HubSpot not only has several tools for building websites, content marketing, managing social media, and email marketing, but it also resources that can help you make sense of the online marketing world.

With HubSpot, you can strategize your online marketing efforts towards getting valuable leads and then eventually converting them to paying customers.

How? Let’s find out.

8 Ways to Leverage HubSpot for B2B Lead Generation

HubSpot provides a tool/software for almost all effective online B2B lead generation strategies making it easier, especially for newbie B2B digital marketers.

Without further ado, let us dive straight into 8 effective B2B lead generation strategies and how you can leverage HubSpot to implement them in your business.

1. Content Marketing

Content is at the core of inbound marketing, which is at the core of digital marketing. Your content is the way you connect with your online audience, make them aware of your business, attract them to your website, generate leads, and eventually convert them into customers.

Content Marketing is one of the most effective lead generation strategies in digital marketing. It guides your customer as they embark on their buyer’s journey with your business. From creating brand awareness to convincing people you have never met to consider purchasing from your business, content is your best friend.

Content Marketing is one of the most effective lead generation strategies in digital marketing. It guides your customer as they embark on their buyer’s journey with your business. Click To Tweet

Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing is about adding value to your prospects by offering them information and trying to solve their pain points. Content marketing, if done effectively, can be a ‘lead magnet’ whereby you will attract your potential customers by providing value to them.

The point is to keep providing valuable, informative, and relevant content to your target customers which, again, is easier said than done.

To help businesses write impactful content that brings in traffic, HubSpot offers these two tools.

Business Growth Blueprint

Blog Ideas Generator

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is coming up with ideas to create the blogs that will be most relevant to their target audience. And, this HubSpot B2B lead generation tool provides the solution. This simple tool generates SEO-optimized content ideas for your blogs. The Blog Ideas Generator asks you to enter up to 5 different nouns relevant to your business, and voila! You will have your next blog idea delivered to you on a silver platter.

Make My Persona

To come up with great, relevant content that resonates with your target audience, you need to first know who your target audience is. The Buyer Persona/Make My Persona is an intuitive tool by HubSpot that helps you create a representation of your ideal customer. Based on the real data about your existing customer and market research, HubSpot provides you with an avatar of what your ideal customer is like! What is more, HubSpot also offers a detailed guide on how to go about researching to get data on your customers to create buyer personas. Buyer personas help you to align your strategy to attract the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers. You can optimize your landing pages as per your customers’ requirements, show them the content they will most engage with, and provide them with the resources that will be most relevant to them. This will help you to move your target audience down your sales funnel faster.

2. Social Media Marketing

Reports suggest that the social media users in the US are expected to reach 257.4 million by 2023.

Reports also show that social media plays an important role in the purchase decision of 75% B2B buyers. Do you still want to ignore this powerful digital marketing channel?

Social media is accessible to everyone and billions of people are using it daily. It thus becomes essential for a business to understand social media marketing strategies to expand their reach, boost their business, and promote their services and products.

HubSpot has tools that can help amp up your social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management Software

Which social media platform do you prioritize? Twitter, LinkedIn? With so many social media platforms, it becomes overwhelming to keep up. Just managing your social media accounts might require many resources. Hubspot’s Social Media Management software nullifies that requirement by helping you to connect with people who matter the most for your business.

With this tool, you can publish your content on social media right from where you build your campaigns. You can also tie back all your interactions to your CRM (customer relationship management) tool. You can connect LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as your blogs, and schedule your posts according to when it will best reach your target audience.

You can not only publish your content on social media, but also set campaigns, reply to your customers, have conversations with them, nurture your relationships, and so much more.

The high-end analytics of the tool also helps in accessing the performance of different platforms and campaigns. You will have valuable insights into which kind of social media marketing campaigns are bringing in leads and which are not generating as much traffic as is expected. This will help you better allocate your budgets and create better campaigns.

3. Call-To-Action (CTA)

The importance of proper CTAs for engaging audiences and generating leads cannot be emphasized more. CTA motivates your customers to take action after they show interest in a piece of content. It gives them a direction to go from there and effectively helps you guide them towards becoming quality leads.

What if a potential customer has landed on your page and there are no CTAs to direct them anywhere? The answer is you might lose on a valuable lead. CTAs make sure that your page visitors are redirected exactly to a place where their needs are met. But generating proper CTA for every piece of content or landing page you create is not easy. It has to be eye-catching, relevant, and easy to understand.

Not to worry, HubSpot has a tool for creating CTAs as well. It will help you to convert more of your visitors into qualified leads with the right CTA.

Call to Action Builder

HubSpot’s CTA builder tool to create professional-looking CTA buttons or pop-ups will inspire the audiences to take the prompted action at once.

This tool helps you to personalize and optimize your CTA as per your business needs. You can even upload an image or your company’s logo to make it more impactful and eye-catching.

After preparing your CTA you can easily insert it onto your web pages, emails, blogs to enable more visitors to land up on your landing pages. This will help to convert even a little interaction with your customer into a fruitful conversation.

Not only this, the HubSpot B2B CTA lead generation tool helps you to create different CTA buttons for different sorts of individuals who visit your business. Make a persona and combine it with user-specific CTA. This will definitely make your customer feel special and eventually create more sales qualified leads for your business.

You can also prepare multiple templates for different CTAs. For example, when someone tries to visit your business anonymously, you can use CTAs to collect some information and then redirect them to a page that would be most relevant to their needs.

4. Landing Pages

A Landing Page is a stand-alone webpage that is designed especially for marketing campaigns that convert visitors to leads. Usually, a visitor will have acted on a CTA and landed on a landing page. This landing page will then provide some free resources to the visitors in exchange for their information.

Once you have the information of the visitors, you have a lead!

It is important to have a perfect landing page that resonates with the needs of your visitor and compels them to share their information. HubSpot has the perfect tool for that.

Landing Page Builder

Who says that you need web designers to build landing pages for you? HubSpot has this easy-to-use Landing Page Builder tool that serves the purpose perfectly well.

HubSpot B2B lead generation free Landing Page Builder is one tool that is essential for every business to create and test beautiful landing pages that not only look great on all the devices but also help you generate leads.

This tool allows you to quickly design and launch a professional-looking landing page.

HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder tool has got so many templates that spares you the need to build one from scratch. Name any feature like drag and drop forms, layouts, branding, HubSpot has got you covered.

5. Lead Management and Tracking

Once the leads start coming in from various sources, it becomes impossible for a business to keep track of all the follow-up emails to be sent and all the calls that have to be made to the customers. It certainly cannot be done with the help of a simple excel file.

HubSpot has a Lead Management and Tracking tool that helps you to navigate through your complete marketing and sales activities, see a detailed company and contact record, and also view the communication history in one place so that there is no delay in communicating with the leads.

Lead Collection and Tracking Software

The Lead Collection & Tracking software tool comes as a part of the CRM software of HubSpot and it is compatible with Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, and Office 365 making it one of the most essential tools for any business.

Here are a few reasons why you should utilize this HubSpot B2B lead generation tool:

  • Keep every detail about a lead in a single place and know about every touch-point used by the lead to interact with your business. This will allow sales teams to make informed follow-ups based on history and data.
  • Create databases of leads and make smart market segmentation based on the data. Utilize the segmentation to nurture leads by personalizing content, sending targeted emails, and so on.
  • Score leads automatically to screen quality leads. You can create your own lead scoring criteria or HubSpot can also do it for you with the next tool in the list.

6. Lead Scoring

To understand the value of each lead, businesses use a technique called lead scoring. Lead scoring refers to marking each lead with a score against different parameters that determine the potential of that lead to convert into a customer.

HubSpot has got THE tool to assist you in this process so that you don’t waste your time chasing the wrong clients.

Predictive Lead Scoring Software

HubSpot helps you find out the most promising leads with Predictive Lead Scoring software. By using all the history of that visitor’s activities, you will know exactly where they stand. Meaning you will know if a lead is worth pursuing or you have to keep trying a little more. This insight can come in handy to effectively build campaigns that can assist the visitors in progressing in their buyer’s journey.

This HubSpot B2B lead generation tool provides two sorts of scoring, namely: predictive scoring and traditional scoring.

The predictive scoring uses high-end technology to predict scores for each visitor. It is based on machine learning that helps you identify your best leads and it comes with a self-optimizing lead follow-up strategy as well.

In the traditional scoring system, you can set your own scoring criteria based on data such as from page views, clicks, email interactions, etc., collected from different sources for assigning the scores.

7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a process that helps businesses optimize their costs and increase customer loyalty. This is achieved by analyzing large chunks of information regarding the customer and directing all digital marketing efforts accordingly. CRM is a combination of tools and technology that helps maintain all customers’ data in one place and manage the relationship with all customers – existing as well as potential.

Given a 97% satisfaction score given by G2 Top CRM Ranking, HubSpot’s CRM tools are one of the best among the various available in the market.

CRM Tools

HubSpot’s CRM tools were designed to be easy to use. The tools make sure to take care of all the little details like your emails, calls, customer data so that you don’t have to worry about anything. There are many stand-alone tools to choose from, or you can also pick a bundle as per your business requirement. These tools aim to help you to focus your marketing efforts on generating the best quality leads so that you don’t waste your time chasing cold prospects.

There is a free email marketing tool, ensuring you don’t have to waste time crafting emails that engage and bring in new leads, and nurtures relationships with existing customers. Then there is also a free contact management tool.

Apart from the free CRM tools, you can also opt for paid ones.

However, for starters, HubSpot’s free CRM tools should be enough to provide a basic premise for all your digital marketing efforts to come under one roof.

There are specific tools for all your needs. For example, if you are looking for CRM tools for marketing, there are many and if you are looking for sales-related CRM tools there are quite a few too. Similarly, if you are looking for CRM tools for customer services and operations, you will find them as well.

8. Reporting

Reporting is one of the most important parts of marketing, be it traditional or digital. Without proper reporting, how do you know whether your campaigns are really bringing in leads or you are just barking up the wrong tree?

But reporting becomes difficult when you have multiple marketing campaigns running on multiple platforms. There are so much raw data, how do you compile them in a way that makes sense? You might have sheets of raw data but how will you convert the data in a format that is good to use?

Reporting tools are the answer.

Reporting might not directly help in lead generation but the insights you get from the data would help you to streamline your marketing efforts, which in turn will result in generating better leads. HubSpot’s reporting tool perfectly serves this purpose.

Dashboard and Reporting Software

HubSpot’s Dashboard and Reporting software is a powerful analytics tool that provides data good enough to keep an analyst busy but easy-to-decipher enough for everyone in your team to understand.

This tool helps you create custom dashboards and reports in seconds. You can create personalized reports to answer even the most complex business questions in seconds.

The Dashboard & Reporting Software also provides you with different chart representations to create a visual of your data with just a few clicks.

This software eliminates the time that an analyst would take to extract a report. Your data could be easily imported using custom objects and integrated into your favorite apps.

Not only this, you can give access to your data to everyone on your team while keeping the private data secured with the help of high-end reporting permissions.

Bonus Tools

Here are some more HubSpot tools that you can utilize for your B2B lead generation efforts. These are all great software that takes your digital marketing to all new heights.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to use HubSpot’s many digital marketing tools for your business now? Most of these tools are available for free, which gives more of a reason for you to use them to boost your B2B lead generation strategies.

HubSpot has also got ample educational resources to help you utilize the tools to their fullest potential and also to help you understand the nitty-gritty of B2B digital marketing. HubSpot even provides free certification courses to help your employees stay on top of their game.

HubSpot is like a treasure chest of various resources that can assist any business to grow from strength to strength.

Hopefully, the list of the tools we have provided here in this article will help you to generate better leads for your B2B business. However, if you need further assistance, do contact our marketing professionals at OneIMS.

Written By Samuel Thimothy

As the Chief Growth Officer, I provide leadership, direction and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales and marketing function. I also collaborate with our digital marketing strategy team in developing and executing growth marketing campaigns for our loyal clients.

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